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  1. 6.53 DIGITAL CONTENT CREATION Ar. Rimjhim Swami
  2. DIGITAL CONTENT A content strategy for print media does not always translate to success on digital platforms. Businesses and organizations need an online presence. Digital content creation is the process of producing written or visual content specifically for digital channels. The process of digital content creation includes developing an idea, identifying the best format for delivery, producing the copy, audio, video or visual assets, and publishing the content online. Content can be distributed to target audiences through social media, websites, and other digital channels. Those interested in digital marketing can specialize in graphic design, copywriting, email writing, video creation, and search engine optimization (SEO), although many digital content creators may be required to do all of these tasks. 2 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  3. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN  How to come up with constantly fresh ideas to share content on Social Media  How to create community - relevant content for your Social Media Accounts  The system I use to have content on every platform, without spending too much time and energy on the creation process  Various Tools to create any type of content 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation 3
  4. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN  Section 1: IDEA GENERATION  How to come up with engaging content ideas 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation 4  SECTION 3: TOOLS TO CREATE CONTENT  Tools that makes content creation simpler  SECTION 3: CREATING THE CONTENT  The system to produce daily, engaging content for all your accounts  Different types of content to reach everyone  How to use a Content Calendar
  5. To influence audience, readers, viewers Helps in mass outreach on your behalf Effective content creation to convert target audience  Text  Audio  Video  Image WHY WE CREATE CONTENT Content can be in the form of: 5 Content building should include 3 factors: 1. Value 2. Emotion 3. Trust 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  6. 1. How-to guides and tutorials: Create content that teaches people how to do something, such as how to cook a specific dish, how to use a new software, or how to create a website. 2. Product reviews and comparisons: Review and compare different products or services, providing insights and opinions that help people make informed decisions. 3. Lists and roundups: Create lists of top products, resources, or tips that are relevant to your audience. 4. Personal stories and experiences: Share your personal experiences and stories to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 5. Infographics: Create visually appealing for ads, marketing. Some topics for digital content creation: 6 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  7. 4 MAJOR PORTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL CONTENT CREATION: 1. Content creation 2. Content spinning & Building 3. Literature check 4. Content Flow Analysis 7 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  8. FLOW OF CONTENT 8 Introduction Describe Conclude Call to action 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  9. What is the difference between Professional Content and Regular Content 1. Professional Content targets on increasing traffic. 2. Increases conversion of audience whereas regular content has no such aim. 9 Content Curation: 1. Firstly you will write an article on your knowledge basis. For Example : you want to write or speak on loosing weight but this is possible that you might be missing out on something. So do research from top ranking text content or video content to bring value to your content or make it more richer. 2. Feeding elements into the content that are appealing, trendy, need of the hour or simply most searched. Open word file, write your topic Search top ranking sources, pages or videos (as per your requirement) open them in different pages or tabs. Read through it. Copy the useful stuff into your word file. Basically dump all your data at one place. 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  10. 10 Content spinning & Building: 1. Spin curated content after reading in your own language  Manually (Healthy content)  AI Based tools (Effective) AI Based tools • Free spinner • Premium spinning tools (helps in making natural content) Free Spinner • Smallseotools > Article rewriter > Copy paste your content in text box > Click on Rewrite > Colourful fonts in text are synonyms > Click on next • You can choose yourself to keep the word changing suggestions or to use original word. • Click Next • Now, you have your own curated and spinned content. But before publishing it you need to check if its published somewhere to avoid getting penalised and to make sure you get ranked for your content. • Check Plagiarism, it will open into new tab 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  11. 11 There are millions of people making a full-time income creating video content. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have created opportunities for a lot of people that just didn’t exist 10 years ago. According to Forbes, 2 Million Creators Make 6-Figure Incomes On YouTube, Instagram, etc. Five-step process if you want to become a content creator or use video content to represent yourself 1 - Find an ideal target audience The biggest reason most content creators don’t make a full-time living is that they don’t know who they are making a video for. They simply make content hoping the platforms will help them out and find their audience. But you can speed this entire process up if you have an ideal person in mind when creating content. You also need to have an interest in the topic you are covering or it will be hard to keep going during the first year. 2 - Create content the platforms want Once you know who your ideal audience is, you have to decide what platform you want to use to reach them. Then, make content in the right format for the right platform. For example, YouTube prefers longer format content. If you take a small part of a YouTube video and post it to short format platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it won’t do well. For those platforms, you have to make content that is easy to consume and much more fast-paced. You’ll need to spend time on each platform to understand what they like and tailor your content accordingly. 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation
  12. 12 3 - Start with search content YouTube should be at the centre for all content creators. And creating content that people search for is a really easy way to get discovered when you are new. 4 - Have a content schedule Becoming a content creator requires consistency. Most people create 10 videos and give up. But you need a monthly and yearly plan and you need to stick to that plan. It took me nearly a year to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube and now I can get nearly 1000 subscribers every day. 5 - Understand monetization There are several ways to monetize your content. YouTube for example has a partner program, where they pay you 55% of the revenue they make from running ads on your videos. TikTok and Instagram have a fund and they pay you for views. But you have to go beyond that. You can learn about affiliate marketing, sponsorships, selling your own products and services, and several more monetization options. 15/02/2023 Digital Content Creation