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Audience research powerpoint media work


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Audience research powerpoint media work

  1. 1. Audience Research By Jyoti Janagel
  2. 2. Primary Research 1• They key features people expect to see in a superhero film are:• Action• Drama• Interesting characters portrayed by talented attractive actors• Tension• Romance• Gripping storyline• Violence
  3. 3. Primary Research 1• What people like about superhero films:• The action and the fact that the storyline is nothing like real life situations. It takes you into another world, you are able to go to the cinema and escape.• Engaging the manor of displaying superheros abilities are always impressive.
  4. 4. Primary Research 1• What people dislike about superhero films:• Too much explosive scenes, and fighting it would be good to get more dialogue in the film.• Most films share similar storylines, and are usually predictable and cliché.
  5. 5. Secondary Research• 5 of the top 15 superhero Movies at Box Office:• The Dark Knight, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3 and Ironman. All these films are from the superhero genre, which may be a reason as to why they were so successful. All of these are ranked as top 5 most successful films, meaning they made the most profit.
  6. 6. Spiderman• The film ‘Spiderman’ relates to its audiences by using factors such as action packed storylines. This attracts audiences of all ages, both male and females would enjoy it as it two strong male and female characters.• Every superhero movie relates to the younger generation as being young and imaginative they imagine about being a superhero and they have special abilities. The original comics can relate the adult audience.• This film is from a sequel, which has gained many fans from the distribution of the first movie so it is likely to attract their fans of the films, comics and cartoon.
  7. 7. The Dark Knight• The Dark Knight is an intense and serious movie this is mainly due to the character ‘The Joker.’ This character played by Heath Ledger, brings a sense of tension aggression to the film. This star appeal, my have attracted audiences, but also the fact that it was followed on from the first film, ‘Batman Begins.’• Audiences who watch superhero films like these, would have to be interested in superhero films in general, and in this case films that have a darker element.• As Warner Bros distributed and produced the movie, they had a large budget and they used this on the actors. There are around 6 Hollywood stars that feature in the film such as Heath ledger and Morgan Freeman. Having actors with a high status ensures the audience that the performance will be good and this increases the interest of the film.
  8. 8. Iron Man• Iron Man is an action packed movie and is aimed at mainly teenagers, but is open to all audiences male and female that are 12 and over. It starred the well known American actor Robert Downey Jr, as Tony Stark- who played a funny loveable rogue. When films include famous stars this definitely helps attract audiences, as viewers feel comfortable watching actors they know can play the role well.
  9. 9. The Avengers• This film was from the section of, ‘Upcoming Releases.’ The Avengers, is a well anticipated movie and because of this it will not struggle to seek audiences. Those who go to watch this films like this would definitely have an interest in superhero movie. I think that male and female of any age would enjoy this film simply because ‘The Avengers,’ consists of male and female actors/superhero’s and is a high obtained action film.
  10. 10. The Amazing Spiderman• People who have a interest in Superhero films would be a perfect audience for ‘The Amazing Spiderman. And those who are also fans of the sequel, comics and cartoon would definitely enjoy this film. Again both genders are targeted as it includes action as well as romance, just like in previous Spiderman films so it is likely to be similar for this one.
  11. 11. Teenage Mutant Turtles• Fans of the original cartoon would be interested to watch this film, I think it would be targeted at kids and teenagers. Its an adventurous family film, and I think both genders would enjoy this movie. Thos with children would look for family friendly films, which includes action so this film seems perfect for that particular audience.
  12. 12. Secondary Research• This article reveals that the film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ will successful in finding audiences. This is because all of these are well known anticipated films. ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ are both form sequels that were successful each time they were released. Because of this there is no reason as to why this time it will be difficult to find audiences for both films.• As most superhero films are based on comics, those who have interest in them will definitely check out these kind of movies. But it is not only this, films such as ‘The Avengers,’ attract audiences because of its six well known characters. They are family films, so it would be enjoyable to all audiences.
  13. 13. Secondary Research• Movies like these open at certain times of they year, for example ‘The Avengers’ out in the beginning May, the start of summer before other films were released, have a bigger advantage of gaining a larger scale of audiences. Although films like ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman,’ wont need to worry too much about rivalry as they are fan based films, so they will definitely have a audience for their films. These films will be shown in all cinemas across they UK, so no matter what they will each be well advertised encouraging potential audiences.• Well known actors and actresses that star in films are able to form a good word of mouth, if people know a certain actor they are more likely to want to watch that particular film.
  14. 14. Secondary Research• Star actors/ Star directors are important in helping superhero films to be successful because, if a film has a well known actor/actress this is more likely to encourage people to watch certain films. This is the same as well known directors, if the director is famous for particular successful films this again will have the similar outcome. For example the casting of Aaron Johnson in Kick Ass may encourage British audiences.