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Social Media Trends for 2019


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The world of social media is constantly changing. Every year brings new trends, ideas and tools. In most cases, the changes are gradual and somewhat predictable; were you really surprised to see GooglePlus bite the dust?

In this seminar, we will review the expected social media trends for 2019, what they mean to you and how to most leverage them most effectively. Some of them have already begun, and are growing steadily. Others are booming, and expected to get even bigger in 2019.

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Social Media Trends for 2019

  1. 1. Chris Burdge ! !
  2. 2. Your mileage may vary depending on… –  Size of business –  Industry –  Sales process –  Resources A Few Caveats
  3. 3. 1.  What happened in 2018 2.  Rebuilding Trust 3.  Micro Influencers 4.  Facebook Groups 5.  Storification 6.  #WhatMessGram
  4. 4. What Happened in 2018
  5. 5. 1.  Consumers lost confidence in Facebook 2.  Twitter cracked down on automation & fake accounts 3.  Facebook reduced the reach of all content 4.  Instagram launched IGTV 5.  YouTube rolled out Stories 6.  Facebook overhauled groups What Happened in 2018
  6. 6. 1.  Consumers lost confidence in Facebook. Cambridge Analytica, combined with non-stop negative press, has prompted many people to find new places to hang out online. 2.  Twitter cracked down on automation. If this has been part of your plan, that strategy is no longer working as Twitter cleaned up its user experience. 3.  Facebook reduced the reach of all content. In an effort to refocus users on “meaningful conversations”, FB essentially halted most organic reach. Goodbye traffic.
  7. 7. 4.  Instagram launched IGTV. In an attempt to create an alternative to YouTube, they created a new long-form vertical video platform. 5.  YouTube rolled out Stories. Not wanting to be left behind, YouTube decided to become "Instagram-like.” 6.  Facebook overhauled groups. Adding Watch Parties, analytics, and badges for active users, FB went all-in on Groups.
  8. 8. Twitter Activated Vending Machine
  9. 9. Facial Recognition Vending Machine
  10. 10. Rebuilding
  11. 11. –  Has your trust in social media changed in the last 12 months? –  Users have grown distrustful of many media and celebrity influencers (followers are often bought or fake) –  Trust has reverted back to friends, family, and acquaintances on social media –  Users are returning to traditional and trusted journalism outlets and local news sources Rebuilding Trust
  12. 12. –  Focus less on maximizing reach and more on generating transparent, quality engagement –  Replace one-size-fits-all approach with context and audience-specific messaging –  Develop intimate, meaningful dialogue with smaller, more valuable audience groups Rebuilding Trust
  13. 13. –  Create communities and share insightful content –  Leverage internal experts and employee advocates –  Use hashtags that align users around a value or purpose, rather than a product #breakingpoint –  Get out of the way and let users talk to one another
  14. 14. Facebook Live featuring subject matter experts to educate audience and build trust.
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Why Micro-Influencers " High in Volume. More available than mega influencers & able to create content at scale. " Will Advocate. Will recommend & support brand & products. " Have Influence. Able to motivate followers to take action. " Trusted. Opinions evoke high degree of credibility & confidence. " Brand Relevant. Higher connection with brand & product relevant topics. " Are Loyal. Have existing brand relationship based on affinity.
  19. 19. Micro-influencers… –  have smaller, highly engaged social media audiences –  are more affordable –  are viewed as more trustworthy by consumers –  often drive better results –  The bigger the influencer the lower the engagement
  20. 20. Finding Micro-influencers –  Find micro-influencers among your fans –  Research hashtags to find influential users (they’re looking for you too) –  Google search local bloggers –  Use third-party tools to find people in your niche (BuzzSumo)
  21. 21. Finding Micro-Influencers
  22. 22. Finding Micro-Influencers
  23. 23. Facebook Groups
  24. 24. –  Build around a core audience interest –  Complement your FB Page –  Page offers general information to your fans –  Group can address niche interests –  Create a space where customers can talk to one another
  25. 25. –  Facilitate engagement & get out of the way –  Avoid pitches or product plugs –  Clearly identify the purpose of the group so people know why it exists –  Monthly Facebook Live Q&A sessions around commonly asked questions –  Activate employee advocates & experts Best Practices
  26. 26. Bring passionate customers together and facilitate dialogue
  27. 27. Storification
  28. 28. Which Do You Use Most Often
  29. 29. Which Do You Use Most Often
  30. 30. –  According to Facebook’s CPO, Stories are will surpass feeds as the primary way people share content –  One billion users across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat use Stories to share –  Stories work best when they integrate video, storytelling, text and more
  31. 31. –  Find creative ways to incorporate Story content from your users, customers, and communities –  Shoot your videos vertically. That’s how people watch them. –  Less polished, more realistic Stories perform better than heavily edited takes filled with calls to action Getting Started
  32. 32. –  Behind-the- scenes Stories content helps bridge the experiences of members across the globe –  Stories feel raw and real because they feature the actual experiences of members using their work spaces –  Allows members to host Story takeovers to show a day in the life at their offices WeWork
  33. 33. –  No click thru - unless you’re a verified influencer –  Can’t use scheduling tools –  They disappear after 24 hours. Unless you use the Highlight feature. –  Add location, stickers or poll Instagram Stories
  34. 34. –  Best camera to use is in your pocket –  iPhone 10: 1080p HD at 60fps w/camera stabilization –  Rev for captioning - $1 / minute •  Captioning increases engagement •  Can use YouTube but make sure you review and edit as not 100% accurate – create & edit professional videos Tools
  35. 35. #WhatMessGram
  36. 36. Thank You! Chris Burdge bWEST Interactive 250.508.7761 Social Media Camp discount code WSCC100 to save $100 until Feb 28th