Tamsin GeorgeExisting Textual Product Analysis           - Media AS
The colour scheme used is                               FRONT COVER #1                                   The photograph us...
This is the masthead and is written in a bold red font.   Red is usually the colour that means ATTENTION, and by          ...
The photograph used is meant toThis is the Masthead.                 FRONT COVER #3   look natural and un posed, giving   ...
The colour scheme used is                                                                                The masthead is c...
CONTENTS PAGE #2The colour scheme used is                                                                             The ...
CONTENTS PAGE #3                                                                                     The masthead is to th...
The photographs used on this doubleThe colour scheme used                                  DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #1          ...
The colour scheme                                            DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #2                                    The ...
The colour scheme used                                                                                          The graphi...
The colour scheme used on this           FRONT COVER #1                                             The main photograph us...
FRONT COVER #2                                     Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it                   ...
CONTENTS PAGE #1                                     Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a           ...
CONTENTS PAGE #2                                         Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a       ...
The photograph used                                            DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #1                             on this p...
DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #2The font used for the           Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a           ...
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Existing Product Analysis


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Existing Product Analysis

  1. 1. Tamsin GeorgeExisting Textual Product Analysis - Media AS
  2. 2. The colour scheme used is FRONT COVER #1 The photograph used forblack, white and red. These the front cover is an un-colours have been chosen posed style image. Liamto appeal to a bold and looks very casual and thisslightly alternative photo shows his cool side.audience. The colours are The black and white is inall flat and solid which give keeping with the black,the magazine a clean and white and red theme too. Itcrisp feel. also relates to an older style image which could be because Liam wants to beOn the front cover the like John Lennon (alsopicture dominates it, this is shown by the glasses he isso the reader is captured by wearing). A high contrastwho is on the front cover, has been used which makesand then want to read the photo have amore about it on the inside professional look,pages. reminding us of his stardom.The writing style is shortand to the point. This is todraw in the reader and so The fonts used are all boldthey can tell easily what is and block like, this shows afeaturing in the magazine. male dominated audienceFor example “KASABIAN: because if it was femaleHYDE PARK IS CALLING” is the magazine is more likelyshort tag line that tells the to use for femininereader the topic of the associated fonts likearticle however it has also Bradley script.been designed to hook thereader by suggesting thatthere is something newhappening that we should The overall look of the magazine is bold and the simple colours give it abe reading about. chic edge, making it come across as an upmarket magazine.
  3. 3. This is the masthead and is written in a bold red font. Red is usually the colour that means ATTENTION, and by The writing style on the FRONT COVER #2 using red it captures the users attention. front cover is short quotes or statements that are designed to hook the The overall look of the reader. “ARE YOU READY front cover is busy, but FOR US THEN?” is a direct bold and easy to look at. statement talking directly to the reader, making them feel like the magazine has A colour photograph has been made for us as been used for this front individuals. The writing is cover, by using colour it very informative and un- shows that the band are descript showing that the current and bringing target audience want to something new to the know information and get music culture. It is a posed straight to the point. This photograph and Alex suggests a male dominated Turner is wearing audience and females are sunglasses to keep some often associated with a mystery and to create a more flowery, gossip like barrier between him and writing style. the reader, reinforcing his stardom and distance from the average person. Like on the first front cover, The composition of the the photograph of the band photo tells us that Alex dominates the majority of Turner is the leader of the the page. This tells you band, by putting him in instantly which band is front of the other band featuring in the current members we know who is issue and by keeping the in charge and of the most text limited the reader interest. wants to buy the magazine so they can read furtherThe fonts used are the same as on the previous front cover, by into the tag/headlines.keeping continuity between issues the magazine is easilyrecognizable and still appeals to the same male dominated This is a second NME front cover that uses a red and black colouraudience. Red font is usually associated with danger, so by using scheme. This makes the magazine easily recognizable to the regularthis all over the page it gives it an edgey feel. readers and also appeals to a wide range of people.
  4. 4. The photograph used is meant toThis is the Masthead. FRONT COVER #3 look natural and un posed, giving off the impression that Florence is a relaxed kind of person. It uses soft tones and colours to matchThese are all cover lines, they are her feminine image and theall stories within the magazine feminine look that the magazinehowever do not take the main is going for in this issue.focus, they just make the readeraware of other reading within the The writing style is still short andmagazine other than the main informative, telling you what is inheadline. the rest of the magazine. This is to keep the usual audience interested, still keeping the maleThe overall look of this front audience hooked. “THE GREATESTcover is gentle and feminine. This TRACK OF THE LAST 15 YEARStheme is compiled by use of REVEALED”. This tagline tells uscolours, font and the photograph that it has information that weof the female (Florence) as the want to know, but the only waymain topic. of finding out is by buying and reading the magazine. This clever technique is used to boost sales,The text to picture ratio still making the reader feel the needremains the same as the previous to be in-the-know.front covers that I looked at, thepicture dominates the majority of The font used for the wordthe cover. “Florence” is in italics, which has a more feminine and gentle feelThis front cover uses a slight compared to the rest of thevariation on the colour schemes writing used on the front cover.usually used. It’s less obtrusive This is because it is targeting theand the toned down colours give female audience, rather than thea more feminine feel. The blue usual block-like male associatedtextured background is softer font. It is also the lead article inthan the usual harsh flat white the magazine, you can tell thisused and appeals to a more from the dominance of the wordfemale oriented audience. over the page.
  5. 5. The colour scheme used is The masthead is centredblack and white. This CONTENTS PAGE #1 showing a more formalmakes the page nice and layout but to contrast thissimple and easy to the photographs showingcomprehend. The aim of each story are morethe page is to show abstract, bringing backinformation, so being that unique and individualsimple and easy to read is feel, matching the Indieessential. However it is target audience.unusual for there to be nored in the colour scheme Large page numbers haveof NME. This may show been used as an easythat they occasionally like guide for the reader toto do something different, find the articles they wantto show their diversity. as quickly as possible.The photographs show The text to image ratio ispeople clearly and are all split so that imagesof similar size, showing dominate most of thethe different stories all page, with just a short pullhave the equal quote underneath them.importance. They are all The quote is there todocumentary photos (e.g. explain thebands playing live) which picture, although thegives the magazine pictures are meant to beauthenticity and the key indicator to whatcredability. the article is about. This suggests that the reader isThe fonts used are bold going to be well educatedand easy to read. Some of in the subjects of thethe taglines are in italics, magazine and do not needgiving the overall image everything explaining tosome variation and added them.interest. This is unusualfor an NME magazinewhich usually sticks to The overall look of this contents page is simple, neat andmore conventional organised, this is done so that it is easy to find the article that youstandard fonts. are looking for.
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGE #2The colour scheme used is The masthead is bold andblack, red and white. This instantly lets the readercontinues the usual NME know what they can findmagazine colours, making in this weeks issue.the page fit comfortablyinto the magazine,creating continuity The text to image ratio isbetween the pages. split that although the photograph is large and centred, the textThere is only one surrounding it dominatesphotograph used which a large proportion of theshows the featuring page. This shows thearticle. You can tell that importance of the otherit’s the featuring article articles, not just thefrom the dominance of featuring one.the photograph on thepage. The photograph isof the band playing live The writing style iswhich appeals to the informal, which reflectstarget audience who like the young and indie targetthe authenticity factor of audience. The cover linelive music. titled “THIS WEEKS BEST GIGS” uses up to date language which connectsThe fonts used are bold with the readers. It alsoand easy to read. This keeps short in length andmakes articles easy to find doesn’t give away the fulland clear to the reader. article. This catches theThe fonts of this contents readers interest makingpage also stick to the them want to read theclassic NME colours of whole article inside thered, white and black, magazine. The overall look of this contents page is neat and organised, this is done so that it is easy to find the article that you are looking for.
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGE #3 The masthead is to theThe colour scheme used is right of the page showingblack, white and red, how it has been given lessalthough there are also a importance this weeknumber of other colours over the featuring articleused which make the page of the Kaiser Chiefs.more energetic andplayful. The consistency ofred, white and black bring The fonts used are boldthe image back to the and use bright colours.classic NME look. This shows a fun andHowever, the colours are casual side to themuted compared to the magazine, capturing thebold bright colours of the reader’s attention whilstcurrent NME magazines, reflecting their playfulthis in an old issue and personalities.shows how the magazineevolves with the times, Although there is onekeeping current and up to main photograph showingdate. the feature article, the writing dominates the majority of the pageThe photographs show a showing that therange of bands showing information is the mostthe magazines diversity. essential part of the page.The slanted angles they This differs the text-imagehave been set at give the ratio on the newermagazine and informal magazines, showing thetwist and remind me of a change in style over thefootball style magazine. generations of readers.This reminds us that this is This shows that NME is aa more male targeted The overall look of this contents page is messy and developingmagazine. . full of colour, giving an energetic feel to it. magazine, keeping up to date with the current cultures.
  8. 8. The photographs used on this doubleThe colour scheme used DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #1 page spread are all documentaryon this double page style images. The main photograph isspread is white, black, of a live event, aimed at the reader ofpink and orange. The this magazine whose hobbies arePink and orange are going to live music events.continued from themain photograph intosome of the text andother smaller imagesacross the double page The photo tospread text ratio is almost even but there is slightly more text. ThisThe writing style is shows that theinformal and by using a text is the mainsports related title like focus, but some“GAME ON” we know photos are therethat the magazine must to give thehave a male oriented reader visualtarget audience. information andAnother cover line used to break up theis “I GOT DRUNK WITH page making theBEYONCE”, this is a writing easier tobrave title because it digest.talks about celebrityscandals, which isusually associated withfemale magazine.However by having thearticle written by amale figure may mean The font used is easy to read and simple. This The overall look of the page is full of informationit becomes an makes all the writing easy to follow for the reader and pictures, and by putting a range of colours andacceptable topic for a and by setting out the first of the pages into four some quirky angles it gives the page a fun andmale to read about. columns it breaks it down making it more interesting look, reflecting the alternative target digestible. audience.
  9. 9. The colour scheme DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #2 The photographsused on this double used on this doublepage spread is black, page spread are allwhite and orange. of Liam, showing hisThe colour scheme importance andbrings the page enhancing histogether making it dominance over themore aesthetically music world. Bypleasing. By including having minimalthe orange, it colours in thetransforms what photographs theywould be a fairly have an oldconventional DPS fashioned edge,into something connecting Liamdifferent and with music history.interesting thatcatches the eye.The writing style is The photo to textfairly informal. By ratio is almost evenhaving a short and but there is slightlycatchy headline more text. By“What’s Next For The keeping this ratioEye” it shows that almost even it giveswe are meant to the page balance,already know who making it look“The Eye” are and aestheticallythat it does not need pleasing to theexplaining further. By having the photographs reader. of Liam in the place where the headline would usuallyThe font used is easy to read and simple. This makes all be found, it shows that thethe writing easy to follow for the reader and by splitting images do all the talkingthe text into manageable sized columns it gives the themselves, and that they The overall look of the page is clean cutreader the opportunity to read it in sections rather than have become the headline. and crisp. This gives it an edge oflumping it all in one where the reader may feel This shows the level of sophistication but by using the orangeoverwhelmed. stardom that Liam has. colour it adds some more fun to it.
  10. 10. The colour scheme used The graphics used on DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #3 this DPS (double pageon this double pagespread is unusual for an spread) dominate mostNME page. The colours of the page andhave been chosen to instantly give the readerreflect the album that is a feel of the grungebeing talked about, not image. This lets thethe magazine scheme reader knowcolours. This is to immediately whether orenhance the not they would beimportance of the interested in readingalbum. The the article.blues, oranges, andblacks have beencarried through from In this double pagethe image on the spread there is moreleft, to the text on the imagery than text,right which gives the perhaps suggesting thatpage continuity and the importance of thismaking it look like a article is in the image ofpiece of artwork. it and not in the actual writing. By making theThe writing style is graphics dominate thedramatic, and by using page it shows a lot ofa superlative of degree, time has gone into the“MOST”, shows the design, highlighting thepassion used by the importance of thepeople who would read spread.an article like this.The font used matches the style of the album genre. The overall look of the page is like a pieceIt’s a slanted angles and has scratch marks through of art. The artwork continued through theit, giving it a grunge feel. The italics used in the double page spread would attract thetagline give a sense of softness which contrasts the reader to it, making it more appealing todisturbing words. read.
  11. 11. The colour scheme used on this FRONT COVER #1 The main photograph usedKERRANG! Front cover is very similar Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it features the band Biffy Clyro whoto NME, using only red, white and has a similar target audience to NME, aiming at young are the main feature of this issue.black. This colour scheme again males who are music fanatics. The image is well lit and taken inappeals to the male audience, and a studio, by taking an image in aruns through the majority of their studio we are reminded of theirissues which keeps a sense of fame and fortune as they are ablecontinuity and recognition to it’s to have professional photographsbuyers. taken. As well as this indicator, the camera angle used to just below eye level. A low angle shot shows the power of the people inThe image to text ratio falls heavily the photograph and theon the use of photographs. Text weakness of the audience. Thisseems to be less important, reflecting makes us look up to the band,the young and energetic people who and want to feel like we knowread this magazine who have little them. The band members are alltime to read as they would rather be gazing directly into the lens,listening to music. drawing a connection between them and the audience, making us feel like we are closer to themThe writing style is similar to NME, and like we want to know moreusing informal language and short about them. And we can achievesentences. “ROCK’S NEXT this by buying the magazine.SUPERSTARS” is a short sentence thatadds drama to the cover. By makingit seem like a big deal, people feel The font used for thethe need to be included in this masthead is square, and bold.amazing new fad. The quotes used It has lines running through itreflect a rebellious nature of the in a random pattern which arereaders for example, “WE’RE NOT meant to look like scratches,DOING THINGS TO PLEASE PEOPLE!”,shows the bands having a carefree reflecting the rough and messyattitude, which is meant to appeal to male audience.the young and rebellious readers of The overall look of this front cover is bold and full ofKERRANG!. visual information.
  12. 12. FRONT COVER #2 Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a similar target audience to NME, aiming at young males who are music fanatics. The font used for the masthead is the same as theThe image of Paramore dominate first KERRANG! Cover I lookedthe page, showing the at, showing the identity of theimportance of the band and theimage that they have. magazine is clear to it’s audience, making it easily recognisable.The writing on this page is verylimited, however the word“GIANT”, is an extreme word The colour scheme used on thiswhich reflects the extreme nature KERRANG! Front cover is also theof the people who read this same as the first frontmagazine. cover, again the identity of the magazine is clearly defined. HoweverThe main photograph usedfeatures the Paramore. The mainsinger is a female, who has beenplaced at the front of the band toshow her dominance over themales. Her bright hair shows heroutgoing personality andindividuality, which would appealto the males reading thismagazine. The overall look of this front cover is bold and full of visual information.
  13. 13. CONTENTS PAGE #1 Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a similar target audience to NME, aiming at young males who are music fanatics. The font used for theThis contents page has a lot of masthead a similar style to theblank space around it which is font of the KERRANG! Logo,unusual compared to the other this keeps a continuous feel tocontents pages I have looked at. the magazine, creating anWhich are all full of visual identity and making itselfinformation. The photographs are recognisable. The font is bigall of Paramore, however the and bold, it’s easy to read andword “Paramore” has not been gets across the informationwritten anywhere obvious, which straight away.suggests that the band are so wellknown that they do not need tobe introduced. This also tells us The colour scheme used on thisthat if you are buying the KERRANG! Contents page followsmagazine then you are already an the same colour scheme as theestablished fan of the band, so front cover and on the otherthe purpose of the following issues, again reinforcing thearticles are to add to your KERRANG! Identity.knowledge and notadvertisements of the band. There are only four photographs used on this contents page and they all feature the sameThe writing style on this page is band, Paramore. The images havevery open, creating questions in been placed on the page in ayour mind and making you want chaotic manner which depicts theto read more. The masthead “IT’S carefree and rebellious targetA RIOT” is unclear as it does not audience. The photographs are alltell you what it’s talking about studio photographs and remindstraight away, this is a good us of the fame and fortune thattechnique because it encourages Paramore have, creating a barrieryou to buy the magazine to find between them and us which inout what it is talking about. The overall look of the contents page is simple and turn creates idols out of them as plain. The ripped divide down the side of the page we want to be on their side of the reflects the reckless nature of the readers. barrier.
  14. 14. CONTENTS PAGE #2 Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a similar target audience to NME, aiming at young males who are music fanatics.The font used for the The writing style on this page ismasthead “contents” is a more relaxed, for example in one coverrounded font than the one line it says “getting caught by theusually chosen for KERRANG! fuzz”. By referring to the police as “the fuzz”, it shows a lack of respect for the law and reflects the young and rebellious target audience. The use of quotes givesThis contents page has a very a chatty style to the text, makingstructured layout, dividing each it easy for young readers to relatesection up by using boxes around to the stories.images. There are many morepictures than there is text, whichfits in with the pattern with othercontents pages I have looked at inboth NME and KERRANG! The photographs used on this page are mainly of bands playing live which indicates to us that theThe colour scheme used on this target audience have a greatKERRANG! Contents page is interest in live music events.slightly different to the usual There are also two studio shotscolour scheme. On this page we where the camera is at a lowsee yellow featuring throughout angle, creating a powerful imagethe text and pictures, this differs for the musicians.to the usual red, white and blackcolour scheme. The overall look of the contents page is structured and informative. There is lots of visual information, giving hints of what you can find inside the magazine.
  15. 15. The photograph used DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #1 on this page is a well Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a lit studio photograph similar target audience to NME, aiming at young males who with a metal-grey are music fanatics. background to match their band name andThe font used for their cold look.the masthead isclean-cut and easyto read. Some The writing on thiswords have been page matchesput in bold to be Metallica’s Rock ‘n’emphasised, roll life style, the“alcohol … drugs … masthead is a pun ondodgy women” this the famous phraseshows their rock “sex, drugs and rock nand roll attitude. roll”. By putting “less” in front of each of the points it shows an element of comedy, as the men get older they want less of what they are famous for.The colour schemeused on the DPS ismonochromatic,using de-saturatedcolours throughoutthe image and text. The DPS is dominatedThis reflects the by one large image,bands name The overall look of the contents page is structured but the torn showing the image of“Metallica”, as only lines that divide up the text give it a rough and carefree style, the band has moremetal-like colours importance than the reflecting the target audience.have been used. article itself.
  16. 16. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD #2The font used for the Although KERRANG! Is not an Indie based magazine, it has a similar target audience to NME, aiming at young males whomasthead very different The writing on this are music fanatics.to the usual fonts page is enticing,chosen for KERRANG! As matching theit uses a script like font seductive image ofin italics. This gives the Florence. The use ofpage a feminine feel the rhetoricalwhich matches the topic question, especiallyof Florence. The on the first sentence,lowercase letters also “why is Florencehelp to give the page a Welch lying on the floor attackingsofter feel. herself?” draws the audience in making them wonder theThe DPS is dominated by answer to theone large image, showing question.Florence posing in analluring manner. Thisimage would appeal to The colour schememen on a sexual level and used matches theinspirationally to women. KERRANG! Colours,The photograph has been the black and whitetaken in a studio and has base with red accentsbeen taken to sexualise that are carriedthe star Florence. through the image in her hair and in the stripes that she isOn this DPS the sitting on. The redphotograph of Florence and white stripesdominates in showing the reflect the Americanimportance of her image, The overall look of the DPS is a classic black and white look flag, foregroundingover the content of the with red accents which give the page a classy and upmarket the basis of thearticle. feel, which is very different to other pages from KERRANG!. article.