Socializing Health Research


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Socializing Health Research

  1. 1. mobile! andSocial  Media  &  Health  Research  Advocacy Sidneyeve  MatrixThis presentationreviews social & mobiletools for buildingcampaigns to raisepublic awareness ofhealth research.
  2. 2. “When  laypeople  dont  know  or  care  enoughabout  what  scientists  are  doing  with  funding,   they  dont  notice  or  care  when  scientists   “ are  suddenly  prevented  from  doing  it. ~  John  Pavlus,  Why  Science  Depends  On  Good  Branding  ,  Fast  Company  Design  2011
  3. 3. context
  4. 4. context60% of  ePatientssay  web  research  influenced  their  decision  about  how  to  manage  a  medical  condition
  5. 5. contextsource: Pew 29% adults  have  searched  for  health   information  via  their  mobile  phone
  6. 6. new mobilities ““ Smartphones  are  the  new  wellness  channel. ~Jane  Sarasohn-­‐Kahn,  health  economist
  7. 7. key: micromessaging new mobilitiesthis value-added SMS campaign was very successfulimage Alla_G 157K mostly millennial parents opted-in
  8. 8. context17,000mHealth appsavailable43%  designed forhealthcare pros image: jcfrog
  9. 9. contextanalysts  forecast500 million peopleusing  mHealth  apps by 2015
  10. 10. new mobilities“few  of  those  apps  have  anything  to  do  with  health”
  11. 11. issue: discoverability new mobilitieseven info-rich apps are difficult to find in crowded app stores
  12. 12. key: curation new mobilitiessome thought leaders help us find the best apps by reviewing them
  13. 13. new mobilitiesHarvard Public Health has their ownvery cool multimedia app, created usingthe Mobile Roadie platform.
  14. 14. key: newsworthy = discoverable new mobilitiesthe most "edgy" apps attract media coverage "We  want  New  York  City  to  be  the  safest  city  in  the  world  to  have  sex." ~  Dr.  Monica  Sweeney  NYC  Assistant  Health   Commissioner
  15. 15. key: newsworthy = discoverable new mobilities90%  of  adults   sleep  with  our  phonesthis sleep cycle alarm appearned many media mentions image: in the pink
  16. 16. key: accessible messages315K followersThe most simple &succinct health researchtweets are the mostwidely retweeted.
  17. 17. accessible messages175K followersThe most simple &succinct health researchtweets are the mostwidely retweeted.
  18. 18. accessible messages155K followersThe most simple &succinct health researchtweets are the mostwidely retweeted.
  19. 19. In  preparing  for  this  presentation  we  found  very  few  of  the  really  valuable  status  updates  from  Canadian  medical  researchers  are  being  retweeted.  We  should  change  that.
  20. 20. social publishingdisseminating research on social sites white papers position papers presentations newsletters press releases campaigns
  21. 21. This site is filled with free takeaways. accessible/agile information ePapers slides webinars podcasts
  22. 22. socialnomicsinformation  gains  value  when  it  is  shared
  23. 23. key: info on-demand + engagement ladder strategy + toolsThis info-rich site lets users get involved privately or with friends. mental health research site
  24. 24. key: cloud publishing strategy + tools scribds
  25. 25. strategy + toolskey: cloud publishingFacebook notes app facebook notes
  26. 26. key: social-sharing ready strategy + tools slideshare cloud publishing for presentation slides
  27. 27. key: data visualization as eye candy strategy + toolsPeople love to share amazing designs like this one, on the social web. infographic
  28. 28. An infographic creation tool and inspiration website. strategy + tools
  29. 29. key: mobile infosnacking strategy + toolsAnother mobile media idea for busy people on-the-go.Did you know:that you can also distribute your powerpoint slides & PDFs via iTunes podcasts?
  30. 30. key: great soundtrack, edgy, optimism strategy + toolsDont miss seeing this amazing video ofdancing senior scientists, students, andvolunteers at McGills cancer research labs. virality:  4  weeks  260K  views
  31. 31. key: preferred format strategy + tools CDCs graphic novel targets GenY & Gen Z
  32. 32. CDCs graphic novel
  33. 33. key: social proximity strategy + tools movember raising money for mens cancer research Appealing to GenYs desire to make a difference, with friends, as part of something big.
  34. 34. key: cross-gen cause marketing strategy + toolsA multimedia, social, mobile campaign with cross-generational appeal, bringingfamilies together for a good cause, & raising awareness of good nutrition.
  35. 35. key: user-generated content
  36. 36. key: gameified + social proof strategy + toolsBadge lets participantsshare info about theirsocial good activitieswith friends, family,teachers, employers ...thats social proof.
  37. 37. concluding remarksdisseminating  health  research  via  the amplified  by  the  power  of  the  P2P  economy checklist: easy  to  share simple  message creative  and  edgy gets  friends  involved
  38. 38. This  research  was  funded  by  and   prepared  for  Research  Canada,  a   national,  not-­‐for-­‐profit  organization   whose  mission  is  to  improve  the   health  and  prosperity  of  Canadians   by  championing  Canada’s  global   leadership  in  health  research. Thank  you  to  Alexandra  Patricia  Vivien  Macgregor   for  research  assistance. Contents  of  this  presentation  including  images  have   Creative  Commons  Attribution-­‐Noncommercial-­‐ Share  Alike  3.0  Licenses. About  the  author Sidneyeve  Matrix  teaches   media  and  marketing,   culture  &  communications,   at  Queens  University. sidneyevematrix.comimage: Thomas Rockstar