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    1. 1. Sheraine Townsend Tolu Akinwale Temitope Ogatimirin,& Tomi Elusanmi.
    2. 2. This is the original template which allowed us to develop the idea for our magazine cover. We thought this was similar to what we wanted for our magazine due to the close up of the shot and also because it allowed us to develop it by adding a prop on to our magazine. All the forms and conventions have been adhered to in terms of layout as we placed our key elements in identical positions as this traditional magazine. Pug ,eye-catching inThe masthead is consistent, staying blue and is viewed to bein the same position . a small advertThe cover lines which have a redand white theme and give thereader an insight. • Image is a close up which is similar to our photo expression of face and direct address, which allowed us to consider what type ofOur magazine format is the same as pose to use for our magazine. In our case itthis, keeping the sight and sound was a female who is distraught and vulnerable.brand identity by sticking to their In this image it seems like a direct addresstraditional layout forms and with her wanting our help. She also looks likeconventions she’s hiding behind her hair which may suggest that she’s vulnerable. We also highlighted what she is wearing, for example the colour of her top is red which may represent that she is danger and to be aware of her. On the other hand in our image the character is wearing a flowery headband to show how she was an innocent average teenager who was just innocently kidnappedThe title text is short and simple and they use black font whichcontrasts the females jumper. The title is the biggest text whichshows importance . Barcode stays on the right hand side of the page which is in both modern and traditional sight and sound covers.
    3. 3. We also used a classic pug as anThe ‘Sight and Sound’ Masthead advertisement and used a bluehas varied throughout the years, pug as it stands out from thebut as a group we decided to use background . In comparison, athe traditional sight and sound modern pug for sight and sound islogo as we wanted to stick to an now red or sometimes left withoutold school genre to widen the one.target audience. However we stillkept the masthead in the same The image that we selected is inposition as the modern one. colour. We used the rope as the main prop of the magazine and also edited the photo usingWith thrillers males are more www.picnic.com . Putting effects onlikely to be on the front cover the black eye of the actor to portrayof the magazine so wechallenged it by putting a hurt ad more distress. Her lookingfemale who plays one of the not at the camera meant to showmain roles in our trailer . This how hurt and distraught she is andallows us to gain a bigger a look of hopelessness.target audience ,likewise byusing sight ad sound we wouldgain more mature readers andintellectual audience.. Following the style of real editions of sight sound we decided to place the title at the bottom of the magazine as we you can visualise the title more clearly and so the image can be seen effectively as possible. We chose the colour white as it followed the red and white font colour scheme. However the title font of the Friendly Betrayal challenged the convention as we used basic font, this was done due to we wanted to appeal to a mature target audience, on the other hand our poster has a different font which is distorted and would appeal to a younger teenage audience. This challenged forms and convention as usually the title size and font is usually the same but in our magazine and the poster it differs from one another.
    4. 4. These are cover stories which are essential to ourmagazine because it gives the reader an insight onwhat the magazine contains. We related the storiesin to same type of genre for an audience bydiscussing topics which are similar to our film thiswas Kidulthood, The film Shank and a short seriesbeing Top Boy. By including this as the cover storieswe tried to bring the same type of target audienceto interact with the magazine. We made this redand bold so straight away the audience can castthere eyes on those cover stories and this givesthem an idea of what type of thriller FriendlyBetrayal is, without cover stories readers wont knowif the magazine is for their taste and cover storiesjust give you short titles to persuade the readers topurchase the magazine for example they would havecover lines like “ find the latest stories on actorLeonardo di Caprio love life” The barcode and masthead show how the magazine has consistent style on every issue and it is what the audience expect. It highlights their identity brand the yellowness of the logo.
    5. 5. This is our final developed piece of our teaser The image itself is in black andposter . As you can see it is half of face revealed white so again the character this was put into place to keep the identity a is not revealed it also secret and gives the audience a sense of corresponds with the title curiosity. We were inspired by The Hand That being him having two sides: aRocks The Cradle poster which gave us the idea friend as well as a betraying to have a cut in the page. It is in the shape of a side. Secondly we have a knife, and this again allowed us to keep a slogan on the poster ‘when consistent style and have some relation to the the clock strikes noon’. We trailer because there is a scene where a used this with the cut knife character pulls out a knife. Again with media shape almost being noon as conventions they keep the same consistency, the antagonistic characterfor example they may show an image from the gives a time limit of when he trailer and put it in the poster . wants the ransom. So we included the story within theWe have kept a consistent style of text with our poster in the way it is trailer and our poster in our intertitle and the structured. This idea we trailer name at the end. This allowed us to developed from The Hand create an identity with the same use of font That Rocks The Cradle . The style and when the audience see the same eye is also in red which shows uniqueness of the font they know its from the Hiss rage we done this with same production. This is similar to existing Photoshop. magazines. For example INCEPTION has thesame font consistency in their trailer and poster Title of the film which is in being in red. distinctive font taken from www.picnic.com . This creates the identity and the consistent style.Background is plain black However normal font is used for theas it creates a sense of Certificate 15, so the audience know tag line which is Trust no one in redmystery the classification of the film. The this creates the suspense and website of the film curiosity of the poster.
    6. 6. This is the poster which we used for inspiration . The main feature of this poster is the cut in the page in a shape of the knife and the woman in the middle is in colour which suggests that she s one of the main characters . Thefamily are in black in and white and there is a big divide between them with the women in between. We don’t see the women full face so we are curious of her identity. Tagline which builds up an idea for the audience. It creates suspense and the choice of words presents it as thriller for example ‘dangerous’ and ‘rage ‘, This allowed us to develop our poster and putting our slogan at the top of our poster in similar font. Actual image is a close up of the female in colour and a medium close up of the family who are in black in white. The cut can also be a prop as it is in a shape of a knife which presents it as a thriller . This allowed us to develop our poster by having a close up image and editing the eye in a red colour to show the rage . We also kept the black and white colour theme of the image This is the title of the film and beneath is the tag line which is “…is the hand that rules the world” This creates curiosity and mystery on what it suggests. The font of the title is unique and creates its brand identity this is similar to our poster by having different font for the main title. This is the credits of the film which informs you about the actors , websites, production team etc.
    7. 7. Trailer• In our trailer we have developed and challenged real media products . For example the pace of trailers are usually fast. During our trailer we do have this consistent style.• In terms of narrative we have developed a three part structure which is the opening, establishing the characters, through to the climax point packed with fast cuts. However, we set out intertitles between the fast cuts of a countdown which is not a usual convention. We did this as the plot of our story is for Will to find his sister by noon and the countdown helped bring out the suspense.• We also added original sound to the trailer. This helped create the mood. We also closely added a sound bridge of a deep voice playing in time with the instrumental. We added echo to the voice to create a mellow dramatic effect and emphasis. The sound bridge acts as a narrator and outlines parts of the story. We also quote the taglines from the poster for example “ Trust No One”. This was at the very end of the trailer and an alarm rings to present times up. We had a clear iconography in our trailer with the use of a prop of guns, knife rope, and also with the material wear, wearing very urban clothing branching an identity which the audience would relate to.
    8. 8. • The sequence of the trailer did not go in the order in which the narrative would be presented. Trailer conventions also do this. they select the most dramatic bits to highlight in the trailer. This is what we did with scenes of Wendy being kidnapped, screaming, a clip of a man running etc. we also attempted to leave the audience on a cliff hanger so that the audience can have a sense of curiosity and to want to see the full film.• We shot several close ups and medium close ups through out the trailer as we felt that the audience need to focus in on the characters. This also is a usual convention in real products. However we did shoot some long shots for example Wendy being kidnapped in the woods. This long shot is done to show the realization of the scene and to show the surroundings .• The duration of our trailer is short - less than a minute - which is typical for teaser trailers as the main idea is to tease the audience. The audio visual style s quite dark in bits as this creates anxiety and gives it a sinister look for example when will is calling his sisters phone and no one answers secondly gain when a figure is running through the alley way. The zooming in and out of the camera give the audience focus point and signifies a sense of importance.
    9. 9. The text on the poster and the magazine utilises the same colour scheme. However we challenged normal conventions with the difference in text as we wanted to appeal to a wider range of audience. We wanted to adjust our work to also fit in the normal conventions of Sight and Sound even if it didn’t correspond with the poster - in this case this is the title font. During our trailer the font of the intertitle was consistent with the countdown. The trailer font was identical to the poster. Therefore all three products has showed a clear link and a distinctive style. This will enable the audience to As shown all the posters had a consistent style being in black and distinguish and establish the Friendly Betrayal brand. The colour of the redwhite and showing a feature of red whether it being the title of the represents danger and white representsfilm or a prop. We also have this style using our tagline innocence , purity or surrender.highlighting the red, presenting the message as danger andviolence saying “trust no one”. This was used effectively as itpresents the thriller with having mystery, danger and excitement.This tagline is used very well as we positioned the taglineunderneath the title so the audience know what subject matter thetagline is relating to.
    10. 10. The main colours we used throughout the campaign are black, white and red. We looked at severalmagazines and stuck with Sight and Sound as it appeals to more of an intellectual reader. Sight ad Soundfitted our image and we were able to use the same conventions from our poster e.g. the red font and hints ofwhite. We also don’t reveal too much on both the magazine and poster mainly focusing on close up imagesand few text so that too much is not revealed. This was done effectively as the story line is not given awayhowever we still use the text effectively giving ideas of what type of thriller where presenting for instance:•the cover stories on the magazine•the title on the poster,•the tagline along with the slogan on the posterThe actual poster and magazine is very subtle. It doesn’t reveal to much away. For example with theposter you see just half of a man face in an image of a knife. Secondly it is black and white whichdoesn’t show the feature of the face which helps bring suspense. It also presents it as a classic thrillerbeing in black white. We also use the image again n on the poster effectively creating his eye in amystery red relating to the text colour.On the other hand with the magazine you see a close up of a female. This brings a curiosity elementand also seems like both male and female are key influential main characters. However you don’tusually see females as a main character in thrillers so this challenged real products to an extent asmales are usually portrayed in the thriller genre.
    11. 11. To get audience feedback we presented our full campaign being the trailer, the magazinecover and the teaser poster. This targeted between the ages of 15 and 30 including bothsexes. We wanted a wide range as we can get an extensive view. We took in most offeedback and were reasonably pleased with the criticisms and positive comments regardingour work. The target audience helped us improve our product and fitted the audienceinterests. We fixed a set amount of questions which is shown below, and this enabled us toknow a bit about the audience and what type of drama they watch as well as the magazine,the type of thriller so we were able to fit the audience expectations. We selected mostpopular answers and handed out questionnaires again E.g. if you enjoyed, Kidulthood,what magazine do you prefer, whats your favourite thriller genre, do you listen to R&B rap,would you like an urban setting.
    12. 12. We handed the top questionnaires to people around the class/school but we alsoconducted questionnaires over the internet by using survey monkey. The link to ourquestionnaire is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3S39GDZ. We distributed ourquestionnaires through social networking sites for example www.facebook andwww.twitter.com to appeal to a wider audience :We had positive feedback and it enabled the group to consider how to use traditional forms and conventions andto take into consideration interests. After our presentation was done we interviewed members and wrote back thepositives and negatives feedback .We were able to take in people interests and look at why the audience liked a particular thriller campaign and usetheir ideas as inspiration, making our campaign fit a wider audience and fit the normal convention . For examplewhat type of magazine to use , to what kind of story line to follow and to use a real production as is draft so wecan develop ideas for example The survey below majority of audience have watched Kidulthood and top boy,and majority of the audience heard of sight and sound and empire magazines.
    13. 13. These are just a few of the questions selected for the web questionnaire. It hasthe response percentage and count, the questions, the comments and it helpsbring out a bar charge to highlight the level. The internet feedback is higher as itis very quick to undergo. And its easier to distribute because people can justthrow away the questionnaires. Furthermore below is the response toour work.
    14. 14. “The magazine looks more for a • “I like the black and whitefemale as it got a female on the front theme on the poster and • “Yes I like the trailercover I like the black eye looks like its the person in the middlegonna be a touchy subject”.- countdown element pure looks very curious, also theSamantha 16. class job well done” – john glow in his eyes shows he 32 could be evil” – Amy 18“The magazine’s very easy on the eyeand looks quite real but for a mature “The story line is good opening • “I like the font on the best part, looks so real canaudience. The magazine title is a bit poster it is very distinctive. establish the charactersboring though”. – Robert 26 I think it also matches the well. Got 3 act structure “– one on the trailer.“- Dan 24 Louie 17“I like the colour scheme and theimage is powerful. Showing a women • “The shape of the knife • “The music track tops it upas a main character in a thriller isdifferent quite unique to be honest.” looks mad good, seems for me can tell what type of-Chantal 22 like got some hood theme film its gonna be. I enjoyed to it like Adulthood, Shank fast cuts and the kidnapping-“The magazine text title looks and that.” Jerome 15 and the alarm bit made meanimated. The image is a good close jump matches the posterup. You can tell something happed to • about the clock strikes “The poster don’t give too noon” –her. The rope hints kidnapping, the much away got a • Charley 25cover lines also kinder tells you what consistent style I like ittype of film it is. It builds an idea for looks like a typical thriller • “I like the countdown it hadme”- James 29 using the red black and mad climax. I think lighting white . But I think you could of been darker so could put like dramatic more scary but the images around “– Sarah 18 voiceover fitted well with track and demonstrated story was good.”- Nicole 31
    15. 15. By researching we are able to showcase our skills with the use of different forms of technology. At the start of the coursewe opened up a blogger site to showcase our work and update our posts. www.blogger.com Submitting electronicallyallowed us to present our work in the newest way possible and is more efficient. An advantage of this is that we canupdate drafts , post real live images and clips to portray our work. We also used www.wikipedia.org to get backgroundknowledge of thrillers and any thrillers we want to know the story on for example Taken, transporter etc.We conducted a lot of research which enabled us to construct our product. We began by researching thriller forms andconventions. We looked at each thriller campaign and thriller trailer and took notes on what made it thriller and howthe thriller was represented. For example we started by looking at thriller posters, we took notes on the front image, thetext and props. We also looked at the language used, and thought about what audience they attracted. Furthermore wehighlighted the consistency of the production, for example if the magazine and poster and trailer resemble each other.We looked at the colour schemes , we evaluated past students work and thought about how we can develop ideas andhow we can be distinctive from real products. We researched different trailers on www.youtube.com , the use ofwww.google.com allowed us to search for other internet websites. We searched for keywords like teaser trailer, thriller poster and used useful recommended sites like http:// www.comingsoon.net/ to see new productions showing the posters and the trailer and we analysed the poster so that our work can also be up to a good standard. It enabled us to decide what we want on the poster and what to include in the magazine and trailer. We looked at the similarities between all thriller and looked into the information presented. We also looked at the duration of the trailer for example teaser trailer can go up to 40s to 1min. We noticed that a lot of trailer are very fast cuts and build suspense. We also highlighted that magazines have a consistent style. For example with the title usually stay the same font on both the poster and magazine and most thrillers have a significant prop for example a gun. We noticed real products give out a little message which draws the audience in e.g. tagline, sounds on the trailer which helps an audience build up mood.
    16. 16. To develop our trailer we started with a sketch piece of work and made a storyboard to give us anidea on what type of shots to shoot. Wee used a digital camera to present this. This developedinto making a plot, synopsis, and shooting script so the actors know what role to play and how topresent the work . The shooting script gave us an idea on how to actually shoot the trailer andwhat shots to shoot for example point of view, whilst filming we also shot still images, that wecould use for the magazine and poster. We used a high quality camera to shoot the trailer . Wethen imported the file on the computer using the software adobe premier pro to edit. Our trailefor example making cuts, fade pouts lightening sound, etc. We also used www.picnik.com to editthe text of our title friendly betrayal and used it for our poster secondly we used it to edit ourmagazine image to make the image have a glow effect and slightly focused on the bruised eyes.Picnik has recently be closed down so we took advantage of the tools they offered.The internet allowed us to look at different genres of thriller from, psychological, spy,crime and Sci-fi etc. to look at old and new magazine so we can base our practical workaround our research. We constructed our storyboard on PowerPoint and uploaded thePowerPoint into slideshare so it can be viewed a slide show and is visualised moreclearly we done this with the present evaluation now and it enables us to annotate workusing several tools like the textbox word art unique font and arrows.
    17. 17. The trailer was a big element of our work. We thought about the setting of the trailer and the use of technology, the lighting etc. and the use of technological equipment used in the technology to incorporate into our trailer. For example in our trailer both characters are playing the Xbox 360 . This showed them being friends doing what every other boy would do. It also showed the trailer being current as Xbox 360 is a very current console. Secondly we also used a blackberry in the construction stages of our trailer for example in the trailer Will being the brother of Wendy gets a mysterious text that his sister been kidnapped we use the camera to 2oom in to briefly show the text. We also use the blackberry when Will is trying to call his sister but the phone is on the floor in the dark. This showed that his sister has gone dark. Again the blackberry phone is very current with the youth so again we are relating to the audience and the representation is similar. In addition to, we use the blackberry phone to make phone calls, the high quality camera allowed us to zoom in and out, stop and start and to catch background sounds for example in the trailer there a ring tone played when Will receives a phone call we used a well known song by an artist called Ratlin, this ring tone again is recognised by the target audience. So shows great representation and allows the audience to relate the characters . We thought about it very well and with the use of the Blackberry and Camera it was implemented to the trailer.
    18. 18. Within in the trailer we played with sounds, we added soundtracks and edited the sounds For example putting an echo on the suspicious voice and making it a bit deeper, we also made the voice louder and the background noise lower and we precisely fitted the narrator voice in time with the soundtrack, This was done with the use of adobe. We used fade in and fade out on both sound and trailer to represent that the time has changed and to keep the momentum of the trailer running. The voice was the narrator and briefly outlines the story and the sound was put in to set mood when the audience visualise the trailer. Adobe allowed us to cut and paste, sound and the voice together to lengthen the sound in order to create a voiceover the images.I got a friend to produce a short instrumental we used Fruit loops studio which allows us to play a unique sound in the background and is very distinctive. The pace of the sound gets louder with the use of strings and base which relate to the audience and has a rap vibe towards it. We changed into an mp3 file by using YouTube converter this allowed us to import into our adobe file and locate it in the trailer. We also incorporated an alarm sound from a mobile device we imported the alarm sound on to the adobe file and selected what area to put it in. This allowed us to use the alarm effect after the trailer to symbolise that time is up.
    19. 19. When constructing the magazine we had to familiarize ourselves with the normal conventions of magazine forinstance the puff, the pug cover lines, masthead and the image, etc. we based our magazine on Sight and Sound.With the use of Photoshop we were able to construct both poster and magazine together . Photoshop allowed us toput the masthead in the right position as well as the pug. We were also able to use the Photoshop text to replicateon the real product of sight and sound by using the font tool .We were also able to put the title of the production using the font and the textbox tool onPhotoshop. Photoshop allowed us to cut the original background of the image and place it on to ablank plain background. This enable us to zoom closer and focus on the main character. Photoshopallowed us to save drafts and copy work . It also allowed us to update certain areas of magazine andposter for instance there a tool which you highlight an area you can zoom in and save as a file andyou can edit that area without effecting other parts of the magazine we did this in the process of thepug. We used www.dafont.com to research several fonts to make our work distinctive. We did notuse this as we wanted to keep the font more professional as dafont is more animated.
    20. 20. We used www.picknik.com to edit the photo of the making it black and white and we also used the font onwww.picnik.com to keep the same consistent style with the trailer. However we used simple font on thepicnic site to be diverse from other productions and to draw a wider target audience. We used Photoshopto edit the poster creating the cut between the page and putting the actual image in a shape of the knife ,we cut this out from the hand that rocks the cradle poster. We also used Photoshop to edit the eyes of thecharacter turning it into a mystery red. The difference of the knife of both posters is that the knife is blackand also shows representation in the trailer . For example in one of the countdown you see a knife beingpulled out , this shows the consistency of the poster interrelating with all the products. We searched from Google search engine to get a certificate classification which made the poster look more official as the classification is in colour and for a teaser poster you don’t usually see classification. This made us unique, straight away wanting to appeal to the audience . We used Photoshop font colour to colour the text in and thought about the theme and what we wanted to get across to the audience. E.g. the use of red as a sign of danger in both the eyes and the tagline TRUST NO ONE . This carried on to the magazine which is on the above slide. Having red and white text white being pure and red showing danger. Did this to correspond with the character sowing she is in danger, and how the use of white to symbolise vulnerability and pure. We chose a black bacground for the poster as it showed mystery and the dark side, we secondly we shot a close up from the digital camera to make the character a main focus on both poster and magazine. We placed the image in the centre to show the character being centre of attention.
    21. 21. Finally with the evaluation we used PowerPoint to present our work we used many functions of PowerPointlike the text box and arrows to format and construct our evaluation. We used the bar chart and excel tocalculate our questionnaires. We used a question template throughout the evaluation to create a questionand answer and incorporated both the magazine and poster into the question. As we are mainly discussingabout our print work. We used the computer “ Ctrl + PrtSc” to print screen pages and used the crop button alot to crop images smaller so we can focus on what we want to discuss about. We refereed back to our blogto discuss and evaluate our work and incorporate it into the question. We created a slideshare account sothat we can present the evaluation and other parts of the work and upload it on to blogger. We again joinedsurvey monkey so questionnaire can be filled in online and get responses. Overall I think our production waspresented very well and we developed our work with the help of advanced technology from the verybeginning this enabled us to produce realistic work which can compete against real industry market.