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Learning to Learn: Leveraging your Circadian Rhythm


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There are a few distinct, precious moments of heightened sensory elation that we can achieve through unique actions; whether that be hitting the sweet spot on your driver from the tee box, tossing that crumpled up piece of paper that started out as a great idea and delivering it perfectly into the waste basket 10 feet away, or something as simple as arriving at the perfect adjective when telling a story to a friend.

Achieving a greater sense of cognitive ability when interacting with either the external environment around you or the internal synapses of your own brain is an equally satisfying accomplishment that many believe would lead to immediate success. There is no special formula for arriving at a heightened rate of learning, enhanced memory, or sudden talent for verbiage; however there is a proven internal process that you can utilize in order to maximize your work output, in channeling your Circadian Rhythm.

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Learning to Learn: Leveraging your Circadian Rhythm

  1. Learning to Learn: Leveraging your Circadian Rhythm @allygreer
  2. Know those feelings when you... @allygreer
  3. Hit the sweet spot on your driver? @allygreer
  4. Toss that crumpled paper straight into the waste basket? @allygreer
  5. Or come up with the perfect punchline? @allygreer
  6. Ahhh...the joy that is heightened cognitive ability. @allygreer
  7. This is no coincidence, though... ...ever hear of a circadian rhythm? @allygreer
  8. It’s a biological clock in our bodies. @allygreer
  9. And it keeps us alert during the ‘right’ times of the day. @allygreer
  10. Because of this, it’s not unusual to experience moments with peaks in focus and creativity. @allygreer
  11. But, there’s a catch. @allygreer
  12. Every body responds uniquely to its circadian rhythm. @allygreer
  13. Figuring out your own takes a little bit of effort. @allygreer
  14. But once you do... @allygreer
  15. Your productivity will soar. @allygreer
  16. Here’s the secret: It’s one part self-awareness, one part recording, and two parts willingness to make a change. @allygreer
  17. Spend a few days tracking your levels of focus, energy, and hunger. @allygreer
  18. Identify the patterns... @allygreer
  19. ...and begin scheduling your work days accordingly. @allygreer
  20. Now, you’ve unlocked the efficiency of your own biological processes, @allygreer
  21. and can dance to your own circadian rhythm. @allygreer