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Josh jones textual research


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Josh jones textual research

  1. 1. Josh Jones Television advertisement analysisLynx The features of this advert include real time because there is a demand for theviewer to pay full attention as it shows dramatic action for example explosions andangels falling out of the sky. Only two pieces of speech are used; one is a backingsong where the only two words are “sexy boy” and they are sung harmonically toaugment the existence of angels, the other is a voice over man at the end saying“even angels will fall”. This is said because in the advert the angels are attracted tothe man who smells of Lynx something previously described as “the Lynx effect”. I think it is a dramatization advertisement because it is telling a short and simplestory. The town or city used to film the advert is in trouble, there are a few smokeclouds as well as explosions, the angels fall out the sky and everything stops. Theangels drop their halos is symbolism for falling to their feet for the attractive man whoat the end is seen in his room spraying Lynx on himself. The target audience for this product is males aged anywhere between their teensand 40. During this age many males are single so they would use this productbecause they are made to feel like it makes them more attractive to the oppositegender, the majority of the time this happens in real life situations.The image constructed for this product is a positive one. To emphasise the actiontaking place in this advert there are a range of camera shots used. For exampleclose ups are used so we can see the faces of the man and the angels. It is hard to determine a social group in this advert, the people look as if they livein rather cramped conditions suggesting they are working class. Most of the maincharacters like the man and the angels are quite young. There is no reference tosexual orientation, physical ability or religious beliefs. The tone of the advert is meant to be a serious one because it is a short dramaticstory and everything happens one thing after the other. The advert can thereforealso be described as informal because a formal advert wouldn’t be so dramatic.Maltesers The advert shows two men and two women in a living room on a sofa watching afilm which we can faintly hear in the background. They are sharing a big bag ofMaltesers. The women move away from the men who have fallen asleep and theybecome intimately close which makes the women laugh before waking up to realisewhat’s happening and then you see the product and it’s slogan. The elements of theadvert are speech from the women, sounds from the television, demonstarativeaction and repetition because by showing the advert numerous amounts of times,somebody is likely to eventually buy the product.
  2. 2. Josh Jones The advert type is famous faces because all the people in the advert have beenin television programmes over the past decade. The dominant characters are female so the product main target consumer grouphowever the target audience can be anybody who likes chocolate or moreimportantly Maltesers. The image constructed for the product is that it is a product that you can enjoyand don’t have to worry about weight gain because there is emphasis on the numberof calories in a bag of Maltesers (111), this is done through conversation betweenthe two women and speech is an example of non diagetic sound. The types ofcamera shots used are mostly medium to long shots so we can see all thecharacters for as long as possible but to add to the humorous element, at the endthere is a close up shot of the two men as they wake up bewildered by the fact theyare cuddling. Maybe this is a representation of a homosexual male couple. All thecharacters are middle aged adults. The mode of address is humorous and informal.Special K The elements of the advert are repetition, music and speech. I think this becausethe advert is shown repeatedly so people know about the product and choose it astheir favourite cereal. Music because there is s faint backing track. As well as thatthe only character who is female talks about what the benefits are from eatingSpecial K. The advert type is a sales pitch. I think this because they have a femalerepresenting the company trying to say to buy Special K, to eat it and enjoy itbecause it is a product that will improve you and make you lose weight and becomemore attractive. To show this, the camera tends not to get too close to her to showviewers the end result. The advert is targeted at women because they are the traditional consumer groupfor products like this as they are more weight conscious than males may be. The character could be seen as a stereotypical female because they areconscious about their appearance and weight and like to talk about what they do toovercome these things. We don’t see anybody else in the advert so no social groupslike ethnicity or religion could be talked about. The mode of address used is informal because she is just openly telling theviewer her story about weight loss through eating Special K and that is somethingyou would do with your friends and family. However it could be seen as formalbecause it’s not an advert that jumps out at you, her composure is calmed andrelaxed.
  3. 3. Josh JonesPowerade The elements of the advert are repetition, music and dramatic action. The advertis memorable because of it’s content, if it is shown on television regularly people willremember it and recognise it. Powerade will be considered a good product to haveso people will buy it because of it’s effects, like giving you a boost of energy. Theadvert wholly consists of dramatic action, a man who drinks Powerade thinks he hasenough energy to race a train and beat it and surprisingly it works. This brings itunder the documentary advert genre.The main target audience and consumer group for Powerade would mostly bepeople who are sporty and athletic because they need energy to do well in theirphysical activities and Powerade helps with energy. But that isn’t to say it is justsports people who can drink it but anybody from the age of 12 upwards. Drinking Powerade improves you. This is shown through the use of extreme longshots to show what he’s doing and then close ups of his face to show what he’sthinking and feeling whilst racing a train. The only social group represented in thisadvert are males, because the runner is the only character we see. He looks youngso to guess an age maybe twenties.