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Audience reaserch


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Audience reaserch

  1. 1. Superhero Genre
  2. 2.  After analysing and evaluating a number of superhero movies I have come up with a number of factors that contribute to a successful superhero movie. These are that the film is action paced so there is always an element of surprise and captures the viewers imagination. The film has to have an innocent individual who is the main character and can represent the people who have low self esteem. A film that shows A common aspect is that the film has an these factors well attractive female who becomes partners with is Spider-Man. the hero. A MUST is that these films have; is a villain who is intimidating and who has different beliefs then the hero.
  3. 3. From I have selected 5 superhero films thatwere deemed as successful. The films I have picked are The DarkKnight, The Incredibles , Spiderman1, Ironman and Hancock. I havechosen these films as theres a variety of reasons why they aresuccessful.
  4. 4. The Dark Knight was made thenumber 1 superhero due to 3 mainfactors. The actors that play themain roles such as Christian Baleand Morgan Freeman. The fact thatthe previous film was a successionand the new film was a carry onand started with the samestoryline. And finally theanticipation behind the character“joker”.
  5. 5. The Dark Knight was produced by Warner Bros so they had a largebudget. This means that they could afford to get high paid actors in.having major Hollywood stars like Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, GaryOldman, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart will attract the public as theyknow that ther performance will be of a high quality. As I stated, Warner bros produced the film and also distributed it. So due to their large budget they are able to market the film successfully i.e. Trailers, campaigns. Also they can pay more for special effects and specialist equipment.
  6. 6. The storyline of The Dark Knight is partially based on the previous film“Batman Begins”. As the previous film was a blockbuster hit and arevelation in the Batman franchise, there was much hype and anticipationfor the new film. This attracted people to go and see the film even more.A major part of the film was that in this movie the villain was “the joker”played by heath ledger. Warner bros took the role of the joker to a moreserious level and made his image more intimidating. After the film was Created and marketed the actor Heath Ledger passed away. This also encouraged people to go and see the film as it was his last film.
  7. 7. The incredibles was such a major hit as itwas so different to the other typicalsuperhero films. I say this as it was aimednot at teenagers or adults but it was aimedat the younger generation (as portrayed bythe animation). There was never a film likethis before for the younger generation sothis bought a new audience into thesuperhero genre. Young children always liketo imagine themselves as a superhero sonearly every child would want to go and seethis family superhero movie.
  8. 8. Most superhero films are based on a singular character who is avigilante and probably only one person would know about their identity.However in this superhero movie theres a family of superheroes soinstead of 1 or 2 main good characters, straight away theres 5 whichthe families can relate to.
  9. 9. Pixar is the main major animationcompany for films and it was setup by Steve Jobs after he had abreak from his role at Apple.This is the first time that one ofPixars films highly concentrates on a human family. They have captured thestereotyped personalities of everyday people such as active young boy“dash”, the moody private teenager “violet” and the caring mother who is incharge of the household “elastagirl”. In previous films, pixar have put thehuman roles in the background (Toy Story, Nemo, Walle, ratatouille). So thefact that its their first time going for a more human role and they have gotthe personalities correct would reflect and relate onto the public audience.
  10. 10. Spiderman 3Spiderman 3 is seen as the most successful movie out of the wholefranchise. The film was already going to be popular before the actualrelease as Spiderman was one of the original Marvel superheroes sothere was always an anticipation by the audience about how good theperformances and script would be. The film didn’t follow on from theprevious movie such as Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. So theaudience didn’t know what was going to happen as there were newvillains and characters.As every poster that was revealed, it showedtwo key aspects. The original red side to themysterious darker side so you couldpsychologically tell that this was going to bemore of a serious movie and this caught theaudiences eye.
  11. 11. Spiderman 3Compared to other superhero films; this film has a twistwhere the actual superhero becomes a villain. The factthat Spiderman becomes his own enemy catches theaudiences eye and interreges them as it hasn’t beendone before.Going on to the villains; the previous two films includedonly one villain, whereas this film features spiderman as a villain, The Green Goblins Son, Sandman andVenom. The fact that threes 4 villains means that theaudience will know that its going to be an action packedfilm. Spiderman as a villain adds a new twist, GreenGoblins son will mean that the film includes revenge inwhich all superhero films is a common and popularaspect. Sand man relates to people who would doanything for their loved ones and Venom lets us seewhat spiderman would act like and look like if he hasthe actual main villain.
  12. 12. HancockHancock was successful because it didn’tapply to the typical stereotyped superherofactors such as a costume with a cape andmask. The main character doesn’t act like thehero. The character is played by Will smith whois seen as a major “person” in the celebrityindustry as hes been in several big moviessuch as I Am Legend, I Robot and Men InBlack. As he is also in the TV and musicbusiness he’s extremely popular and soaudiences will be attracted to this film. The factthat the character images and reflects theaverage guy and isn’t based on any comicbook makes it standout from the rest.
  13. 13. Upcoming ReleasesIn the next couple of years there are a dozen new superheromovies coming out. The audience for these films varies and theyall have different aspects that individualize them. Teenage mutantninja turtles is based on an animation and has a cartoon feel to it.The previous movies have been comical and either been in ananimation form or as a puppet costume form. This gives a childlike feel to it so the target audience would be the youngerpopulation.The Avengers is due to be released in summer 2012 andcombines several superheroes together in one movie. With this inmind its easy to tell the films going to be action packed. This willattract the male population and the younger people. The fact thattheres a variation of classic superheroes will appeal to the oldergeneration as they grew up with the avengers comics and TVprogrammes.
  14. 14. ArticlesThere are several key reasons why the article believes that these films willdo well and they are that one film is the end of a trilogy, anothercombines more then one superhero in the film and the other is a remakeof a classic superhero with a new cast and director.
  15. 15. Article – Dark Knight RisesThe key fact to the succession of this film is that it is the last in thefranchise by this cast and director. The fist film batman Begins was popularbut didn’t amaze the public. The second “the dark knight” took hundreds ofmillions of dollars gross profit due to the anticipation of the joker. The factthat its the last of the trilogy means that the production team have mostlikely done all they can to make this the film of the summer. The publicwant to see what’s new to the film and what the final movie has to offer.Another reason is due to the villains Although the joker isn’t part of the filmthere’s the return of Ras al Ghul who was a key character in the first film.there’s also bane and cat-woman starring in the film. So with so many keycharacters is inevitable that the film will be action packed and this willattract the male population. The featuring of cat-woman will attract thefemale market as cat-woman is considered an icon in the superhero genre.
  16. 16. Article – The AvengersThe avengers is the most anticipated film this summer according to thearticle. The reasons why this film will be successful is down to thecharacters/actors and the idea of the film and the release date.Out of all these three films The Avengers is the one to be released first(at the start of summer) so the production and distribution team have abig advantage as there arent any other rival films out at this particulartime.The idea about The Avengers is that there’s several marvel superheroesthat have come together in a movie. So firstly if you don’t like CaptainAmerica, it doesn’t matter because there’s several other main charactersso the audience is spoilt for choice. The fact that all the characters madeblockbuster films suggests that this films going to be filled with actionand intense scenes. Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow who is a keycharacter, this will attract the female audience and also the maleaudience as she is seen as an attractive person.
  17. 17. Article – The AmazingSpidermanCompared to the other two films in the article, this new spiderman film isseemed to be less successful. The fact that the first two movies in thefranchise were a big success but the 3rd was lacking that spark means thatthere’s concern weather the new director and cast can come back up-to theoriginal standard. As the release date is close to the release of the Darkknight, there might be a lack of people going to see the film as they wouldwant to see the last batman in the franchise.However having a new cast and production team could benefit them comicsuperhero as we know the previous spiderman film wasnt such a hit, butthe new crew might bring something new to the table so audiences willwant to see whats there is to offer.
  19. 19. Primary Research Task 1I have now sat with a group of 4 people and analysed what thepublic like about the superhero genre, the storylines and thecharacters.In doing this I will be able to evaluate what contributes to thesuccession of a superhero film.
  20. 20. Superhero GenreAfter the group research, I have analysed my data and took the fiveaverage reasponss and they are:Likes1) Action Packed2) Relates to all audiences3) The hero always starts off as an innocent individual4) different powers5) Captures the viewers imaginationDislikes1) Always American based2) villain never wins3)Gets predictable at times4) N/A5) N/A
  21. 21. Story LinesLikes1) Slowly gives clues about what’s going to happen next2)Storylines are always different3) always are action packed4) can become mysterious (E.g. Batman the dark knight)Dislikes1) can become predictable.2) Themes are always repeated3) Typical that the main female always ends up in danger4) N/A5) N/A
  22. 22. CharactersLIKES1) Always an attractive female2) characters have believable human personalities.3) villains are becoming more dark and mysterious4) Major actors are usedDislikes1) Theme of hero being an unpopular student2) lack of sidekicks in recent years3) Typical Costume4) N/A5) N/A
  23. 23. Primary Research 2After having a deep discussion with two fellow people it is clear to me whatmakes a successful superhero and what doesn’t. The superhero genre willalways capture the audiences eye as there filled with action and allow theviewer to visualize what it would be like to have different abilities and thefilms are always imaginative. The Characters can relate to the audience E.g.Spiderman was a regular student, Kick-Ass was also a student and TheIncredibles had a normal family side to them. As there’s a variation ofsuperheroes, the audience can relate to at least one of them and this getsthem interested. The characters powers are what the audience are interestedin. A superhero that can fly and shoot lasers is more interesting then asuperhero that can change voices for example. A downside to the charactersare that the costumes get abit too “cheesy”. (captain american with USAcolours, Spiderman with a web print) .
  24. 24. Primary Research 2And finally the main let down in the superhero genre is the story lines. Thestorylines are becoming abit too predictable in recentyears and mirror offeach other. Such as the villians are now just trying to take over an area/ theworld. there’s nothing new to superheroes that captures the viewer evenmore. The only film to of had a twist is Spiderman 3 where Spidermanactually becomes hes own enemy through greed. This is the only piece ofcreative story that has been introduced in the last decade.