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Google Plus For Business
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Google Plus For Business


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From a webinar I did on Nov 25th about creating a Google Plus Brand Page and using it to gain SEO competitive advantage

From a webinar I did on Nov 25th about creating a Google Plus Brand Page and using it to gain SEO competitive advantage

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  • 1. Welcome!Your webinar will begin at 12:00 pm. Chris Burdge bWEST Interactive Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 2. Today’s Agenda• 45 Minutes of Content• 15 Minutes of Q & A• Creating a G+ profile & Brand Page• How to optimize G+ for SEO• Publishing & moderating content• +1 Button and more… Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 3. The Hype… is True Google+ is growing at a rate of 50x faster than Facebook or Twitter didImage source: Leon Håland ( Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 4. Create a Googleaccount foryour businessChris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 5. Step 1: Choose the most appropriate person to manage your company on Google Plus i.e. CEO, Owner, Marketing Director… Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 6. Step2: You need a Google account… Go to
  • 7. Step 3:Go to, and click“Sign In”
  • 8. Step 4:It’ll prompt you to create a Google Profile
  • 9. You will be directed to complete your profile…
  • 10. SEO Tip“Google Plus profile & Brand Pages havesignificant SEO benefits.They will be indexed and updates canbe +1’ed which is fed back intosearch results& rankings.”
  • 11. This info appears in search results – take advantage of it.
  • 12. Search Results
  • 13. Optimize your profile!1. Title: Google Plus profile name2. Image: Profile pic3. Description: Introduction field on profile page4. Links: Links field on you profile page5. Unfortunately you can’t change your URL just yet
  • 14. Editing your profile
  • 15. Select “Anyone on the web” in the ‘Introduction’ section for “Who can see this?”
  • 16. Update the ‘Links’ section..
  • 17. 1. Click on your name.2. Then click ‘Privacy’ and you will see. This is what it will look like in the search results
  • 18. When someone hovers their mouse over yourprofile image a pop up appears showing yourprofile photo, name & few words about you. Here’s a simple trick to do this for your profile.
  • 19. 1. Go to ‘Edit my profile’.2. Click on ‘Employment’ section.3. Enter a detailed description in the first field box4. Now just hover your mouse over your icon!
  • 20. Circles&StreamsCirclesenable you to organize people in groups soyou can share content relevant to that circle only.Streams show content shared by people in yourCircles. Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 21. When adding people you can specify an existing circle to put them in, or create a new circle
  • 22. You can also drag and drop people/pages into your circles
  • 23. Now you can see what people in that circleshare when you click on that particular circle.
  • 24. Create your Google Plus “Brand Page” Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 25. What “Brand Pages” Don’t Have• Multiple admins• Custom / vanity URLs• Cannot post directly to a page (only comment on existing post)• Pages cannot follow people (only after they’ve followed you) Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 26. 250-508-7761
  • 27. 250-508-7761
  • 28. 250-508-7761
  • 29. 250-508-7761
  • 30. Have Fun withScrapbook Photos
  • 31. Have Fun withScrapbook Photos
  • 32. Remove Unwanted Tabs
  • 33. Let theGoogleplex Know
  • 34. HangoutsLet’s up to 10 users video and voice chat with each other Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 35. Hangouts have huge potential..• Conduct workshops and seminars• Communicate exclusive promotions• Demonstrate newproducts• Offer product training Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 36. Start a Hangout Click ‘Start aHangout’>>a window will pop up >> click ‘Install Plugin’.
  • 37. Now just ‘Add circles or people’ you want to hangout with. Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 38. Publishing & Managing Content Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 39. Control Your Posts•Format content• Edits posts•Restrict comments• Lock posts• Mute “noisy” conversations Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 40. Format the words in your posts Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 41. It will look like this.Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 42. Send direct messages to multiple people by using the @ or +symbolfollowed by their name.
  • 43. Edit yourupdates here.
  • 44. Addcontent
  • 45. Addvideo
  • 46. Get Your Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 47. Encouragereaders to +1your content.
  • 48. SEM TipMake sure your landing pages have theGoogle+ button and correspond to youradsFor the first time, it might make sense to clickon your own ads, or at least the +1 button Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 49. Questions ?Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 
  • 50. Special Chris Burdge 250.508.7761 