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As film studies induction lesson 2012


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As film studies induction lesson 2012

  1. 1. AS Film Studies
  2. 2. What is Film Studies? Film Studies is about the study of:  the art of filmmaking  the history of film production  the contemporary film industry  Production  Distribution  Exhibition  Technological developments in film production and reception
  3. 3. What is Film Studies? Film Studies at A-Level is not simply about watching films Being a Film Studies student requires a different approach to films – in film studies, we talk about reading films not watching them Reading films is about considering why we see what we see, about considering why a certain actor is in a film, about what type of company has produced the film, about who the potential audience is for the film
  4. 4. What is Film Studies? AS Film Studies 2 units – 1 coursework (50%), 1 exam (50%) F631 Film Text and Context  Section A – Contemporary English-language Cinema  The focus is on films as texts and the various ways in which those texts seek to communicate something to us  Section B – Cinema in context  The focus is on the issues which have influenced how the film industry has developed at different points in time – we will focus on Early Cinema (1895-1915) and Developments in 21st Century Cinema and Film (2000 – present)
  5. 5.  F632– Foundation Portfolio in Film 1 analytical essay comparing 2 films, which then feeds into a creative project – paper based individual project / group oriented practical project A2 Film Studies – 2 more units – coursework and exam, but harder still…
  6. 6. Binary oppositions Man walks up street to buy a newspaper  Introduce 1st element of conflict  Introduce 2nd element of conflict Who is the hero? Who is the villain? How are they different?