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Trade brookln presentation social media seminar

  1. 1. Bill Corbett WELCOME! LinkedIn for your brand & businessCraig Yaris Facebook & timelines for business successJeff Ogden Attract, Engage and Build TrustPedram Tabibi Social Media - Legal & Privacy IssuesBasil C. Puglisi Search & Social Optimization of Content
  2. 2. Bill Corbett, Jr. 516-775-0435 @wjcorbett
  3. 3. LinkedIn Strategies for Your Brand and BusinessImageProfile Optimization - 100%Your Connections (database)Image Matters Credibility & trust 7 x more likely to be read Real world recognition
  4. 4. Profile Optimization - 100%Why? Its your brand page Competitive advantage vs. disadvantage Search relevance (internal and external) Geographic relevance Industry relevance More content = more ways to engage
  5. 5. Your LinkedIn Database “Bring the real world into the cyber world and visa versa”Download it and use itOne of your most valuable assetsFrequently updatedIn mail is effective /less spam
  6. 6. Changes to Social Media that Impact Business Strategy Craig Yaris
  7. 7. Social Marketing is all about… Engagement  Getting your audience to interact with your branding and marketing messages Connecting  Being the conduit between your audience and valuable content and resources Relevance  Making sure your content adds value to your audience Participation  Getting your hands dirty. The audience controls the message Transparency  Let your customers in to show your humanity. Your only human!
  8. 8. Best Practices for Timeline Publish More Visual Content  Posts including a photo or video generates 2x more engagement than other types Feature Custom Tabs in Views & Apps Toolbar  Can use pictures to offer a call to action Highlight specific posts  Will take up the entire width of the timeline Pin New Featured Promotions  Posts will be visible at the top of the page
  9. 9. Make Them LIKE You! Incorporate Social Plug-ins on your Blog and Website  Code is provided by Facebook Let e-mail subscribers know about your Page, and Ask for the Like! Use Facebook Ads Publish “Remarkable” content!  Give them a reason to Like you  Let people know they will get something if they Like you! Ask friends to Like you
  10. 10. Jeff Ogden President of Find New Customers 516-495-9350
  11. 11. Set the Foundation – base questions Who are we? What problems do we solve? Who needs solutions? What drives decisions? Where do they look? Whom do they trust? What are our goals?
  12. 12. Understanding Buyers Comes FirstThe Single Most Valuable Thing You Can Do Job description Priority Initiatives Perceived Barriers Why We Win/Buyer Success Why We Lose Buying Triggers
  13. 13. Attract, Engage, Trust
  14. 14. Pedram Tabibi is a “social media attorney” and associatein the Meltzer Lippe corporate department. He writes aweekly column for the Long Island Business News“Young Island Blog,” where he address the legalimplications of social media in the businessenvironment. Pedram Tabibi 516-747-0300 x124
  15. 15.  Who owns a social media account and its content: employer or employee? Consideration of privacy and intellectual property law in social media. Legal implications of using social media in the hiring process.
  16. 16. Basil C. Puglisi, M.P.A. Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives & Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. Search & Social Optimization of Content digitalbrandmarketing/basilpuglisi
  17. 17. Search & Social Optimization of ContentSearch Optimization for Content•Title of the Post•URL•First 50 Words keyword density•Alt Tags on Images•Featured Image•Video ContentSocial Optimization for Content:•Share Buttons•RSS Feed(s)•Descriptions•Featured Image•Empire Avenue
  18. 18. Search & Social Optimization of Content Shortcuts get you cut off, from traffic! Don’t get caught in Trends!1980 – Telemarketing1990 – Direct Mailers2000-2005 Keywords for Search (Google, Yahoo)2005-2008 Email Marketing, PPC, Banner Ads2009 – Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)2010 – Social Bookmarking (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon)2011 – Video (YouTube, Vimeo, Conferencing)2012 – Pictures (Pinterest) Create Genuine Content that utilizes everything, 70% effective across 100% of sources is more effective then 100% effective across 50% of the sources. It’s also safer!
  19. 19. THANK YOU! Craig Yaris - Jeff Ogden - Pedram Tabibi –Basil C. Puglisi – Bill Corbett