Audience research- Survey Analysis


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Audience research- Survey Analysis

  1. 1. 1. We asked this question to see if people of different genders have different preferences when watching films and they’re answers will be able to give us some indication about which gender would be more likely to watch our film. 2. We asked the interviewees’ ages to also give us an indication of the differences in film preferences depending on their age range. People of different ages will have different experiences with films, and more likely the older they are, the bigger range of films they have seen, which will affect the rest of the answers in our survey, and their overall perception of films. 3. We asked this question as a control, to see how many people actually enjoy watching thriller films. It was interesting to see how popular the genre is, before we went on to specify the sub genres. From this data, we can see that the most popular film genres are Action and Thrillers, so if we were to create a popular thriller, we could include some action scenes, with some themes of a thriller film. Because our film is definitely a thriller, under the psychological sub-genre I think it will appeal to a lot of people as it will have some action, drama and thriller conventions in it.
  2. 2. 4. Asking this question meant we could compare the results to our thriller, and see if it is a fairly popular sub genre so it would appeal to lots of people. With an understanding of which sub genres are most popular, we can assess other certain features that join with that sub genre. For example, people who enjoy films of the Action sub genre would most probably like to see a Hero character, with gangster & gun themes, while people who prefer the Horror sub genre would most like to enjoy seeing a Victim, and Psychopath themes. We would class our thriller in the psychological sub-genre, and as this came as joint 2nd most popular in our survey, I think we chose a good plotline. 5. It is important to ask this question to see what draws people into watching a thriller film, therefore what we can include in our own film opening. Obviously we couldn’t have a well known actor, which the most popular thing that attracts people to watch a thriller, but including the other features which were also popular could increase audience interest in our film. The second most important thing to interest and audience is the storyline. to get a better idea of what people perceive as a good storyline we need to see what people’s answers to our other questions are.
  3. 3. 6. We chose to ask this question to see what characters people like to see in a film, and we could compare the results to the character dynamics in our own film. Most people like to see a hero character, but surprisingly, the second most popular character is a comedy person. However this character type does not really apply to the majority of thriller, so it is irrelevant. Most people like to see a hero character, but a heroine is the least favorite character type. Although our main character is a girl, she kind of includes being a victim as well, which wouldn’t work as well if it were a male character as we tend to perceive females as being venerable and weak, therefore making the better victim. 9. This question was important to ask so we could see if our thriller theme and plot would actually interest the audience. It would have made sense to conduct the questionnaire before we planned our thriller, so this would be something to remember for next time. The most popular scary themes for films are murderers, paranoia, and being followed. This applies quite well to our own film, although we do not have much death. 10. This question is not necessarily related to our thriller, but is still an interesting topic that we can possibly refer to in the future. The results were surprising, as I did not expect the majority to vote yes.
  4. 4. On top of these 8 questions we asked, we also asked 2 open questions: 7. What is yourfavorite thriller film and why? • Inception – Good plot, actors, action and mystery. • 300 – Well filmed and produced,Gerard Butler, action and gore with romance as well. • Silence of the Lambs – tense moments and good acting by Antony Hopkins. • The Shaw-shank Redemption – Intelligent, atmospheric and unexpected turns. • The Changeling – Good storyline, dramatic and a true story. ◦ Final Destination 2 & 3 – scary and jumpy, but due to the lack of realistic scenes it doesn't give you nightmares • Quarantine – Jumpy and looks realistic but couldn't happen in real life. • Saw – Good plot, gruesome and suspense. • The Hills Have Eyes – Scary, creepy and mutants. • I Am Legend – Powerful, thought provoking, Will Smith, strong storyline. • Flight Plan – Tense • The Hills Have Eyes – Storyline • Bourne Films – Action, constantly things happening. • Watchmen – Soundtrack • Inception – Interesting storyline, impressive graphics and awesome cast. • Wrong Turn – Jumpy and deformed characters. • The Shining – Good actors and creepy. • The Fugitive – Good storyline & cast. We asked this to give more freedom on answers, and to allow us to see exactly what people like in a thriller film, without restricting them with multiple choice answers, and giving them the control of answering the question. We can incorporate some of these features in our own film as we know what people like to see. Although having looked at several thriller openings for inspiration, we can now see what audiences actually want to see in a thriller film. 8. What makes a good thriller? • Good storyline • Well written • Strong characters • One that scares you out of your skin • Jumpy • Suspense • Good soundtrack • Intriguing storyline • Good cast • Editing • Directing • Good acting • Believable storyline • Lots of action • Special effects • Blood/gore • Not predictable/expected • Violence It is important for the respondents to give us specific feedback on what they look for when watching a thriller, which will help us to define our own thriller to make it more appealing to an audience.