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Abda aslam audience research


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Abda aslam audience research

  1. 1. By Abda Aslam
  2. 2. Superhero films such as Spiderman, Superman, TheDark Knight since the 20th century the list ofsuperhero films just keeps going and the genre ofthese films are all high expectations because of the sixtop 12 highest opening weekend box office with a lotof earning. Most movies are forms of pastime they aremeant to be a blend of entertainment. These superheromovies tend to be powerhouses of action, stunts andexcitement, immersing the audience in a colourful andfully realized world. By watching a superhero movie itis great chance to relax and not think about stress orwhat is happening around the world.
  3. 3. Superhero movies are lots of things to lots of peoplefor example they may be comic book lovers, they arethe realization of their favourite worlds, those whofeels the strain of economic, personal or nationproblems. They are also successful because of thetarget audience that goes and watches it. Theaudience’s that superhero films will attract are 12and above and they will attract the audience wholike si-fi and action films.
  4. 4. The chart shows that these 15 films which are The Dark Knight,Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, Iron man, Iron man 2, TheIncredibles, Batman, X-Men- The Last Stand, Handcock, X2:X-Men-United, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Batman Forever andThor. The reasons why these films are in the top 15 are becausethey all have good script this is what the audience like they like agood story line of a film otherwise there is no point of the film ifthere is not a good script, making sure that the film attracts theaudience by putting stars that are well known for example inSpiderman at first know knew who Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker)was till the first Spiderman film came out and became a hit thenSpiderman started to make a squall, release date the film has beenrealised on date which the audience can make it to the cinemas towatch the films listed of the top 15 on the chart it all comes down toa film when it should be released for example The Dark Knight wasreleased out on the 24th July 2008 the release of this film. The DarkKnight Target audience was people the age 12 and above the filmwaited till July because this is the start of the summer holidays forchildren this is done so that this will draw more people attentionrather than it being released in a month where the child has school.
  5. 5. All of these 15 films are a superhero film this shows that theaudience is more into the superhero movies this makes it alarge part of the film industry for example Batman is asuperhero film that means that the audience that come andwatch the film has an interest in action, fantasy and si-fifilms. Also in this chart all 15 films would have beensuccessful in attacking the audience this is because of theamount of advertising in a film for example Spidermanadvertises in different ways to get attention from theaudience such as there was once a toy in every happy mealin Macdonald of a character from the film Spiderman,posters on bus stops, Magazines of the film and with a littletoy.
  6. 6. I believe that the target audience for 3 films fromthe upcoming releases column are for the AmazingSpiderman is 12 and above this is because theother films of Spiderman are a 12. For the film theDark Knight Rises the target audience is 12 andabove. The film Iron man 3 target audience is 12.The factor are that all these 3 film are 12 and aabove this is because the films he already made aprevious films of the same context and because it’sfor a young audience there will not be any sexualcontact with the characters.
  7. 7. The article believes that The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers andThe Amazing Spiderman will be a successful in find audiences.These three films are big superhero movies one film is a sequence,another being the build-up of a series of successful movies based onwell-known characters and the one film which is being a restart of amassively popular film contract with a new director and cast. Thereasons for this are that the Dark Knight and Spiderman is allsequel of the same films but different stories. Also the filmAvengers is the same in genre of the Dark Knight and Spidermanwhich is action, si-fi and adventure and which all three are allsuperhero films. Spiderman was a hit from day one and the newrecord with $151 million with the film Spiderman Also the filmAvengers has a great advantage over the other two being the firstmovie of the summer which means it can burst out of the openingand get everyone excited about the summer. The Avengers willprove the sum is greater than the other films by combing sixcharacters from the pervious summer blockbuster. The DarkKnight is coming to the summer with the advantage which is beinga sequel to a $533 million earning movie.
  8. 8. The film Avengers will be the biggest selling point becausethere is a return of Robert Downey as Tony Stark he is a wellknow character this is what will draw the audience’sattention. The Dark knight rises is a return if the audience’sfavourite which the very well-known character is. These arethe films that the audience want the summer to come quickbecause the summer is where the audience are free to go outand have fun. Also by advertising these film this will thenbring fan and other people who are not fans to go and watchthe movie and the people who went in as not fans will comeout the film as fans this is the key ingredient to advertise.
  9. 9. Star actors and star director’s in helping superhero films to besuccessful are every important this is because then this willdraw the audience’s attention because these are the characterthat the audience’s like watching. Marvel’s Avengers,Spiderman and Ghost Rider will trade at the box office withthe DC comics Batman and British comic hero Judge Dredd.The movies feature some of Hollywood biggest names such asWill Smith. Having stars in a movies which are not wellknown then it’s a risk because they don’t know if theaudiences will like the film. Maybe because a person likes onean actor of doing that particular scene, for example if a personlikes Jackie Chan in family, action And comedy movies thenthere is no other star to take over that role of him so then thatmeans that this states that the person won’t see a film in thecinema if Jackie Chan does not star in it or but on the otherhand people may have lots of stars that they like in acting andthat they don’t mind in going to the cinema to watch theirmovies
  10. 10. The more well know characters are started infilms then this means that the more that thefilms will become successful because then moreaudience will turn up because they know thatthey like this character and that they know howthey act in film within their roles.
  11. 11. I asked two people about the same issues and theyall said that superhero films are very successful inthis 20th century and this attracts the audiencebecause it’s all action. They said that all superherofilms are all typical the audience knows what isgoing to happen and who will win at the endsomething different should come out so this willexcite the audiences more.
  12. 12. I asked a group of 6-7 to discuss what they like and dislike about the superherogenre its story line and its characters. The things they said are as follows:Like:  The male hero  Action e.g when the hero and villain are fighting  Powers  Enemies  Saves his lover  It’s exciting  The female heroDislike:  Typical story line  Unrealistic  Enemies  The female hero
  13. 13. I talked to two people in the focus group to find out morespecific details about what they think they are as follows:Person1:• The stories are the same for every superhero film. The herogets in a fight with the villain they both fight, the villain takesthe superhero’s lover and then the hero needs to try and rescuersher which he does at the end and he kills the villain and they alllive happy ever after. For example Spiderman 1 when PeterParker tries to save Mary Jane Watson but the green goblin getsin the way.  The hero of the film is very good looking for example Spiderman and Superman especially in their hero’s outfit when they first put the outfit on.  The action of the films when fighting for example in Spiderman when Peter Parker fights with green goblin.
  14. 14. Person2:  The hero has to always rescue his lover example of films are Spiderman, Superman and Batman  Its exciting to watch it makes your heart go fast this so this you want to see what’s happens next for example Spiderman when he gets bitten by the spider and when he realise that he has powers  The enemies in the films this puts an excitement to the film because the audience wants to know what’s going to happen next in the film. For example in Spiderman we don’t know till the middle that the green goblin is Peter Parkers best friends dad.