Foursquare for Business & Retail


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Presentation given to the Values-Based Business Network on Sept 16th

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Foursquare for Business & Retail

  1. Credentials   Online marketing since 1994   Fortune 1000 brands: Nestle, HP, Coca-Cola   McCann Erikson, Publicis, Cove-Ito (Japan)   Founded bWEST – July 2009   Co-founder: Social Media Camp
  2. What is a foursquare check-in? When you tell foursquare where you are, that's a "check-in". You can check in from parks, bars, museums, restaurants, libraries… anywhere.
  3. What are badges? Rewards earned based on your check in habits (e.g. frequenting too many karaoke bars, eating lots of pizza, taking your kids to the playground).
  4. What’s a foursquare “mayor”? Mayorships are awarded to customers with the most days checked into a venue over the last 60 days
  5. STARBUCKS Customers earn a barista badge by checking into 5 separate Starbucks. The “mayor” of each location is entitled to $1 off of a Frappuccino
  6. 6 things you can do today
  7. 1. Develop your strategy Map foursquare functionality to your objectives –  Increase awareness among early adopters –  Drive retail traffic –  Build your SM network
  8. 1. Develop your strategy Reach / Preference Action Awareness Build positive word of Build retail traffic Visibility within SN mouth among Awareness among Incentivize user Reward early adopters generated content loyal customers (tips)  Increased presence in Increase sales mobile Improve search engine ranking
  9. 2. Create an account •  Customize your page •  Download app to your mobile phone •  Start checking in •  Find some friends
  10. 3. Claim your business venue •  Register venue if not already •  Customize your page
  11. 4. Create an offer, or two… •  For the mayor •  For any visitor •  When… •  Test offers
  12. 4. Incentivize 1.  Mayor Specials: most loyal customer on foursquare with the most check-ins. Reward your best customer? 2.  Frequency-based Specials: unlocked every X check (e.g. users get a 10% off every third check in) 3.  Check-In Offers: when users checks (e.g. show your check in to the waiter for a free drink!) 4.  Wildcard Specials: staff has to verify a special condition (e.g. show us your Oyster for free dozen oysters)
  13. 5. Let your customers know Cross pollinate •  Icon on website, email signature, •  Integrate with other SN sites •  Business card •  Signage, window clings
  14. 6. Track Results •  Monitor activity •  Key metrics •  Best performing offers •  Best customers
  15. what happens in Vegas goes on foursquare
  16. Thank You Special Offer Social Media Camp Chris Burdge 250-508-7761 October 3, 2010 Victoria Conference Centre 39 Speakers from around North America Get 15% off with coupon code: SMCV10