Evaluaion question 2


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Evaluaion question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your mainproducts and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Text, fonts and colours This is the text from one of our intertitles in our final trailer In each of the three products we have used a similar theme of colours, fonts and style. We have used a sharp, clear and simple font as we feel the audience would be made clear as to the genre. We thought that if we used a typically ‘horror’ styleThis is the text stating the name of our font, it may come across as a comedy film.film on our final magazine front cover We have used a three colour pallet using the colours red, black and white in each of our products as these colours suit the genre. To be consistent we have used the same colour pallet and fonts in each of the three products. By being consistent with the style of our work, the audience wouldThis the text on the top of our film poster be able to recognise our different productstelling the audience the name of the film due to the similarities.
  3. 3. Images in the final film trailerThis is a fast pace close upimage of our main character These are shots from the final version of our trailer. We have used a limited colour pallet to suit the genre conventions and keep the trailer consistent to the poster and magazine cover, the white dress that our main character is wearing works well for the genre and the light colour contrasts the black eerie background. The costume in the magazine cover and film poster This is a slowed down images is the same as the costume the girl is distance shot of our main wearing in our final trailer so the audience would character walking be able to recognise her. She is pulling very blank and creepy expressions to create a mood and scare the audience, creating an expected reaction. In the close up shot of the girl we are able to see how dark her eyes are, also suiting the genre conventions.
  4. 4. Images in the magazine cover and poster This is the image on our final magazine front cover. Kaytlen’s expression is very blank and she is looking at the audience as though she is possessed. This image would draw in the audiences attention by the way she is looking and the way her hair looks very straight and girlie. As we are able to see the whole of her, the audience are able to notice her costume as well as her facial expression, giving them something to recognise when they see a TV advert or a poster. This is the image we used for our other idea, we decided it would be effective due to the colour pallet used, being similar to the other products as well as the final trailer. Her expression, again, is blank and eerie and she is wearing the same dress. Also, a prop which she carries in the trailer isThis is the image we used for one of our poster ideas. We decided present in thisthat they eyes didn’t look very professional and it looks very image which wedifferent to our other images so the audience may not be able to felt was effectiverecognise the character in another circumstance. Also, I feel this as the audienceimage isn’t effective as the audience are unable to see what she is would be able towearing. Although, it is a successful image as it works because it recognise it whenis close up and would scare the audience with her facial they came toexpressions and the bright, ghostly white colouring used. watch the film.
  5. 5. An effective way to advertise our horror film, Vengeance, would be through thesocial networking site, Facebook. We could make groups or like pages for peopleto follow and share so more people would hear about the film. It would be aperfect advertising method as the majority of people that use Facebook and othersocial networking sites such as twitter are mainly our target audience age group.We could also include an advertisement on the side of the webpage or on the topas a banner so people visiting the page would see it as they logged on.
  6. 6. TV advertsAnother advertisement method we could use to advertise our horror film isthrough adverts on the TV during breaks. Our film trailer could be cut down intoa shorter length trailer of a few seconds so the audience could see short clips ofthe trailer and want to find out more. They would then be able to go online tosee the full trailer or look on the internet to find out when it is on at the cinema.This method would be perfect for a wide audience to see the trailer.