Nadine mapunza moyo audience research


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Nadine mapunza moyo audience research

  1. 1. Audience ResearchBy Nadine Mapunzamoyo
  2. 2. Secondary Research inspiring figure, an image of someone who can save us all from dark and difficult times. Superhero movies promote the ideas of peace, safety and freedom.• 1. Some of the top movies in the top 15 in the chart have been successful at attracting • Superhero movies are many things to many audiences because they are superhero movies, people. To comic book lovers, they are the they are traditionally meant to be a blend of realization of their favourite worlds. To those education and entertainment, and superhero feeling the stress of economic, personal, or films tend heavily toward the last part. These national problems, they are a welcome escape movies tend to be inspirations of action, for a few hours. stunts and excitement. Watching a superhero movie is a great chance to relax and not think about stress or difficult things in your life.• Moreover, most superheroes serve as a hope-
  3. 3. Target Audience (Upcoming releases) comic book adaptation has an advantage• 2. Amazing Spider Man over other competitors because the fan• (i) This movie is mainly made for kids. base is generally already massive.Thor Most children love Spiderman and the also features quality stars such as movie industry is likely to make more Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman money through targeting young children. who stared in big movies like Star wars They will sell much more merchandise and The Black Swan, which were a hits like Spiderman skateboards, toys, pyjamas in many worldwide countries. etc.• Thor 2• The target audience for Thor two is for comic book lovers Thor is a comic book film. Every
  4. 4. Star actors and directors play a very big role in helpingsuperhero films to be successful because they have apowerful influence. Stars seem to relate to with theaudience. Famous actors seem to generate higherrevenues and promising project which are likely to pleasethe audience. Star Actors and directors also have thepower to manipulate our feelings and emotions.. A goodactor in a super hero movie can draw us into the world ofthe playwright and make us laugh or cry. Superheromovies cast actors into roles that define their public roles.A good actor makes the movie. Staring good actordetermines how the good the superhero is going to be inthe movie. A big budget movie with a bad actor can fail.Similarly, a blockbuster movie like superhero movies,with a good actor and director can be a great watch. Hereare some of the most famous actors and directors fromsuperhero movies.
  5. 5. The article believes ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The AmazingSpiderman’ will be successful in finding audiences because one the third in a trilogy,another being the accumulation of a series of successful movies based on popularcharacters, and the third being a reboot of a hugely popular film franchise with a newdirector and cast. All the movies are opening with huge amounts of money and they areall going to be released in summer therefore the are going to be a huge success as manypeople are out of school and work.The Dark Knight have had more theatres to be opened and one can expect theresbeen enough of an increase in ticket prices to help contribute to a much biggeropening. All three of the summers superhero movies should open in over 4,000theatres and have the benefit of being in improved formats like IMAX. Even without a3D ticket bump, The Dark Knight Rises should set a new opening weekend recordwhen it opens, probably somewhere between $170 and 175 million. The AmazingSpider-Man will have the disadvantage of opening earlier in the week, it is targetedstill to bring in $80 to 85 million over its first three-day weekend after making $75 to80 million on Tuesday to Thursday .
  6. 6. Primary Research 2• I discussed with a small group about what they like/dislike about the superhero genre, its characters and it’s storyline