Search Marketing Theatre; SEO + Social = ROI; How they combine to benefit YOUR business!


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  • Everyone wants to know about Social Media and importantly - how to make it work and provide an ROI! This session will provide an overview detailing the "how to" create a strong and sustainable foundation, co-ordinating Social Media and SEO, to provide the holy grail of online marketing; increased converting traffic. If you are B2B or B2C - the MediaCo presentation will offer tips, hints and actions you can take with you and put into practice straight away. Using numerous case study examples MediaCo will aim to educate and inform - This session is definitely NOT another sales pitch!
  • Aim of this slide is to show the difference between PPC and SEO and how you can control PPC elements but you can really only influence SEO. But both work towards getting reach, relevancy and driving conversions.
  • Build foundations.. Getting house in order...
  • Explain each component quickly, not all relevant for all clients but a secondary part of the competitor analysis identifies where competitors are active… slide??
  • Rather than a linear 1 to 1 strategy – linking has evolved more into developing a cloud of points of presence which have some degree of interlinking through social bookmarks and RSS syndication which has the overall effect of delivery authority to your web site.. This is a diagram showing one cloud, in reality ongoing link building is building a network of clouds which deliver benefit to your site but also are interlinked with the internet in general to build your authority for the target phrases. Quality unique content is created on sites, such as articles, blogs. press releases and social networks. Natural phenomenon linking is created through RSS feed syndication. All points of presence are promoted with social bookmarking (various sites shown with the small logos). End result is “cloud” with an ever increasing value that funnels value through to the target site. Point to make is that it is a network within a network. The above doesn’t look natural as implies everything goes though to the client BUT each and everyone of these sites also links to a huge number of other sites on the internet (central core....).
  • To show that it is an ongoing process. To show your cloud is not isolated from the rest of the internet, if you remember the first slide, your cloud is very much part of the internet. Blue lines represent links to other sites on the internet to hopefully visual show interconnectivity and “match” with the touchgraph at the start (nothing meant by that apart from the visual look).
  • Google panda New York Times Exposes J.C. Penney Link Scheme That Causes Plummeting Rankings in Google Today, the New York Times published an article about a search engine optimization investigation of  J.C. Penney. Perplexed by how well did in unpaid (organic) search results for practically everything the retailer sold, they asked someone familiar with the world of search engine optimization (SEO) to look into it a bit more. The investigation found that thousands of seemingly unrelated web sites (many that seemed to contain only links) were linking to the J.C. Penney web site. And most of those links had really descriptive anchor text. It was almost like someone had arranged for all of those links in order to get better rankings in Google. The New Yorks Times presented their findings to Google. Googler Matt Cutts, head of webspam, confirmed that the tactics violated the Google webmaster guidelines and shortly after, the J.C. Penney web site was nowhere to found for the queries they had previously ranked number one for. Matt tweeted that “Google’s algorithms had started to work; manual action also taken”.
  • Move on to discuss the important elements in a PPC landing page then show how all of these elements are standard best practice in an optimised page. Explain that landing pages like this can also help the quality score.
  • The term social media refers to the use of web-based & mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. The logos displayed are just some of the online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social Media is defined as “a group of internet based applications that build on foundations of Web2.0 that allow the creation of user generated content and facilitate info sharing over the internet” What is Web2.0? = A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in social media
  • Social media: the online technology & methods through which people can share content , personal opinions , swap different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media in itself. Social media website content can come in many shapes and forms:
  • What exactly is SM? – “Forms of SM” - Why businesses should embrace – “Why use social media?” - How to get an ROI, “SM and Ecommerce = ROI”
  • Facebook: FanPages / Industry Groups / Easy Content Sharing / Paid Demographic Target ads / Comp News / Connect with Media & Industry Related Groups
  • Twitter: Brand Recognition / Discover Industry Trends / Drive Traffic / Tweet-ups / Instant Feedback / Build Connections / Reach Prospects YouTube / Slideshare / Flickr: No1 Used Video
  • Why use LinkedIn? > Recruit / expert positioning / expand contacts / Get PR Visibility / Reinforce Brand / Conduct Market Research / Interact with WordPress, RSS, Slideshare. Facebook: FanPages / Industry Groups / Easy Content Sharing / Paid Demographic Target ads / Comp News / Connect with Media & Industry Related Groups YouTube / Slideshare / Flickr: No1 Used Video Twitter: Brand Recognition / Discover Industry Trends / Drive Traffic / Tweet-ups / Instant Feedback / Build Connections / Reach Prospects
  • But before any of this....First and Foremost SEO!!
  • But before any of the social media aspect... we need to take a step back
  • XYZ Homes are ranked as the 4 th top house builder in the UK based on turnover in 2009. From their site “A personal service from reservation to completion” ........and from Facebook:
  • Do you have something to say? What is your Value Proposition?: Content / Articles / How To / Advice / Case Study Do you have a way to say it? Articles / Blogs / eBook / Video Do you have a place to say it in? Blogs / Networking Sites / Forums
  • Decide where Social Media fits for you? Identify your target community Assess Available resource & capabilities Visualise – what does success or ROI look like Determine Today’s actions Learn how to engage with online influencers Examine what leading companies or your competitors are already doing! ...Planning strategy and rationale NOT fans, friends and followers
  • A study by Michael Stelzner (also the founder of found that the top benefits for small business owners were: Generated exposure for a business – 88% Increased Traffic/Subscribers – 72% Improved Search Rankings – 62% New Business Partnerships – 56% Generated Qualified Leads – 51% Reduced Overall Marketing Expenses – 49% Improved Sales – 43% The report found that social media helps small business owners  stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace . In fact, 88% of all marketers found social media helps get them increased exposure. Additionally, 72% of those surveyed saw increased traffic and subscriptions as a result of social media. Small business owners were more likely than all other groups   (89.2% reporting benefits) to  see increased exposure . Here are some other areas where small business owners saw greater benefits than their peers: The self-employed and small business owners were more likely to report new partnerships, with at least 59% noting a benefit. Small businesses were twice as likely to  find qualified leads  than other types of businesses. Forty-eight percent of self-employed and small business owners saw  improved sales  as a direct result of their social media efforts. The self-employed (59%) and small business owners (58%) were more likely than others to  see reductions in marketing costs  when using social media marketing.
  • But before any of this....First and Foremost SEO!!
  • "The Internet is still growing fast and new websites spring up all the time. The key factors in terms of Google ranking haven't changed: if sites produce great, original content that is structured well and offers users a good on-site experience, then they'll rank well."
  • Search Marketing Theatre; SEO + Social = ROI; How they combine to benefit YOUR business!

    1. 1. Social Media and Search Marketing Social Media + SEO = ROIPresented by: John HeffernanBusiness Development ManagerMediaCo (UK) Ltd – Stand E21
    2. 2. Agency Insight• Online Marketing Agency• Delivering results since 1999…• Offices in Dundee, Edinburgh & Singapore – Sales coverage: London, Midlands & Dubai• Focus on strategic online marketing: – Search Engine Optimisation – Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Email Marketing – Content Copywriting / Development – Social Media Integration
    3. 3. Search Engines and SEO SEO: you can influence keywords, messaging and control on page content  Keyword List Creation • Targeted Messaging • Relevant Landing Page Reach Relevancy Driving Conversions
    4. 4. SEO ComponentsKEYPHRASES COMPETITORS ON SITE Deep Internal Links Links OFF SITE ON PAGE Link text
    5. 5. Off Site Optimisation – Link Building ON SITE Deep Internal Links Links RSS Syndication Web Links Social Bookmarking Online Press Releases Embedded Video Link text ON PAGE Blog engagement Social Networks Article Marketing Social Mentions
    6. 6. Picture worth a 1000 words All Clear?.......................
    7. 7. Off Site Optimisation
    8. 8. Content Syndication
    9. 9. Many Different Syndication Channels….
    10. 10. How the mighty can Fall......
    11. 11. Content is the bedrock of links • Content syndication – Boost rankings and traffic & ROI • To get good Links you need Good Content  • To promote effective Social Mentions you need Good content  • To have good SEO Content – you need target keywords!  • Good Content: – Opportunity to “say” more / create more points of entry – More opportunities to optimise / establish your site as a content authority
    12. 12. Social Media & SEO – Content “Rules”  Use the phrase in the page title  Create well written copy content  Use Phrase repetition and related terms Define a clear path – Call to Action……. Minimise distractions – Focus! Set a measurable goal
    13. 13. Social Media Channels….?
    14. 14. More than just Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!
    15. 15. The 3 P’s of Social Media Optimisation Presence, Participation & Promotion Presence: •Originate / Customise / Connect Channels Participation: •Saying the right thing in the right way in the right channel – Engagement! Promotion: •Share – Syndicate – Become “Findable”
    16. 16. Why Use Social Media? - Facebook TIP: Connect Human Photos have a Industry Groups higher click through rate than Company Logo’s ! Easy Content Competitor Sharing News & Fan Pages Paid Demographic Target Ads
    17. 17. Why Use Social Media? - Twitter Tip: Add Google analytics Tracking - Brand Recognition to content - Discover Industry Trends promoted via Twitter – or it will - Drive Traffic be lost in the Direct Traffic Pot! - Tweet – ups - Instant Feedback - Build Connections - Reach Prospects
    18. 18. Why Use Social Media? – Linked In Tip: Public Profile URL: personalise your LinkedIn Profile page by using your name in the URL.
    19. 19. And the latest new kid on the block…… January 2012 – more traffic direct to Websites than LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and Youtube – Combined!Facebook without the Whining - But you need an invite!
    20. 20. STOP – Plan your Strategy! Planning, planning and more planning! Integrate : Strategy, aim, objectives, targets.... Understand your audience - People Buy People! Brand Reputation: Monitoring Listen and then – Join the conversation! Content is still KING!
    21. 21. Time & Resource........
    22. 22. Social Media Planning ......... Where are their moderators? Why is there no response? Why are they allowing these comments to stay on their profile page?
    23. 23. Set your Business goals• Be seen as an authority• Get customer insight into your product, marketing & services• Educate, excite and engage customers• Differentiate your brand from your competitors• Reach a new / expanded audience• Encourage word-of-mouth• Conduct Activity – Increase Visibility
    24. 24. Social Media Content Either: write something worth reading about or I’m sorry for writing such do something worth writing … but I didn’t a long letter have time to about................ … write a short ..................Ben Franklin one … Tell your story OR Have it told for you!!!
    25. 25. How does your Business “fit” with Social Media Image used from
    26. 26. Social Media Business Benefits Used from the “2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report”
    27. 27. MediaCo – SEO & Social Media
    28. 28. Social Signals and Brand Mentions…..• Social Signals count towards Search Engine Visibility• Create interesting Content – Quality not Quantity!• Video Optimisation – Keyphrase Research• Social Media Activity• UGC! – Reviews / Ratings / Photo’s – Videos / Forums / Guest Articles – Hints & Tips / Q & A / Polls / Surveys
    29. 29. Measuring success• Traffic growth – client visits, time on site• Conversion & Sales• Feedback & Interaction• General online buzz SEO “Off-Site” – Content development & Syndication Social Media – Content development & Syndication Social Media interaction – generates Links!
    30. 30. So.... Into the future? • Mobile Search – Social, Local, Mobile…..SoLoMo • Start with Content – Create more Content and finish with Content – One piece of content CAN make a difference! (but make it interesting………) • Let Social Media tools do the work
    31. 31. Google & Content “..structured “..if you well... produce With quality great, , unique original content…….” content... On and Off-site…” “ will rank well.”
    32. 32. AnyQuestions? Presented by Stand E21 John Heffernan MediaCo