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Analysis powerpoint

  1. 1. Advertising the freebie again, so Sub image, to show the audience think they’re getting what is in the something for nothing magazine and appeal to the audiencePlug, ‘bowie writes’ toget the reader to turn Picture of band into page 40 and read from of mastheadabout David Bowie. shows theThis makes the magazines statusaudience flip throughthe magazine and seewhat else is inside Yellow, red and green colour scheme, yellow signifies the beach, red is opposite side of Use of buzz colour wheel. Green is words to help used to back up the sell the nature (hippie) magazine element of the story. Feature headline, written in large font to grab audience attention, draws the readers Freebie, free CD eye line down the page to the to give the edge rest of the cover on other magazines and give the audience an incentive to buy. Barcode with small price, not making obvious how expensive the magazine is.
  2. 2. High camera angle shows him looking up giving the audience a sense of power and Simple layout making them feel like showing features they are looking in on clearly the stories. The artist featured in the stories are in a larger font than the description of the article, the audience’s pragmatic knowledge will make the names instantly recognisable.The cover story is markedout at the bottom by itselfso it is easy to find for the Dressed in red toaudience who have stand out againstbought the magazine white background.because of the cover. Sunglasses are in his pocket suggesting that this magazine Quote to draw the reveals everything, reader into this nothing is covered article and make up. them want to find out more
  3. 3. Very large text to clearly display a message Bright light suggests there’s and draw in the reader. It backs up the image something ‘God-like’ about these used on the right because they look like performers. They are well established they’re having fun performing. and looked up to.All in black andwhite to give a Image of livesense of things performance directlygetting old or relates to targetfading/ wearing audience because theyout. Links to ‘it’s will go to a lot of livegetting later than concerts and/oryou think’. perform live themselves. All theSmall amount of performers aretext compared to male, appealingthe large image to specifically aused. The target white and black,audience will be male audience.less interested inreading and moreinterested ingetting the factsthey need and thephotography. The image spills over from the Black and white checks a Artists are in a slightly larger right side to the left. The image recognisable pattern associated font and in a bright white so represents play and the with this genre of music. Used to their names stand out. This text/reading resembles work, this appeal to the target audience, also backs up the ‘God-like’ portrays that there should be giving them something they can bright light theme from the more fun in a work/play balance. identify. image.
  4. 4. Orange, yellow and Making the audience think blue colour scheme, all they are getting another issue on opposite sides of for free. Giving the audience the colour wheel. To an incentive to buy this grab audience’s The feature ‘special’ issue attention band is in front of the masthead showing the magazines high status Set next to a theatre curtain showing the Band look relaxed and confident bands backs up the fact that they have professional made it, they are professional. status They are wearing casual outfits Use of kicker to to support the idea that they further interest the have come from humble roots to audience help appeal to the target guaranteeing they audience. will see the artist they want Sub heading using alliteration ‘back’ and ‘big’ and contrasting ideas of ‘room’ and ‘stage’Price is very smallpeople will know how Feature headline in largemuch the magazine is pastel yellow font, casuallyor they will decide if grabbing the audiencesthey want it before attention.they know the price
  5. 5. Clearly showing the feature story from the cover in yellow so it stands out against the orange background. Sticking to the orange yellow and blue colour scheme to keep the audienceInformation on interested.the latest chartmusic to keep theaudienceinformed and up Copy of the cover mainto date. image but in black and white to maintain that they are the main story. Picture : text ratio shows more picture that text so the audience is not put Pages that are in every off by lots of issue, at the bottom in reading, just short black, there is no need to snaps of make them stand out, information. they are already expected by the target audience. Advertising more products from Q, their website and event they are holding.
  6. 6. Text is organised into clear sections to make White background gives it a sort of clean, it easy for the reader to professional look to it. find what they want to read. Red,The mass white andamount of blackinstruments colourpractically schemeguarantees that continuedevery reader from thewill relate to or interested inthis page. Different instruments and items displayed as ‘A’ and ‘Z’ to There is more image than text which is represent the variety and designed so the reader is not put off creativeness of the Grammys reading the article but drawn into it. which also reflects the variety and creativeness of the magazine.
  7. 7. Gold is used at either side of the main image to draw the audience’s eye into the centre of the cover. Also shows the wealth that surrounds Take That. Buzz word ‘exclusive’ to draw the Masthead behind audience in. main image shows that the magazine is well established Sub heading – use of pun using one of Take That’s well Kicker, mentioning known songs a band that most of Black, white and red colour the target audience scheme. Black and white will like and making symbolise how the band is quite them continue to old and classic. The red could buy the magazine portray how their audience are passionate about them, they are heart-throbs or it could just beMain image shows the the use of a bright colour to grabband smiling and joking the audience’s attention.around, showing thatthey are still youthful and Barcode and price are close toreflecting that their music the middle of the cover, eitheris fun. They are all the price is reasonable or thewearing black so they price doesn’t change in eachstand out from the plain issue, the audience wouldwhite background. already know the price so there is no need to hide it. Names different bands of many genres to appeal to all members of the target audience.
  8. 8. Picture of the cover to show which issue the contents is for Stays with the red, white and black colour scheme established on Features that are usually the cover. in the magazine are listed to the side so regular readers can easily find they favourite.New stories aredisplayed as picturesso the audience caneasily identify andfind what they wantto read. Giving information about which artists are mentioned in ‘Q review’ so the audience can decide if they want to read the article.
  9. 9. The amount of text and images are equal which shows that the audience will be equally interested in both the information and photography of the article. The use of ‘meanwhile’Using quotes from makes it seem like athe article in comic book usinglarger red font to storyline to link to theinterest the film idea of the article.reader. Using a band that the majority of the audience will already like. This draws the eye line across the page so the reader sees everything on the double page.