Social Media Personal Branding


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Social Media Personal Branding

  1. 1. Social Media Extends Your Reach Digital Platforms & Distributed InfluenceHow a presentation by Sidneyeve Matrix image by Pink Sherbert Photography
  2. 2. Objectives & action steps: 1. Raise your rank personal SEO 2. Grow networks affiliate & connect 3. Claim your niche thought leadership
  3. 3. privacy concerns Do you need to be more visible?But image by Adam Foster
  4. 4. Context Canadians online Last year, 8 out of 10 used the web regularly. Source: The 2009 Canadian Internet Use Survey
  5. 5. Context regular web users 80% of us regularly research products & services online. Source: 2010 Pew Research
  6. 6. friends, associates, and clients are Googling you. image by Junnn That means it's a certainty that
  7. 7. What if was your resume?
  8. 8. move beyond the blank slate Not showing up on the first page of Google search results? It's time to share accurate, relevant, current information
  9. 9. manage your digital footprint proactively, strategically, creatively image by Vu Bui
  10. 10. Personal SEO raise your rank 1. step Personal Search Engine Optimization image by stephanie ★
  11. 11. Get your Google ID Personal SEO
  12. 12. Claim your name. on the main social networks Personal SEO
  13. 13. powered by link juice social network profiles rank high in Google search results Personal SEO
  14. 14. Buy your domain name not sure where to start? try even if not launching a site immediately thinking ahead, Personal SEO
  15. 15. Professional website as your ePortfolio consider investing in a Personal SEO
  16. 16. Visual resume design a Personal SEO
  17. 17. is mobile ready Personal SEO
  18. 18. Get a great headshot consistent image across platforms Personal SEO
  19. 19. Grow your network build community & affiliations 2.step
  20. 20. Join groups get connected Network development
  21. 21. Build a platform size matters image by Peter Becker Network development
  22. 22. new metrics of relevance assess your online platform/reach Network development Job: Emerging Media Manager Qualifications: • Graduate degree • 250 plus followers on Twitter
  23. 23. analyzing reach, impact & influence your own, and that of others Network development
  24. 24. Network development test these free online tools to evaluate twitter users
  25. 25. Thought Leadership claim your niche 3. step
  26. 26. what do you want to be known for? Thought leadership define your message
  27. 27. your brand is not your message it's how other people see you. how are people listing you? Thought leadership.
  28. 28. answer questions & leave comments demonstrate expertise Thought leadership. image by the tartanpodcast
  29. 29. curate resources: build a booklist Thought leadership.
  30. 30. publish & share your insights Give away ideas Thought leadership. image: yomi955
  31. 31. design your content creation strategyset goals, and make a content production schedule to digitize your ideas/work, & get them ready to share Thought leadership.
  32. 32. build a free photo e-portfolio for your business Thought leadership.
  33. 33. free photoblog design templates free blogging platform: find more by Googling Wordpress Photoblog Themes Thought leadership.
  34. 34. Share your snapshots on Twitter using this free tool, Martha's doing it! 10 days, almost 4K views Thought leadership.
  35. 35. build your VIP lists Give back.increase your influence & visibility by spending time promoting others Thought leadership.
  36. 36. mentorship hire an intern& extend your reach (ps. please pay them) Thought leadership.
  37. 37. social media listeningmonitor your buzz free tool to catch mentions of you, your company, & your interests, in the mainstream press, blogs, and on social networks Thought leadership.
  38. 38. The rule85%85% of self promotion work is behind-the-scenes, 15% is public-facing. Stats source: Ryan Rancatore, In conclusion...remember
  39. 39. social media presence is not a sprint, it's a marathon. image:Thomas Hawk developing your online persona and
  40. 40. plan,create, launch. listen, learn, adjust. image: andi.vs.zf
  41. 41. for more information on designing an ePortfolio scan this QR code to read this blog post to scan a QR code,use BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 "scan a group barcode" or try the i-nigma app forAndroid/iPhone
  42. 42. about the author Sidneyeve Matrix Queen’s National Scholar, Media Queen’s University, Canada twitter: @sidneyeve Contents of this presentation, including images, have Creative CommonsAttribution----Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Licenses. (cc) 2010/sidneyevematrix Research sponsored by and prepared for: image: Josh Liba