Social Media Presention to the Georgai Psychological Association


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This overview of Social Media was given to the Georgia Psychological Association on the 22nd of May 2012. In addition to an overview of social media, the presentation included the use and risks associated with using social media for employee recruitment and screening. It also touched on personal brand management and online reputation management.

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Social Media Presention to the Georgai Psychological Association

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAAn Overview
  2. 2. FRAMING UP SM IT‟S RELEVANCY Videos Social Media Revolution A Day In the Life Of Social Media
  3. 3. TRENDS Online and Offline worlds colliding• There is no “diet version” of one‟s self that can sustainably exist in SM• All or Nothing• What Happens In Vegas Stays On SM Digital Manifestation of Personal & Professional Culture• Values Alignment, & Congruency Use Of SM in Employment Recruiting and Screening• Finding and Accessing Appropriate Talent Pools• Background Checks In Employment Screening  Lack Of Internal Training  Large Quantities Of Time To Successfully Capture, Assess, & Execute On Data
  4. 4. TRENDS Expectations of Online Privacy• Attitudes Towards Privacy  Societal Shifts  Different between X,Y, & Boomers Prevalence of Online Communities• Build communities, Not Crowds• Transparency of Personal Brands & Corporate Brands• Talent Pools vs. Talent Communities Demographics of SM Users• Who Shows Up & Where?
  5. 5. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? Facebook Of the 845 Million users: • 57% are Female • 46% are 45+ • 57% have a college or graduate degree • 47% live in households making $50-000-99,999
  6. 6. FACEBOOK TREND Senior citizens (50+) are the fastest growing segment of Facebook users in the U.S., and could number 55 million by 2020 - Pew Internet and American Life Project
  7. 7. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? Twitter Of the 127 Million users: • 59% are Female • 33% are 45+ • 59% have a college or graduate degree • 38% live in households making $25,000-49,999 ://
  8. 8. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? Google+ Of the 90 Million unique visitors: • 71% are Male • 50% are 0-24 • 57% have a college or graduate degree • 47% live in households making $50-000-99,999
  9. 9. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? LinkedIn Of the 150 Million registered users (58.8 M in US): • 50/50 split • 49% are 45+ • 50% have a college or graduate degree • 50% live in households making $50,999-99,999
  10. 10. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? LinkedIn The industries with the highest concentration world wide are • High Tech(14.3%), • Finance(12.4%) • Manufacturing(10.1%)
  11. 11. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? LinkedIn The job functions with the highest concentration worldwide are: • Entrepreneurship (10.8%) • Sales (9.5%) • Operations (8.3%)
  12. 12. WHO SHOWS UP & WHERE? LinkedIn 39% of the members are • Manager • Director • Owner • Chief Officer • Vice President
  13. 13. TREND DRIVING SOCIALBUSINESS Customers who engage with companies over social media are loyal and they spend up to 40% more with those companies than other customers. (Bain & Company, January 2011)
  14. 14. TREND IN SOCIAL BUSINESS Online Communities Exist In:• Facebook Groups• Twitter Lists & “Tweet Ups” W/ of Hash Tags (#)• LinkedIn Groups• Ning- online platform, create custom social networks Can Be Centric Around:• Professional or trade association• A consumer brand• Interest or Hobby• Affinity/Alumni Group• Learning
  15. 15. TRENDS IN SOCIAL BUSINESS Online Communities Allow For• Exchange Of Ideas• Networking• Q&A Corporate Community Groups Are Significant Because:• Allow the entity to be “flatter”• Knowledge/Best practice repository• Aspirationally, Facilitate corporate learning HR functions Software troubleshooting Coaching
  16. 16. TRENDS IN SOCIAL BUSINESS Talent Pools vs. Talent Communities in Recruiting Context: Moving beyond „Post-&-Pray‟ Mentality• Talent Pools Tend to be passive in nature Communication is one-sided Transactional Based on need fulfillment (e.g., finding a job)• Talent Communities Conversational in nature Relationship driven Environment where people collaborate & share resources
  17. 17. QUICK NOTE ON PRIVACY Facebook’s Privacy Settings Don’t Protect You From Websites Using The Plugins Don’t Accept All Application Requests  Some applications are built just for the purpose of accessing your personal data, and they hold this data even after you have deleted the application. Always read through the permissions being requested to see the extent of what‟s being asked for. Photos Of You Are Visible Even When You’re Not Tagged
  19. 19. WHAT DOES "PROFESSIONAL" LOOKLIKE TODAY? “A new definition of professional behavior is developing in this social world.” – Allison Fine Social medias threat to professional behavior for older generations is often expressed like this: • Well be off message if our organization doesnt speak with one institutional voice. • I will be attacked out there by the wingnuts/trolls/nuts. • We cannot have blog posts and Tweets go up and out with typos in it • We cannot share plans and ideas in public before theyre fully vetted internally.
  20. 20. HERE IS THE TRANSITION: hotlist051412&referral=00202&utm_source=newsletter_weekly_hotlist&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hotlist0514 12
  21. 21. SOCIAL RECRUITING IN 2011  89% of U.S. Companies will use Social Networks for Recruiting  64% Have Successfully Hired Through SM  55% Plan Investing More In Social Recruiting In 2012  80% use LinkedIn For Recruiting  64% use two or more social channels to recruit
  22. 22. JOB SCREENING WITH SOCIALNETWORKS 91% of Employers use social networking sites to screen Where do they look? During the hiring process:• Facebook is used 76% of the time• Twitter is used 53% of the time• LinkedIn is used 48% of the time When do they look? With regard to the hiring process, 47% of employers look at applicants SM sites upon receiving the application, compared to 4% who do so right before making an offer Random sample of 300 individuals involved in hiring process
  23. 23. JOB SCREENING WITH SOCIALNETWORKS 69% of employers rejected a candidate because of content on a social networking site, with the leading reason being the applicant lied about their qualifications Other top reasons included:• Inappropriate comments or pictures• Demonstrated poor communications skills• Posted negative comments about a previous employer
  24. 24. JOB SCREENING WITH SOCIALNETWORKS 68% of employers have hired a candidate because of what they saw on the applicants social networking site, with the leading reason being the applicant gave a positive impression of their personality & organizational fit Other top reasons included:• Profile supported their professional qualifications• Profile showed the candidate was creative• Candidate had good references posted by others
  25. 25. PERSONAL BRAND MANAGEMENT It‟s All About Who You Know, Right….?
  26. 26. PERSONAL BRAND MANAGEMENT It‟s All About Who Knows You!  Question to ask yourself: Have you managed & promoted your personal brand, so others identify you with opportunities?  Social Media can be used as a tool  to manage, promote your brand  Maintain top of mind awareness
  27. 27. PERSONAL BRAND MANAGEMENT Tools Klout & PeerIndex - Measures capacity to influence Reppler – manages online image across different social networks SocialMention – Like Google Alerts, for SM Hoot Suite – Multi-Platform Publishing with URL shortening & analytics
  28. 28. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA GONEAWRY Lack of employee/employer values congruence Specific Policy Violation Examples in public, private, & religious institutions
  29. 29. DONT TWEET BAD THINGS ABOUTYOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYER Connor Riley had a job offer from Cisco on the table. She tweeted: “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.” Shortly after that, there was a reply from Cisco employee Tim Levad: “Who is the hiring manager? I‟m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the Web. Read more: 5#dont-tweet-bad-things-about-your-potential-employer- 1#ixzz1vXSZj2o8
  30. 30. SEXUAL ASSAULT IS NEVERFUNNY Nir Rosen was a Law Fellow at New York University until he tweeted some astonishing remarks about Lara Logans sexual assault. The string of insensitive tweeting began with "Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson. Where was her buddy McCrystal." He was soon apologizing profusely and resigned from his fellowship the next day Read more: 5#sexual-assault-is-never-funny-2#ixzz1vXSluoqM
  31. 31. SOME JOKES JUST ARE NOTFUNNY Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, voice of the Aflac duck, made some jokes about the Japanese tsunami over Twitter. He said, "Japan is really advanced. They dont go to the beach. The beach comes to them." Aflac is the largest insurance company in Japan. Gottfried was fired. Read more: 5#fired-for-insensitive-jokes-about-japan-3#ixzz1vXStEWqi
  32. 32. HE THOUGHT HE WAS TWEETINGFROM HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT Scott Bartosiewicz was a social media strategist for New Media Strategies. Thinking he was signed into his own account, he accidentally tweeted the following from the corporate Twitter account for Chrysler: "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive." Bartosiewicz was fired and Chrysler didnt renew its contract with New Media Strategies. Read more: 5#he-thought-he-was-tweeting-from-his-personal-account- 5#ixzz1vXT2Cxba
  33. 33. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS ON HOTTOPICS TO YOURSELF Toronto-based sportscaster Damian Goddard was fired for tweeting his opinion on same-sex marriage. Hockey agent Todd Reynolds had criticized Rangers forward Sean Avery for publicly supporting the cause. Tweeted Goddard, "I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage." Fired. Read more: 5#keep-your-opinions-on-hot-topics-to-yourself-6#ixzz1vXT9Cflv
  34. 34. DONT EMPATHIZE WITHBOMBERS CNN fired its senior editor Octavia Nasr over her tweet proclaiming respect for the deceased Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. This is especially troublesome considering that the AP called Fadlallah "staunchly anti-American and linked to bombings that killed more than 260 Americans." She apologized, but it didnt matter. Read more: 5#dont-empathize-with-bombers-10#ixzz1vXTUYV9W
  35. 35. RACIST TWEETS ARE ALWAYSOFFENSIVE Former MLB pitcher Mike Bacsik lost his gig as a radio producer after getting drunk and tweeting some racially-loaded comments during a Mavericks-Spurs game. The game didnt exactly go his way and he had some pretty unpopular things to say afterward. Read more: 5#racist-tweets-are-always-offensive-13#ixzz1vXTgUb2D
  36. 36. A WAITRESS CANT DEAL WITH A BADTIP 22-year-old North Carolina waitress Ashley Johnson blasted two customers over Facebook for stiffing her on the tip and keeping her late. She also took the time to mention her workplace by name. She was fired for breaking a rule about disparaging customers. Read more: 5#a-waitress-cant-deal-with-a-bad-tip-1#ixzz1vXTwHam9
  37. 37. THIS FOOTBALL PLAYER WANTED TOHEAR "THE OTHER SIDE" OF THE STORYOF BIN LADENS DEATH Heres what Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall had to say about Osama bin Ladens death on his Twitter account: “What kind of person celebrates death? Its amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. Weve only heard one side...” The Steelers are distancing themselves from his remarks and figuring out how to proceed Outcome is still pending Read more: 5#this-football-player-wanted-to-hear-the-other-side-of-the-story- of-bin-ladens-death-9#ixzz1vXTLIBTX
  38. 38. THIS FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERMIGHT HAVE DRAWN A SWASTIKA ONA GUY Caitlin Davis was fired from her job cheerleading for the New England Patriots when a photo of her surfaced on Facebook. She appears next to a passed-out partygoer whos been covered in phallic symbols, swastikas, and the phrase "Im a Jew." She also has a Sharpie in her hand. Read more: 5#this-football-cheerleader-might-have-drawn-a-swastika-on-a- guy-3#ixzz1vXU8THsp
  39. 39. THIS GUY DOESNT GET TO BE THEMASCOT FOR THE PIRATES ANYMORE Andrew Kurtz was a pierogi mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates until one of his Facebook posts, aimed at the teams owner and managers, got some negative attention: "Coonelly extended the contracts of Russell and Huntington through the 2011 season. That means a 19-straight losing streak. Way to go Pirates." He was fired the next day. Read more: 5#this-guy-doesnt-get-to-be-the-mascot-for-the-pirates-anymore- 6#ixzz1vXUHDfwx
  40. 40. THESE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS HATEDON THEIR AIRLINE CARRIER 13 Virgin Airlines crew members were fired after publicly discussing aspects of their job on Facebook They shared the number of times that certain airplane engines had been replaced and that the cabins were infested with cockroaches. They also took the time to insult the passengers who ultimately pay their salaries. Read more: 5#these-flight-attendants-hated-on-their-airline-carrier- 7#ixzz1vXUMoXqj
  41. 41. THIS TEACHER WAS FIRED FROM"THE MOST GHETTO SCHOOL INCHARLOTTE" A Charlotte, NC, teacher was recommended for firing by the superintendent after making some remarks that the superintendent perceived as racially insensitive. The teacher listed "teaching chitlins in the ghetto of Charlotte" in her "Interests" section and "I am teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte" in her "About Me" section. Read more: 5#this-teacher-was-fired-from-the-most-ghetto-school-in-charlotte- 8#ixzz1vXUSyl3U
  42. 42. SHE WAS DEPRESSED, BUTFACEBOOK SHOWED HER HAVINGFUN ON VACATION Nathalie Blanchard had been living off of disability insurance for depression since 2008. But when Manulife, the Canadian insurance company making the payments, got into her Facebook page, they saw her "relaxing at the beach, hanging out at a Chippendales-style club, and generally having a lot of fun." She immediately lost her insurance benefits. Read more: 5#she-was-depressed-but-facebook-showed-her-having-fun-on- vacation-12#ixzz1vXUhx0ta
  43. 43. THIS NUN WAS ASKED TO LEAVE HERCONVENT SIMPLY FOR USINGFACEBOOK Sister Maria Jesus Galan was asked to leave the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain, because she was spending too much time on Facebook. Fellow nuns said that her Facebook activity “made life impossible.” This all after she used the computer to digitize the convents archives and help handle banking over the Internet. Read more: 5#this-nun-was-asked-to-leave-her-convent-simply-for-using- facebook-15#ixzz1vXUrHpKh
  44. 44. CONCLUSION SM has fundamentally changed the way we communicate There opportunities to build up or detract from your personal brand ( No Privacy Setting For Stupid) Using SM as a recruiting & screening tool has value, but comes with risks Build Communities, Not Crowds Key themes for successful communities: Transparency & Authenticity
  45. 45. THANK YOU! Scott Thomas, Engagement Strategist  @ScottMThomas 