Sophie mitchell secondary research 1


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Sophie mitchell secondary research 1

  1. 1. Secondary Research 1 Sophie Lauren Mitchell
  2. 2. Why these films would havebeen successful in attracting audiences
  3. 3. 1. The Dark KnightThis film was successful in attracting audiencesbecause it had a well known loved Actor ‘HeathLedger’ and was directed by ‘Christopher Nolan’.This film was also a big success as, it had awidest Release: of 4,366 theatres.Another reason why this film got good reactions fromthe audience was because the first film Batman beginand how popular that was.The ages rating for this film is a 12AThe film was Produced by Legendary Pictures (withWarner Bros)Distributed by Warner Bros Directed byChristopher The Dark Knight.
  4. 4. 2. Spider-Man This film was successful in attracting audiences because, it was about a normal teenage with a normal life who turns into a superhero, this would be popular to audiences of the teenage age because its based around high school life and the journey of a teenage boy. The film would also be attracting families and older ages because of its fun, exciting story line. This would contribute to the films success because the range of different audiences that will be interested in seeing this feature film.
  5. 5. 3. Iron ManThe film Iron Man was successful inattracting audiences because it hadan exciting story line and well knownactors featured in the film.The films budget was $140 millionand the age range was rated PG 13so it was open to most ages and hadaction and adventure
  6. 6. 4. HancockHancock has been a great successbecause it was a total differentsuperhero story to your normalsuperhero storyline. This film was anexciting new up coming film whichaudiences thought was great becauseit was a new type of superhero. It wasclassed as a fantasy drama. The agerating was also PG 13, therefore mostages are open to this film.
  7. 7. 5. Superman Returns This film was a big attraction too a wide range audience because already the story of Superman had a lot of love and people enjoyed the story line anyway therefore the feature film had a lot of excitement when it was realised. The age rating for the film was PG 13 and it was classed as a action/ adventure film. in 2006 it was nominated for an Oscar. The distribution and merchandize was a whole range of things to Video Games to childrens toys.