Social Media for Job Search: What Every College Student Must Know


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Graduate and undergraduate students must have a "digital presence" and place their skills, attributes, achievements on targeted social media in order to be found by headhunters and recruiters. Most important tips on helping that perfect job find you!

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Social Media for Job Search: What Every College Student Must Know

  1. 1. The Need for A Digital Presence - Social Media for Job Search: What Every College Student Must know TERI THOMPSONAuthor, Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Adjunct Professor Rocky Peak Enterprises, LLC 805-527-3745 September 2012
  2. 2. Teri Thompson
  3. 3. Digital Presence- What does it mean?Placing yourself on targeted social media platformsthat will increase search engine optimization whenheadhunters, recruiters, hiring agents, potential employers are looking for someone with your skills and attributes.This will increase the probability of being found and hired.Snapshot: Personal Branding using Social Media 3
  4. 4. Digital Brand Presence is EssentialConsider: LinkedIn IF you are a student ready Twitter to graduate, you need to Facebook put yourself on social YouTube media platforms that Slideshare match your goals. LinkedFA Pinterest Blog BranchOut Quora Social Media News Releases 4
  5. 5. Social Media Career Building Strategy - Digital PresenceIGOALS: Increase your own Search Engine Optimization Control the information about yourself Be found! 5
  6. 6. Digital Presence First StepsStep #1 Define your career goalsStep #2 Fully develop your LinkedIn personal profile -Start adding Connections from your inner circle then work outward: University Clubs Associations Interest Groups Volunteer organizations -Upload Projects, Portfolios, Content 6
  7. 7. Digital Presence First StepsStep #3 Create a Twitter account Start by following inner circle same as LinkedIn Create and launch free social media press releases about yourself and put links in Twitter posts Assess other social sites to determine where it makes senseStep #4 Clean up your Facebook timeline! – Remove any unflattering photos or suggest immature behaviorSnapshot: Employers are looking at LinkedIn for skill, Facebookfor character and making hiring decisions on what they discover 7
  8. 8. Why Should I Care About Social Media?•100,000 people a day are joining a community somewherearound the world•People are relying on each other for buying decisions… “Reviews are the New Advertising” “Conversation is Currency” …and hiring decisions - And referrals for jobs!•Be aware of how to harness these platforms for personalbranding and career development• Educate yourself about the impact and use of social media tostay relevant and marketable
  9. 9. Department of Labor
  10. 10. What is Social Media? Defined Free digital platformsthat support conversationwithin a community Media that is Social New Tools Instead of one-to-one it is one-to-many
  11. 11. What is Social Media? ReachUnited States -Popular Facebook 1 Billion Twitter 478 Million + LinkedIn 175 Million+ YouTube 2 Billion videos per/day FlickrInternational QQ, Qzone, Weibo Sina, Kaixin, – Ren Ren Orkut (Google) Hi 5 (Microsoft) StudiVZ , V Kontakte Odnoklassniki
  12. 12. Why Now?Why is social media everywhere? 12
  13. 13. Digital Natives•Digital Natives*, Generation Y, Generation Net Global “YOUTH BULDGE” around the world connect on social media•Males /Females under 35 years of age•In U.S. 90 million - outnumber Baby Boomers 70 million • Mark Prensky – Harvard University coined the term Digital Natives • Beck, John C., Wade, Mitchell. “Got Game: How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever.” Boston, Harvard Business School Press, 2004. 1-2.13
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. Social Media - Why Now?The Perfect Storm Has Hit Free Technology Communications Shift Digital Global Natives Recession
  16. 16. Industries Impacted by Social Media = Job Opportunities Businesses - all sizes & categories Law Enforcement Government Entertainment Non-Profit, Fundraising Healthcare Auto Sports Retail Travel & LeisureEveryone!
  17. 17. Brand: YOUConsider Your Objects: 1. What are your attributes? 2. What brand are you trying to build? 3. Why? 4. Do you want to be perceived as an expert? 5. Do you want to establish your • Own name • Your own company 6. Go niche 17
  18. 18. Orange County Transportation Authority OCTA – Example of personal branding on Twitter @TEDNUYGEN Public Relations Director, OCTA Multiple Twitter Handles @OCTA parks @OCTAyouth @91fwy
  19. 19. Twitter = Microblogging Tool• 140 character fire hose• Follow companies where you want to work• They post job openings. Hear about them first! 19
  20. 20. Web + Log = Blogs•22% of the Fortune 500’s companies blog•45% of the Inc 500′s and about 80% of non-profits•Technology companies blog the mostBlogging Benefits:•Problem solving•Community building•Loyalty•New product development and engagement•Thought leadership•Brand awareness•Customer engagement•Use blogs to enhance corporate image and integrate with traditional media Bill Marriott , Executive Blogger
  21. 21. People = Profiles Brands = Pages Friend reviews -"Reviews (and likes) are the new advertising" -Find the influencers
  22. 22. Example: Page for a Professional
  23. 23. Example: Profile for a Professional
  24. 24. The BasicsSocial Media community for Professionals & Decision MakersApprox. 170 million members in over 200 countriesExecutives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn membersOver 85% -95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent Free & Fee based services25
  25. 25. LinkedIn DemographicsTypical profile26
  26. 26. LinkedIn “Connections” Extend a “digital handshake” Make “Connections” with those you know and don’tknow Interact with industry professionals27
  27. 27. Benefits of LinkedIn for Career Management Research People, Companies and Organizations who you want to meet and where you want to work Job Search & Recruiting Grow Your Network Arrange Face-to-Face Meetings Organize and Extend Groups Business Development Market your skills Event Awareness Increase SEO for your name Manage the information that’s publicly available about you as a professional28
  28. 28. Personal ProfessionalEnter professional information in a simple formDon’t be afraid to editRefresh, rearrange as needed 29
  29. 29. Example: Woodbury University StudentLinkedIn Digital Presence
  30. 30. Example: Graduate Student CaliforniaLutheran University
  31. 31. Company PageHelps other learn about your company’s:ProductsServicesWork CultureJob Opportunities32
  32. 32. Company Page - Discover ConnectionsFind out if anyoneof your connectionsworks at the companyyou are targeting33
  33. 33. LinkedIn Search – Power ToolUse Search to gainbusiness intelligenceFind potential:Companies where youwant to workHiring agents &headhuntersBusiness partnersCompetitiveInformation Clients 34
  34. 34. LinkedIn Groups1. Group search – First invite Connections from: – College alumni – Industry – Professional Associations2. Free introductions among Group members3. Groups are 1. Open- anyone can join 2. Private (approved by Admin)4. Start a Group and discussion topic5. Comment on other Group discussions>connections> prospects & leads35
  35. 35. LinkedIn Group Example36
  36. 36. Groups = Free Message Work-AroundFree – “Message” to people in your Groups Teri Free Groups37
  37. 37. Recommendations - Endorsements1. Ask for recommendations only: – From people you know – With whom you have worked2. Craft personalized and customized requests38
  38. 38. LinkedIn Ads39
  39. 39. Free Social Media News Releases Increase Your SEO - Write them about yourself
  40. 40. Social Media Career Building Strategy - Rule #1Keep the same personal branding - name & graphics/color across all social media platforms for brand consistency & Link them! 41
  41. 41. Social Media Career Building Strategy - Rule #2Develop a “persona” as your voice/image on social media 42
  42. 42. Social Media Career Building Strategy - Rule #3Develop content YOU would like to receive.Put this shareable content in the hands of influencers, potential hiring agents, and businesses where you want to work 43
  43. 43. Social Media Career Building Strategy - Rule #4Commit, assess & adjust along the way 44
  44. 44. Thank You  Embrace The Future  Empower Brand “You"  Lead the Way Teri Thompson @TeriThompson1 FB: Teri.Thompson1 LinkedIn: TeriThompson1 m 805-558-5340 o 805-527-3745