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A2 Media Studies evaluation for OCR Specification G324

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LBRL Evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationBy R,L,B,L
  2. 2. 1. In what ways does your Media product use, develop or change forms and conventions of real Media products.
  3. 3. • The cover lines help give the audience an insight towhat is going to be featured in the magazine, which  The Masthead we decided on was ‘Focus’ as we thought itattracts the audience as a particular story might would capture the aspects ofinterest them and persuade them to buy it. We a typical film magazine; and itdecided to make all our cover lines green as it allowed us to have our ownfollowed with our campaign colours. individuality on the product. Additionally, we chose ‘Focus’ as a masthead as at is a well known media term which can We decided to go with a new and unique be related to film. We also layout, so we could create our own style which chose it as it is short, snappy fits in with our entire theme. However, we and memorable. chose to follow the typical magazine conventions as we wanted our magazine to look as realistic and as effective as other •The strapline ‘Without us you’ll be mainstream magazines, such as: Empire and blind’ we feel draws the audience in Total film. as it signifies how the magazine has We opted to make our magazine cover a special edition to help further our campaign. all the information the audience will This is something that also mainstream need about a film. magazines use to promote well anticipated films; such as: The Dark Night and Inception. •The image we decided to use features a close up of a character within our trailer. We • We decided to make our own ‘pug’ for our decided to use a close up image because magazine cover as it is a typical feature used special edition covers that have inspired us for magazines to alert the audience of such as ‘Empire’s’ ‘Dark Night’ have used important and new articles/information. close up shots that we thought worked really effectively. •We decided to have our image in black and white apart from the characters eyes which we edited green, as this colour is used throughout our whole campaign; highlighting •The bar code and the date of the issue help signify our theme of infection. that our film ‘Infection’ is a new and up- coming movie that people should look out for. It also gives an estimated time of when the film will be released. For ours it is during summer
  4. 4. We originally decided touse a ‘Sight & Sound’ Additionally we opted forlayout as they often another magazine cover that wepromote thriller films. could base ours on (Empire) asHowever, we wanted our ‘Sight and Sound’ tend tothriller trailer to have a promote ‘art house films’ asslightly younger audience they are an international basedthan Sight and Sound film magazine.and felt that thismagazine would not beappropriate for the agewe were targeting. Sight & Sound tend not use many Sight & sound have a consistent pugs, banners or image layout. This layout usually cover lines on their shows a subject in mid shot, front covers, as towards the right hand side of their layout is quite the cover. The cover lines are simplistic and, we always featured on the left hand feel, quite boring. side in a neutral colour. However, we However, this type of layout we wanted our felt did not fit with our campaign Magazine cover to style as we wanted a close up be more image which is vibrant and eye informative and catching, which we feel Sight attention grabbing and Sound magazine covers try through the use of to avoid. a variety of pugs, banners and cover lines.
  5. 5. We also used ‘ 2 covers to collect’ instead of the standard banner, which you would find on many film magazines but in this case it was a special edition cover. This magazine cover in particular was eye-We chose Empire to base our catching as we liked themagazine cover on as it way it was a close-up ofallows us to follow the the character,. You canconventions of a thriller type see/tell what kind ofcover. character it will be, just by this picture. This is what we wanted our magazine to have. The blocks of green with We based our magazine white writing is an idea cover on this one we also used in ours, we because we liked the liked this as it allowed the colour scheme as well, title to stand out more, it the green/black/white draws your eye in. shows the special edition off more.
  6. 6. We wanted to follow the basic The tagline was made to look as if the personconventions of a thriller poster. The saying it was running out of oxygen, which is whydarkness of the poster, the emotion on we made it patchy and dark. We purposely put fullthe girls face, the font of the title and stops after every word so you subconsciously taketagline are all stereotypical conventions a breath between each word.of a thriller poster.We wanted the poster to be simple, as it isa teaser poster, there is only the need forsome basic information such as a releasedate, and this therefore leaves a mystery or‘enigma’ about the film, again keeping theposter in the thriller conventions with its airof mystery.. The title of the poster featured a texture font. We We edited the girl’s eye so that it looked like the purposely made it green so it stood out and also infection was beginning to take effect on her green could represent the colour of the infection. body. This was to show through the poster that This colour is also used on our magazine cover so this character was the main character of the our project becomes stylistically coherent. film. The expression on her face was to show the film is going to be scary, and will keep consistent with the thriller theme.
  7. 7. The tagline for this magazine This was a film poster which is also an inspiration for ours. gave us inspiration for our own. We liked the idea of sounding We liked the simplicity of the cynical , we wanted it short poster and also how the face is and snappy, and getting a only just seen. The chiaroscuro part of the theme across. effect of the darkness around the image is what we tried to get in our poster because it keeps the mystery to the film and keeps within the thriller conventions. The expression on the face/mask is another feature we wanted to capture within our poster, the anxious scared look which will put worry and sympathy in the audience.Having the limited colour theme ofred, white and black is an elementwe used in our poster/magazinecover. However we will changethe red to a vibrant green. The title of the film being close to the billing block is also something we used on our poster, so it looks compact and neat.
  8. 8. For our own film poster weThis teaser film poster decided to have half of theworked as inspiration for subject’s face cut off from theour own teaser poster, audience. We got our ideaas we liked the idea of from this poster as we likedthe subjects faces fading how it shows both identitiesout. This technique we of the characters (halffelt gave the poster a robot/half human). However,real mysterious to add extra mystery; for ouratmosphere as it makes poster, we decided to keepthe audience feel as if the other half of our subject’sthey are being kept face hidden, leaving theaway from something audience hooked, wanting to(not being told find out whats being kepteverything). from them. Similarly to this poster we decided to have a catchy tagline in with the release date ‘Airborne 2012’. That acted as a pun to develop our campaign theme of ‘Infection’.
  9. 9. Trailer Following the typical conventions of a trailer, we had to take a variety of shots an edit them together in an un-ordered sequence to make sure the shots didn’t match up and give to much away. At the beginning of the trailer we edited the shots to be quite slow paced, however this pace begins to increase at the point were more chaotic scenes appear to help build up a climax where the trailer is left on a cliff-hanger. This is typical of trailers as they want audiences to be hooked; wanting more, in hope that the audience will then want to go and see the whole film. One of the film trailers that inspired the style we used for ours was ‘The Crazies’. We thought the build-up was effective as it really grasps the audiences attention through it’s structure. The trailer begins with a series of slow paced shots which help to establish the scene and the characters, however the pace of shots begin to increase to reach a dramatic peak, when the problem is revealed. We then receive a series of fast paced shots which leave us with a dramatic climax, enticing the audience. Our trailer begins with a sound bridge of a news reporter, that is entwined throughout the beginning of the trailer, with a series of shots containing large crowds, suggesting a pandemic situation . This helped us to introduce a character as well as to reveal the problem to the audience, much like the main protagonist in ‘The Crazies’, who is also used as a sound bridge for these reasons. We felt it was important to use this as it helped to feed the audience little bits of information, without giving away too much of the plot. Another convention that this trailer has used was the use of captions, which appear near the end of the trailer. This introduces the film title, date and tagline (as well as other information such as websites etc), these are critical as they further the theme of infection, as well providing the audience with an estimate of when the film should be realised, for example, ‘airborne 2012’, which most conventional film trailers do.
  10. 10. TrailerIn our trailer, we were used anddeveloped the typical forms andconventions of a thriller film teasertrailer.The narrative to our thriller is astereotypical thriller story, as itincludes anxiety, an un-stoppablevirus, cliff-hangers, build up ofsuspense, and an overall lost cause.Although you would normally find a‘Zombie’ film in the horror genre, ourfilm specifically deals with the buildup of suspense, cliff-hangers, and anun-stoppable problem.Our main character is also astereotypical character within athriller, as a victim who finallybecomes the heroine of the plot.
  11. 11.  Our trailer, we had typical thriller trailer iconography. We showed this through the characters and areas where we filmed. There was a vivid difference between the ‘Zombies’ and the ‘Humans’: the ‘Humans’ looked vulnerable and scared whereas the ‘Zombies’ looked neurotic and crazy. Where we filmed in London, the shots of the deserted streets, closed shops, the field where the news reporter was filming the broadcast, the house where the ‘Zombies’ had got into, were the stereotypical venues where you would find a ‘Zombie’ thriller teaser trailer set. If we didn’t film the shots in these locations, the film wouldn’t make sense, the verisimilitude would be ruined and the whole ‘scare’ part of the film wouldn’t have such an impact. The props such as the signs used by the protestors, the torch used in the house etc, were items which would normally be found within this type of movie, without these the mise en scene would not have been as effective.
  12. 12. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  13. 13.  Throughout our 3 different products created, we used a consistent style of fonts, colour schemes and identities; to create a well rounded campaign for our film. Our main colour scheme included: green, white and black. However, all of our products have a main emphasis on the colour green as this represents the idea of an infection or disease. For example in our print work, we edited the characters eyes green to help connote that this character could be infected. We show consistency throughout our campaign (shown through our 3 different products) as this is typical of newly released films. We did this by featuring the main subject throughout; this familiarises the audience with the main character (gaining an incite to what they can expect to see.)
  14. 14. Our products have a clear, noticeable link that can be easily recognised as promotion forthe same film. Similarities between the products We used consistent colours of green, white and black. We used the same character in both products who is also featured within our trailer. We have used black and white images for both the film magazine and poster. The font we used is consistent. We edited both images to give our character green eyes to further suggest the plot of infection. We included the same title logo ‘INFECTION’ on both products Consistently throughout all our products we have included a tag line of ‘Airbourne 2012’.
  15. 15.  Magazine We decided to use a close up shot of our character ‘Eleanor’ to further present the theme of ‘Infection’ as it shows off well the edited green eyes. (they grab the audiences attention straight away). The shot also makes the character look very sinister, which is further created through the use of shadowing; this helps to connote that this film is a thriller. Poster The image on the magazine cover differs from that of the posters, as we wanted to present a more mysterious and darker side to our character. We chose a different layout of landscape design for our poster as we wanted our character to fade into darkness, and we felt this would be better achieved in a landscape design. Overall we feel our magazine and poster products are very similar and have a clear link within our campaign as we used consistent colours and fonts.
  16. 16. Teaser Trailer The teaser trailer is effective as it grips on to the audiences attention; providing mystery and anticipation making the audience wanting to see the film when it is released. Within our trailer we decided it would be best to involve our main character as we felt it was important for the audience to have someone they could recognize (from our other products) We used isolated areas of the city to create a sense of dread and containment. This is typical of a thriller teaser trailer as it constantly puts the audience on edge, enticing them to want to watch more. We kept the trailer in colour, including our iconic bright green colour on captions as we felt it was important to keep a link between all of our products, as well as a reminder of infection. Using the main character also helped to connect our other products (magazine cover and teaser poster) together, giving it an effective commercialized feel to it.
  17. 17. Consistent Use of Captions Within Our Trailer Using consistent use of captions that included the same font and the same colour scheme helped us to keep a visual look that people would remember. You can see this through out all three of our products.
  18. 18. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  19. 19. For our audience feedback we first decided on showing our trailer to ourfriendship groups as we believe that we would get a honest opinion from themas they know us. The friends who viewed the trailer are between the ages of17-18 and are also students at sixth form. We selected this group of peoplebecause this is who the film is targeted at and we believe we will get the mosttruthful and effective feedback from the people who are most likely to go towatch the film. Another form of feedback which we have used was our media studiesteachers, they may not fit into the target audience which we intended but theycould enjoy the film and give us some constructive criticism about how we couldof developed our film or show the conventions of a thriller trailer moreeffectively. We also spoke about creating a survey for each person who views the trailer torate and give there own personal feedback so we can keep it and look upon itfor future reference.
  20. 20. Friends and student feedbackCharlotte knowlden age 17“ The idea of an infection spreading is something which actually puts me on edge andis something which is sometimes touched on in the news, so its a current themewhich can be related to.”Bobby bates age 17“ I loved the middle of the trailer and how the shots merged together and made methink about what infection is overall”Scott Thompson age 18“ The end shots of London are really effective as if i was to think of London its alwaysmanic, and busy never deserted and quiet”Amy rowe age 18“ I thought the film trailer was good but its not the type of film I would go to see ”
  21. 21. Teacher feedbackMr Farnsworth age n/a“ The trailer follows the typical forms and conventions but the title of the film maycome across to the audience of being “airborne” not “infection” because of how it isseen on when the title appears on the trailer”Following this feedback, as a group we went back and looked over the film with outmedia teacher and we agreed that there may be some confusion if the audience hasnot seen the rest of the campaign, so we changed the frame to make the title morevisible to the audience.
  22. 22. This was the questionnairewhich we created to give tothe students and friendswhich have seen the trailer toget there overall thoughts andalso to keep for new projectswhere we could improve.Also to see if we have doneour research correctly andour target audience werehappy with there viewingexperience.We gave out questionnairesto our friends who watchedthe trailer. Most of the peoplewho watched were finding iteasier to talk to us and givefeedback rather than fill in thequestions. But thediscussions were mostlypositive.
  23. 23. Our feedback was really positive, as our target audience said they enjoyed watching thetrailer and some said they wanted more, they would have liked there to be an actual fulllength film after the trailer. However we did get some negative feedback about how therewas little speaking from the characters and the main character was only on screen for acouple of frames, this is what was discussed with friends after there viewing. Thefeedback our friends and teachers along with different students gave us an overall feelwhich our trailer gave people. We have learnt ways in which it can be improved and howlittle changes to a frame can make the title of the film more clear to the audience.Overall we are very pleased with our end result and believe the whole campaign iseffective and follows a housesyle which will help towards making the film known toaudiences. We feel that the trailer is a typical thriller in the ways that it creates suspense,it is action field and leaves the audience guessing about what may happen. We wantpeople to watch the trailer and go away talking and discussing a group we have all agreed that we have met our target audience and have seen thatthe film trailer may interest people outside the age range which we first discussed.our feedback was mostly positive and we are really happy with what we got from theaudience but if we was to change any part of the trailer we would work on the soundtrack,we would like to create our own piece of music which we can tie in with the trailer to reachpeak points and create as much atmosphere as possible, we would research into differentsoftwares where we can do this and see how it would sound on the trailer.
  24. 24. Some of the feedback which we got from other students and adults of out film poster was mostly positive, but we were given some constructive ways in how we could improve the poster. Emma Hughes age 18; “I like the overall theme of green used throughout each of your products in the campaign, the billing block is really effective and I believe fits in well with the overall look and feel.” Dave Evans age 52; “ I feel that this would appeal to me and my friends coming from an older person, the film looks interesting and is something I would go to see in the cinema.” Emily Welfare age 15; “ this type of film is something which I would not go to see, I don’t find entertainment from being scared. The poster is too dark and not much is shown”From the feedback we have got from students in the school and adults we have found out that depending on what genre offilm the person likes they will either understand where we are coming from with the poster and see why we have used theblack and the darkness, we as a group believe that this works in our favour as it shows all the typical thriller conventionswhich we researched in our blogs to create an effective and current film poster.If we had to change anything on the poster, we would have changed the main image of the character to use a strongerdetailed image to show more of the expression in her eye to draw in the fact that she is infected. Where we played about withthe image some of the quality was lost and the image looks distorted.
  25. 25. This is some of the feedback which we received from students andother members of the public about our film magazine;Emma Hughes age 18;“ I really found this cover really visually appealing, after looking at theposter and the trailer I can see how it relates to your campaign, theuse of the “infection” font is used which fits in well with the greentheme”Dave Evans age 52;“ the film cover is very busy and I didn’t really know where to look, thegreen can be very overpowering and the title “focus” catches my eyemore than the cover lines and the infection text.”Emily Welfare age 15;“ the cover is really nice, I like how the colours all match and how youhave included things such as a free poster.Overall the feedback which we have got from the magazine cover ismainly positive we have got some criticism mainly about the greenand how it can be overpowering, we done this because we wantedto create a special edition cover like what Empire magazine hasdone in the past, this cover was totally about the film infection andall the cover lines relate to the genre and everything about A Thriller.We have used most of the typical conventions of a film magazinecover which we researched on our blogs, and be believe it iseffective and shows what we wanted in our first designs. To improveand act on the audience feedback we could tone down on thecolours.
  26. 26. How did you use media technologies in the constructionand research, planning and evaluation stages?
  27. 27. RESEARCHBefore we created our own campaign we had to research into the genre andlook at trailers which have already been made to get a feel for the structure ofthe trailers and how they are expected to be . We also looked at posters andmagazines covers of the films to get inspiration and ideas for our own print work. The main platform that we gathered all our research from was the internet, thisenabled us to search for genuine trailers, posters and magazine covers whichhave been published. We used websites such as Google to find the posters andmagazine covers and YouTube which was a brilliant resource to watch trailers.Google was a good aid as it enabled us to look at many posters of the film andsee how each poster moves on and gets more detailed each time. Researchingthe magazine covers on the web showed us a range of different style andlayouts which helped us get ideas on what would be acceptable on our owncover. Another website what we found was helpful was this wasa good source for us as it allowed us to see full campaigns for new movies dueto be released, it was good to look how each poster has moved on and how theteaser trailer then moves on to a full theatrical trailer and much more informationis shown and the storyline develops.
  28. 28. Research continued…To widen our range of knowledge for typical thriller posters and magazine covers, we used the schools intranet to research copies of them. Although the schools intranet is a valued technique for research, some of the posters were unfortunately blocked, so we went onto the internet to see what google, yahoo etc could offer. This is where we found the Batman magazine cover which we based our poster/magazine on.Finally, the basic form of research we did was looking on the blogger website itself, we looked at previous students work, to see their style to their own individual group blog. This also gave us the opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses to each blog, and see how they overcome problems that we encountered.
  29. 29. PLANNING New technologies have helped us a lot during the planning stages beforecreating the trailer, poster and magazine cover. They have gave us ideas whichwill make our final pieces look professional and something which could be in themedia industry. The internet along with watching and analyzing trailers in class have helped us togain a better understanding of trailers and how they are made into teaser trailersand full length trailers. Using resources online we were able to understand thebasic structure of a teaser trailer and what we will need to put in it to make itrealistic as possible and fit into the thriller genre. We believe with all theinformation we have researched and learnt we have everything we need to makea decent teaser trailer for the film “infection”. We used the site youtube, as thisallows us to pause trailers on certain shots, receive genuine feedback about thetrailer from all around the world, ad gives us the opportunity to deconstruct andreally analyse it.
  30. 30. Planning continued…When planning the poster we looked at many other film posters with the same sort of theme which we wanted to use and then got our ideas from that, we all believe this was a effective way as we can relate to the theme and it shows in the poster. We used the schools intranet to find all the posters that we would then use as an example, this process cut down the time spent researching, and also we could compare two different posters in an instant.The magazine cover was where we decided to make up our own brand to use but it was in the style and layout of the mainstream magazine “Empire”. For our magazine cover to be successful we drew a sketch of what we wanted it to look like, this enabled us to visualise any certain fonts, pictures, and also place where we thought certain items should be.Whilst planning the blogging site really helped us keep track of what we wanted to use, how far along parts of the project were, and also it was just a way of keeping everything we had researched and planned in one place.
  31. 31. CONSTRUCTIONFor the editing process of our teaser trailer, we used the programme ‘Adobe premiere 6.5’.We used this for our a/s project so we are aware of how the system works. However, thetheme to this years project was quite different to last years, the amount of editing needs tobe increased as it’s a fast paced trailer, the amount of shots we have filmed is far greater,and also the length of the trailer is shorter so there will be more editing to fit everything in.Whilst editing we did encounter a few problems, for instance, every time we shortened ashot, moved it ahead or sped it up, it would disproportion the sound, for the amount of shotswe had, and this happening with every one, the editing process took a lot longer thananticipated. In our trailer, we wanted key bits to stand out and stick in the audiences mind,the shots of the ‘infected’ especially, these were the shots which showed the manic in thetrailer, and therefore we wanted the audience to remember them. As the film theme wasquite manic and jumpy, we wanted the trailer to have the same image, this is where wedecided to put in a lot of short shots, to establish this. To show how this infection waschanging life, we showed shots of empty streets at the end of the trailer, to show how fastthe infection had spread, that people werent going outside anymore, and once busy streetswere deserted. We also added in captions, for these to look affective we looked at all theeffects we could use, after some debating on the right one, the one we decided on fits thetrailer the best. Overall the editing process for our teaser trailer was quite simple, after afew minor adjustments it worked well.
  32. 32. Construction continued…The editing process to our project, was quite difficult at times. We encountered someproblems with the music and voices staying in time with the picture. We used a range of shotsin our trailer, to edit them all together we used the programme ‘Adobe Premiere’ . In our trailerwe had; tracking shots, this was used when we had shots of crowds in the centre of London,we wanted this shot as it showed the anxiety in the film, establishing shots, we used this soimmediately you could tell what the main plot was going to be, this was used on the newsreport, and shots of the empty streets, the main characters, and to just get an overall feel ofthe film. Point of view shots, this was so we could make the audience see the panic anddestruction through the characters eyes, to create empathy within the audience, close-ups,these were very effective in our trailer, it showed the emotion on the characters face, allowedyou to watch the action and not get distracted and also just gathers more sympathy for thecharacter. Canted angle shot, this was used with the news reporter, towards the end weshowed the ‘camera man’ getting infected, to show this we tilted the camera as if they haddropped it. Zoom –in, to show anxiety, this was used in a shot of the police, and a shot of themain girl looking cornered. Whip-pan, this was also to show anxiety, and to show how thechaos. These were mostly used with a hand held camera, except from the news report, wewanted this to have a professional look, and therefore used a tri-pod. We used a special effecton the title of our film, we used ‘vapour dissolve’ we used this so it looked different to all the‘Bitmaps used in our trailer. This also captured your attention as it had an eerie feel to it.
  33. 33. magazine Before After
  34. 34. Magazine editing techniquesThe first step we took was to take the image that we wanted to use on the magazine and resize it to fit theconventions of the magazine (the main image size) The image we used for the background was of a close upof the main character in the film, we wanted to use a close up for 2 reasons, because there is a close up in thefilm of the main character and empire usually fill up the whole frame on there covers and we believe this lookseffective. We added a green shade to the eye to connote the infection and this is what shows the infection inthe victims. This was done by selecting the area, then using a soft light effect to add the green still keeping thedetail of the eye creating a greater effect. The darkness surrounding the image connotes the mysterysurrounding the infection and also shows the dark side to the trailer which links it to the thriller genre.The next step was to add the masthead to the cover, we sorted through many different fonts and sizes alongwith stroke effects until we all agreed and was happy that the masthead fits in with the cover. After this wecentred the masthead as this Is typical for the magazines we have researched into on our blogs.After that we decided to start building up the layers on the cover using Ariel font, the size varies to each coverline as we wanted an overall effect to the cover and using one size would not have looked as effective asdifferent sizes. We went along with the green theme with text and swapping the colours around so that therewas white text on a green block as well as green bold text. This is something we saw on a few Empire coversand decided to use on our cover.The software used to create the cover was Adobe Photoshop cs5, this was effective as it allowed us to add textsimilar to what Empire would use, we wanted the green theme to be carried through the poster and magazinecover and as a group we feel this is effective and helps with our campaign. The hardest part of the editingprocess was trying to get the size of everything correct so that it looked in proportion with the image and therest of the magazine, also we wanted the magazine to be busy but not cluttered so we didnt take focus awayfrom the image, so this was another thing we have to think about when editing.We went along with some typical features of a magazine cover e.g. the free poster, typical cover lines whichinteract with the theme and genre. Also we decided to make our cover a special edition like empire sometimesdo when promoting a new blockbuster.
  35. 35. Poster Before After
  36. 36. Poster Editing TechniquesFor our poster we decided to go along with the same sort of theme as the magazine, using the greens colour tones, thesame character in the image and the use of darkness in the poster for the unknown. Again we used Photoshop to createthe poster and we used the build in effects in the software to get the most out of what we wanted to show.We used texture effects on the text to get the look of cracking destruction of an infection within something e.g. The person.We used the same tones of vibrant green for the title and the colour of they girls eye again being created by selecting theeye then using a soft light tool to add the green not losing no detail the eye. To get the darkness on the image the contrastwas taken up and the saturation taken down so the only colour was really in the eye and text, drawing the audience into theinfection.The billing block was created on a word document and then inserted into Photoshop as a new layer and then the text andfonts (Ariel) were added to create realism, when creating this we used other film billing blocks to get the information whichwe need to put on it and in what order.The positioning of the text was something we really thought about in the construction stages of the poster. We agreed onthe lower the tile the more darkness making there seem to be more of a mystery when putting the title and billing blockhigher on the image it took this away and seem to just be more of a block background other than a setting.We believe the simplicity of the poster is effective and there could be a second poster to add to the campaign like some ofthe films released. We could have another image of a person who has the infection showing how it has spread. And more ofthe background could be shown, maybe a still image of the city in chaos or a medical team looking confused and underpressure.
  37. 37. Evaluation stageOur evaluation also used technology well, to show a full understanding ofthe concept, we prepared our evaluation to show in different programmes,hopefully showing our new found skills off well. To create our evaluationwe used ‘PowerPoint’ as this separates the different sections and allowsmore detail to be involved. We then used a programme called ‘Slide share’to be able to upload the PowerPoint to our blog. We then went to use theprogramme ‘’ we used this in two ways, to view otherstudents work, and to also upload our construction of our project. Finally,to help the construction of our project we used a website called ‘You Tube’to find trailers within the thriller genre, these gave us the ideas for our owntrailer, and also broke down the shots we would need to use.