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School Admissions & Social Media


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Presentation delivered on January 16 at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, MI.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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School Admissions & Social Media

  2. 2. Why We’re Here
  3. 3. Video Key Stats
  4. 4. Agenda  Part 1 – What is Social Media?  Part 2 – Strategy  Part 3 – Facebook & Tools
  5. 5. Why We’re Here What are you hoping to learn today?
  6. 6. What I hope you take away Strategy is HUGE Community NOT Advertisement Great Tools to Help You StreamlineYour website is the most important tool you have
  7. 7. StrategyUnderstand the Types of People OnlineUtilize the POST MethodUnderstand Content TypesEstablish Editorial Calendar
  8. 8. One Step at a Time
  9. 9. Establish the Objectives -Messaging Mission / Vision 4-5 Main Objectives or Pillars  Academic Excellence  Christ-Centered Learning What types of messages can be crafted to consistently reflect those ideals? Revisit Your Foundational Objectives
  10. 10. Strategies cont’d Using Search to Learn   Search Schools You Revere  Search Similar Types via Keywords What You’re Looking For  Post Frequency, Timing  Content Being Shared  “Talking About This”  Custom Tabs  What’s Working?
  11. 11. Strategies Blog Posts Brainstorm Content Photos Videos What do you have that Questions can be shared today? Fill in the blank Achievements What types of content do you want to Sports Scores create? Events Bible Verses / Devotions
  12. 12. The Editorial CalendarOrganizing Our Strategy Credit: danielmoyle Flickr
  13. 13. The Editorial Calendar - WHATSources: Debbie Williams - Michele Linn -
  14. 14. The Editorial Calendar - WHY Important to Stay Consistent Patterned Content is Easier to Evaluate Much Easier to Schedule, Streamline No More Throwing Darts in the Dark Big Picture View
  15. 15. TechnologyBuild Your PresenceSchedule & Post ContentEngage CommunityMonitor & Evaluate
  16. 16. FacebookExample of selected Technology
  17. 17. Establish Presence onFacebook Lingo Crash Course Facebook Page  Image Measurements  Custom Pages  Third Party Apps  Rule of 25
  18. 18. Facebook Lingo – CrashCourse Group vs. Page  Ticker Likes/Fans  Timeline Shares  Wall/Newsfeed Friend / Unfriend  Apps Limited Profile  Edgerank Friend List  Fangating Tag
  19. 19. Create a Page
  20. 20. Facebook Rule of 25 You CANNOT customize your page URL until you reach 25 fans/likes Get there fast - (teachers, etc) When reached, visit:  Youcan edit your unique URL only ONE TIME EVER  Must be 5 characters - Keep it short  Considerwhat your Twitter handle will be – *Consistency*
  21. 21. Facebook Page Run Through
  22. 22. Facebook Ways to Engage Don’t Be Afraid to Ask  “PleaseLIKE” … “Please SHARE with Family & Friends”  Don’t do it in every post  Ask for Content  (Photos, Videos, Tag Yourself, Family Activities) Post Correctly  E.g. Videos should play within Facebook  If not right, delete and repost
  23. 23. Facebook Ads Advantages  Highly targeted  Relatively Cheap  Best if there are social tie-ins  Campaign Tracking  Great reporting Think about  Call to action  Like Page, Visit Website, View Video, Attend Event  Attention Grabbing Image & Text  Who is your audience?  You can be selling your school… but also the resources being offered on your page (through your editorial calendar)
  24. 24. Facebook Any Questions?
  25. 25. MonitorSmart Tools that Will Make Your Job Easier
  26. 26. Smart Tools HootSuite & Tweetdeck  Schedule Your Week  Track keywords across the web
  27. 27. 2012 Predictions: S.M.Examiner Business Will Consolidate  Being EVERYWHERE is no longer important  Do schools need to be on Yelp, Foursquare, Google+  Are your constituents there? Strategy Takes Center Stage YouTube Domination – 2nd Largest Search Engine Smart Tools
  28. 28. Quick Thoughts Consider a Blog, what stories would you tell? Get feedback!  End of Year Surveys  Did you meet your mission/vision?  Confident? Ask for a review on Google Places Post ideas  Weekend activities  Devotions  Family Features on Netflix  Create a YouTube playlist of “Safe for Home Videos”
  29. 29. Final Thoughts Strategy is HUGE Engagement NOT Advertisement HootSuite is great Your website is the most important tool you have
  30. 30. Recommend ReadingBooks Twitter “The Thank You Economy”  @SethGodin by Gary Vaynerchuck  @mashable “Tribes” by Seth Godin, really anything by him  @copyblogger  @UnMarketingBlogs/Websites
  31. 31. Articles to Read Facebook Page Resources  HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy  4 Elements of a Successful Business Web Presence  How to Choose the Right Content Type for Social Media Success  A Complete Branding Guide for Today’s Lutheran Schools  Should High School Admission Marketers Blog?  School-Admissions-Marketers-Blog Facebook for Schools 