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Google+ 101 Guide

Google+ Guide for beginners. Google+ is the latest social media innovation with several new features including Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile, Location, Instant Upload, and Huddle. We’ll go through each feature.

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Google+ 101 Guide

  1. Supernova Media Presents: + 101
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  5. What is Google+? Google+ is the latest social media innovation offering a series of tools to help you stay connected with the people you care about. Google+ comprises of several new features including Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile, Location, Instant Upload, and Huddle. Here is a quick video of the project and we‟ll go through each feature. Check out this short video for an introduction to Google+.
  6. Getting Started With Google+ • Google+ can be accessed from or or or, for mobile device, from • Google+ has a “+1” feature that functions in the same way as the “Like” feature on Facebook. Step 1: Setup a Google Profile. Once you have access to Google +, the first time you attempt to access the homepage will bring you to a pop- up window that will prompt you to create a Google Profile or update your existing one.
  7. Getting Started With Google+Step 2:At this step you will also be prompted to integrate your Picasa photo albums. Theyll betransferred with the same security settings as they had before (ie: if an album was onlyshared with a few people, only those people will still have access), but you might want togo through your albums.
  8. Getting Started With Google+Step 3: Establish your Circles1. Click on the circle tab. This opens a page where all of your circles will be displayed.2. On the left there will be blank circle with text drop here to create a circle written inside it. Just hover it an then the text will change to Create Circle now make a click on that.3. Type in the name for new circle and then click on create Create Empty Circle.
  9. Getting Started With Google+ Step 4: Check your privacy settings Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select Account Settings from the context menu. Switch to Google+ to access the notification preferences. All notifications are enabled by default and usually linked to the primary email address of the Google+ user. I suggest you look at the notification settings and modify them according to your needs. If you do not want to receive notifications at all, disable everything on that screen.
  10. Getting Started With Google+Step 5: Add your contactsAt the moment Google+ only allows you toimport your HotMail or Yahoo contacts whileyour Gmail contacts will already be listed.Tip: Learn from your mistakes at Facebook -start from scratch and experience a newsfeednot cluttered by the frivolity of high school"friends."
  11. Getting Started With Google+ Step 6: Organize a Huddle Huddle is a new way for you to easily stay in touch while youre on the go. With Huddle, you can text groups of people or individual friends in Google+ Mobile 1. From the Google+ Home screen, touch Huddle. 2. Touch the conversation icon to start a huddle. 3. Start to type the name of a person or circle youd like to add. Add up to 50 people to each huddle. 4. Write your message. 5. Touch Done. Your message will be sent instantly. When you start a huddle with someone for the first time, theyll automatically receive an invitation to join your huddle.
  12. Getting Started With Google+Step 7: Master the Hangout (Check out this video)Hangouts mixes the stuffiness of webcam conferencing with thebreeziness of, well, hanging out.You can start a hangout from the stream whenever you want. You caneither go to or simply click the green Start aHangout button on the side of your stream.Youll be taken to a "green room" where you‟ll get help to get yourcamera set up and choose additional circles or individuals to add. Noone can see you while youre in the green room. Once you click thegreen Hang Out button your video feed will be broadcast.
  13. Edit Your Profile About Page Your Photos Your Videos Your Posts Sites You‟ve +1‟edProfile Picture View how your profile Send an email looks to the public or another Your Circles individual Your Post History Circles your added to Google Profile Interface
  14. User Settings Notifications Tabs to switch Search for between the Google+ users Home, Photos, Profile and View and Circles Panes Quickly edit Circles share a postYour Circles Video Chat Share a Settings post to targeted Sparks circles Chat Your Feed Google Home Page Interface
  15. +Stream The Stream brings together information from friends in much the same way as the Facebook News Feed. Features: • Unlimited Characters! • Filter your stream by Circles • Edit your post • Delete your post • Link to this post • Disable Comments • Disable Reshare • Share photos, videos, links & location • Upload photos via drag and drop
  16. +CirclesShare the RIGHT information with the RIGHT peopleGoogle+ redefines privacy in the social network by forcing you to group everyone you want toconnect with into Circles. It provides four default circles to get you started: • Friends - your closest buddies who you share those drunk pictures with. • Family - your parents and siblings and in-laws who you share pictures of the baby with. • Acquaintances - your work buddies who you dont want to know why youre really skipping work today. • Following - the public people youre interested in, who probably dont know you in real life. You can then define your own circles or modify the existing ones to fit whatever grouping you need.
  17. +Circles Manage your social circle and organize your contacts into groups for targeting your posts. No one can see what youve named your circles, or what circle they are in. You can easily drag and drop friends into circles. Go to the Settings Gear and select Profile and Privacy to see how your profile looks to other users. Type in a user name from different circles and click Preview to see what your profile looks like from the specified user. Watch this video on Circles
  18. Google Plus flowchart developed by LeeS.
  19. +SparksFind topics you might be interested insharing with others.Google+ Sparks is sort of like your personalassistant who sits through all of your incomingarticle and video feeds online so you really only getthe information you wanted to watch read or share.Sparks is a great way to find information and allinformation is current and reliable.Watch this video for more information on Sparks.
  20. +ChatBefore you can use Chat in Google+ , you have to enableit. To get started:① Click Enable chat on the side of your stream.② Select the circles that are allowed to see when youre online. (If you havent set up your circles yet, learn more about circles, and create your own.)The Google+ chat list will be automatically populated withpeople you‟ve already chosen to chat with in Gmail,iGoogle, Google Talk, or Orkut. If someone isnt already acontact of yours, you can invite them to chat right from theChat search box.
  21. +Chat After youve enabled Chat, you can update the circles that are allowed to see when youre online. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to Chat and then select Circles. You can disable Chat by signing out. To sign out of Chat, click the drop-down arrow next to Chat and select Sign Out.
  22. How to Send a Private MessageIn Google+ both public and private messages are sent from the same place. When you post astream update, you can decide precisely who receives the message. If you want to send aprivate message, just @mention the person or their email address in the stream and update andmake sure that “public” or none of your circles are added.① In the Stream area, click “Share what‟s new…“.② Use the @ symbol followed by your friend‟s username or email to add them to the stream update.③ Make sure that the public tag is not added and make sure that there are no circles added to the message.④ Click Share and your message will be sent!
  23. +MobileWant Google+ for mobile?The Google Mobile site: this URL in your phones phones:Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows MobileOnce you launch the application it will ask which accountyou wish to sign in with, select the account.
  24. +Mobile Enable Push Notifications Google+ mobile app -- Launch Google+ on your phone, press the menu button and go to Settings. Enable or Disable notification/vibration/ringtone for Google+ and Huddle notifications. Google+ ( -- Click the „Options‟ cog in the top right hand corner of the screen and select „Google+ Settings‟. Under „Set delivery preferences‟, add your mobile number and choose Push Notifications or SMS Notifications. Then in the „Receive Notifications‟ section, choose which notifications you would like to receive by selecting the checkbox in the phone column for each item.
  25. +Cheat SheetThis is your basic Google+ CheatSheet, courtesy of Simon Laustsen.
  26. +Friend Cap Like Facebook, Google+ has put on a cap on the amount of friends you can have.
  27. +Vanity URL Currently Google Plus profile URLs are defined by a long string of numbers and Google+ doesnt offer its own vanity URL shorteners (yet) like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn There are some alternatives here. You can use a third-party service at your own risk, such as Google Plus Nick. Just copy and paste the numbers on your profile URL after "".
  28. Want an Invite?Want an Invite to theGoogle+ Project?Right now the Google+ project isstill “In Testing”, but if you want aninvite just do me a favor bysharing this on Facebook orTwitter and/or leave me acomment below and I‟ll invite you.
  29. Changes There have been a few changes with the Google Plus interface recently so we recommend checking out our Google Plus- 8 Major Changes presentation next.
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