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Optimizing Recruitment & Event Promotion Social Media Strategy


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Optimizing Recruitment & Event Promotion Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. optimizing recruitment & event promotion social media strategy image: xeeliz
  2. 2. before you begin define your objectives set the criteria by which to measure the success of your SM efforts image: melissa gray
  3. 3. your objectives determine your channels
  4. 4. construct an internal social media audit set your benchmarks image: philippe put
  5. 5. examine competitors & your past practice
  6. 6. 1 part designing a social media hiring plan image: DeaPeaJay
  7. 7. your most powerful SM tool? existing talent
  8. 8. take an inside-out approach to recruiting, by starting with your staff image: xlorddashx
  9. 9. ensure you have a plan in place for talent management performance recognition incentives for referrals
  10. 10. aim to create an engagement culture 2-way communication image: *diane
  11. 11. image: kevin mcshane optimize internal networking inward facing blog increase knowledge-sharing support collaboration
  12. 12. shared Google calendar coordinate workflows
  13. 13. to raise satisfaction index ASK ASK ASK poll employees, seek input & feedback image: orangeacid
  14. 14. spillover FX employee enthusiasm & the social graph image: b_tal
  15. 15. image: shavar ross communicate shared vision articulate organizational values then let staff tell your story
  16. 16. to recruit and retain the right talent image: jesse draper
  17. 17. go where the people are set up a presence on the major channels
  18. 18. grow your communities every day increase network traffic raise brand awareness image: 27147
  19. 19. do you have a recruitment video? image: brittney bush
  20. 20. part2media event promotion social image: wilshirepix
  21. 21. create central landing page complete information
  22. 22. to create buzz socially "activate" your event image: danny perez
  23. 23. optimize word of mouth one great message give people to get excited about & share image: tigerbel3
  24. 24. s t r e t c h your events
  25. 25. agile digital assets create shareable microcontent image: gonzalo baeza hernandez
  26. 26. how we share SM content 45% 30% image: jlcwalker
  27. 27. before: create #hashtag & retweet-optimized content during: staff live tweet ask staff to point status to event URL &/or change profile pic image: futureancient
  28. 28. capture & share images & video from last year from this year image: blhphotography
  29. 29. branded flickr page
  30. 30. lots of smartphone users coming? try a geolocal promotion image: otzberg
  31. 31. part 3 measure everything image: adobemac
  32. 32. track effectivity monitor progress toward objectives then refine strategy image: darren hester
  33. 33. engage in social listening grow bigger ears (to quote Chris Brogan) image: artmutt
  34. 34. build or buy a listening station & information aggregator image: colleen a.f. venable
  35. 35. here's one, and it's free
  36. 36. Google Reader is also simple and free RSS feeds
  37. 37. image: ntr23 or get serious professional social&listening services tools
  38. 38. about the author Sidneyeve Matrix, PhD Queen’s University, Canada speaking inquiries: twitter/@sidneyeve 2010/sidneyevematrix Contents of this presentation, including images, have Creative Commons Licenses including Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 Licenses. Digital design & research assistance by Alexandra Macgregor.