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Danielle rothero audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research:Expectations of a Superhero FilmDanielle Rothero
  2. 2. Primary Research Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee 1 2 3Expectation - Drama - Happy - A Cheesys of a - Action Endings Storyline - Too - Good - Good Fightsuperhero Predictable Storyline Scenesfilm - Villains - Good Actors - Costumes - Clichéd - Superpowers storylineKey:Red – NegativeGreen - Positive
  3. 3. Secondary ResearchDo you think that ‘Spiderman’ is a goodexample of a superhero film?Spiderman is a classic superhero icon and is bound toattract audiences of all genders and ages ranging fromolder children to adults.• Interviewee 1: Yes, it has a good combination of action and a thrilling storyline. It also stays true to the original comic and its characters• Interviewee 2: It is because it is classic and enjoyable for a family without being too clichéd. It has an interesting storyline that shows a good example of a superhero film.
  4. 4. Why do you think the X-Men series hasbeen so successful?X-Men offers a wider range of superheroes withdifferent abilities, it doesn‟t just focus on oneperson‟s story and their powers.Interviewee 1: X-men is different to other superherofilms because it has lots ofdifferent characters all with differentpowers, making it a lot more interesting.Interviewee 2: I think it‟s star-studded cast means it has appealedto many people.
  5. 5. Why do you think The Dark Knight is thehighest grossing superhero movie?I think the actors who starred in the film played abig part in its success, as well as Batman beinganother classic superhero.Interviewee 1: The late Heath Ledger, I think, had abig impact on the sales of the film, as he was a verypopular actor.Interviewee 2: Batman is a iconic superhero, eventhough he doesn‟t actually possess any powers
  6. 6. Would you consider The Incredible Hulk asuperhero film?Whilst the Hulk does offer the traditional storylineof how an ordinary person gained superpowers,the Hulk as a character doesn‟t perform genericsuperhero activities.Interviewee 1: If it was an original idea instead ofthe idea being taken from a superhero comic, then Iwouldn‟t consider it a superhero film.Interviewee 2: I think it is more an action film thana superhero film, as the Hulk mainly goes aroundsmashing things up.
  7. 7. Do you think the production studio affectsa superhero movie’s success?Not necessarily, however whilst WB have thehighest grossing superhero movie ever, Sony havehad 4 blockbuster superhero movies all I the top10.Interviewee 1: Not really, I think it comes down towhat the film is about and the actors who star in it.Interviewee 2: I think if a production studio hasmore money than another studio, then the film has astronger chance of being more successful.
  8. 8. Why are ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ expected to gain large audiences?• „The Dark Knight‟ already has the title of being the highest grossing superhero films of all time, as well as being a popular superhero character so it already has an advantage of gaining a large audience “Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight Rises is coming into the summer with a HUGE advantage, being the sequel to a $533 million grossing movie”.• „The Amazing Spiderman‟ is also expected to do well, as it has continually gained large audiences for each of its films and being placed three times in the top 10 best selling Superhero films of all time, “Sam Raimis three movies that have grossed a billion between them”.• „The Avengers‟ is the first of the three movies released in the Summer and has a star-studded cast such as Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johannason and is set up to become a very popular films “it can explode out of the gate and get everyone excited about the summer “.
  9. 9. How important are star actors/star directors in helping superhero films to be successful?Star actors and directors all have reputations withan audience. If their reputation is of a high-legendary status, such as Robert Downey Jr. andStephen Spielberg, then the film they are currentlystarring in would be expected to receive a largeaudience, “The movies feature some ofHollywoods biggest names”. As a result, the filmbecomes a blockbuster, earning millions of poundsand even boosting sales of the original comics“films are expected to have varying effects on thesales of the comic books”.