Primary research 1


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Primary research 1

  1. 1. Primary research 1 Seema Chumber
  2. 2. Likes of the Superhero genre• The casting used in the film , I prefer them to be celebrity ones and people that are well- known – Person 1• A Gripping storyline that covers a variety of conflicts and troubles and what tactics the superhero uses to overcome the crisis. -Person 2• Relationships between the characters -I like to see friendship develop into love, or hatred to turn into violence , I don’t like to see movies that use typical romance scenes such as the good girl always falling for the ‘bad guy’ rather than the ‘nerd’ which Spider Man uses . - Person 3• I like the comedy and adventurous side to superhero movies because they are more fascinating to watch.- Person 4• I like voice overs in movies as it clearly explains what is going on and it makes the story more effective in the sense that it keeps the audience entertained throughout. e.g. Shrek-Person 1• love a superhero movie that brings out different types of merchandise and also I love a video game related to the movie aspects as it allows me to feel like I am in the movie and allows me to interact with features in the game . Person 2• I love movie franchises e.g. Spider man 1, 2 ,3 –Person 3
  3. 3. Dislikes of the superhero genre• Too many soundtracks and effects it makes it unrealistic and doesn’t allow the audience to experience the movie very well as it seems fake –Person 4• Animated superhero films because they are childish and aren’t suitable for people who are in their teens like me , also it doesn’t appeal to us as an audience because it seems to unrealistic and it explores more of a fantasy world than real life situations.- Person 4• The typical superhero consists of ‘a nerd’ who has been a victim of bullying and transforms into a superhero and this puts me off watching superhero films e.g. spider man- Person 2• Most of the victims are usually Female and old and this can be a stereotypical view on women – Person 3• Too much violence can influence the younger ages as they will think it is alright to do things just because they have seen into in a movie –Person1• Franchises can sometimes get boring after the first couple of movies because the story seems to fall out of place, and the characters changed and this leads to confusion- Person 4• Typical costumes such as cloaks , logos , face masks are overdone , this makes the film popular therefore this leads to favouritism of superhero films and this effects other movies in that genre as the audience can decrease.- Person 3• After watching too many superhero cartoons I get put off the films as they are to similar and start to bore me –Person 3• The superhero having common features and personalities e.g. cocky, strong and muscular , male, middle age etc. – Person 1