Facebook v LinkedIn Showdown or No-show


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Facebook v LinkedIn Showdown or No-show

  1. 1. Facebook v. LinkedIn Showdown or No-Show? http://polkadotimpressions.com
  2. 2. Facebook LinkedIn 900 Million Users 161 Million Users Verbal Vomiting? “Virtual Rolodex”“Scary” to Mature Professionals “Cold” to Younger Professionals Lots of Pictures ….Not so much Party Atmosphere Online Resume “Everyone” “White-collar old guys” Business use for the under 50 Business use for the 40+ Money comes from Ads Money from “Pro” Accounts- (Free to users) Selling Data to RecruitersSeems “Messy” to Professionals Seems “Confusing” to Newcomers http://polkadotimpressions.com
  3. 3. Beyond the Assumptions….Facebook = Miniature Website LinkedIn=Data2 Questions… http://polkadotimpressions.com
  4. 4. When it comes to Internet Marketing - Goals? Audience? Goals: Thought- Brand leadership? Awareness? Driving Networking? Website Traffic? Market Making Research? Money? http://polkadotimpressions.com
  5. 5. Brand Awareness Facebook LinkedInBrand Awareness is about the emotional and visual connection toa company’s core values and products. Facebook Images, Cover Photos, App Images – Highly Visual; Easier to create “Emotion” LinkedInMore “personal” – Business leader becomes the “Brand” *Note – It’s significantly harder to get “Followers” on a LinkedIn Company page because they are largely misunderstood! http://polkadotimpressions.com
  6. 6. Driving Traffic Facebook LinkedIn •Both Facebook Business Pages and LinkedIn Company pages can easily drive traffic to a website or landing page. •BUT on LinkedIn, what usually happens is the URL is shared on the Company page, and then re-shared by the business owner. That makes it “junky” for those who do follow the Company! http://polkadotimpressions.com
  7. 7. Making Money The Big UNKNOWN… Probably the biggest false assumption of social media…. Facebook LinkedIn http://polkadotimpressions.com
  8. 8. Market Research Facebook LinkedInSearch Feature? Facebook v LinkedIn (LI) Company Pages v Business Owner Accessibility?……Facebook – Long Range Goals? http://polkadotimpressions.com
  9. 9. Networking Facebook LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups Answers Facebook? Confusing?Too many? http://polkadotimpressions.com
  10. 10. Thought Leadership Facebook LinkedIn Shared Content, Resources, Tools, Information •Thought Content – BOTH! •Blogging or Article writing! •Engaging Content •More interaction on Facebook! •Party atmosphere – We all talk about “stuff” at a party! •Relationship Building! http://polkadotimpressions.com
  11. 11. 2 QuestionsWhere is Your Audience? Recruiter? CEO? Networking? – RESOURCE Use = LinkedInB2C? Relationship Marketing? – COMMUNITY Use = Facebook Either way – Flesh out a FULL LinkedIn Profile! http://polkadotimpressions.com
  12. 12. “Social Times” – June 7th Time Matters!Vidyarthi, Neil. "Whos Using Facebook, Twitter, Google , LinkedIn and Pinterest?." SocialTimes.com. Go-Gulf.com, 07 June 2012.Web. 9 Jun 2012. <http://socialtimes.com/whos-using-facebook-twitter-google-linkedin-and-pinterest-infographic_b98007>. http://polkadotimpressions.com
  13. 13. •Profile Picture•Summary•At least 2 former positions•Skills•Website Link – CUSTOMIZED!•Blog Feed? Suggestions: Post 1-2 times per week Try to engage in Group or Answers – RSS Feed? Interact and Network at least 1/week LinkedIn “Musts” http://polkadotimpressions.com
  14. 14. •Visually interesting Cover Photo – Update often•Profile picture – check Feed for appearance!•Customized App Icons•Website Link•All Social Media Profiles•Email Opt-in?•Welcome Page – For Ads! Suggestions: Post 1-2 times per day – “out of sight, out of mind” Test your audience – Time of day Post some off-topic content! Respond to ALL comments – Pay attention! Interact and Network with other businesses daily Facebook “Musts” http://polkadotimpressions.com
  15. 15. Social Media Marketing & Management http://polkadotimpressions.com Camille Rodriquez Social Media Impressionist 281-762-1120