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Archies ltd.....


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Archies ltd.....

  1. 1. 1.1 Company Profile The ARCHIES , which today spans the spectrum of sharing sentiments and gifting each other’s among the human beings across India and other parts of the world, had a humble beginning in 1979 by Mr. Anil Moolchandani set up a company called ARCHIES start with selling posters within a year of its inception, in the face of overwhelming success in the market, Company started manufacturing of greeting cards, stationery and trading of gift items. The first ‘Archies Gallery’ opened in 1987 with entire range of Archies products-greeting cards, posters, stationery, perfume, and attractive lot of beautiful gift items less than one roof. As company grew, the company explored new ways of expanding its business and establishing as market leader company has started strategic tie-ups with global players, including Walt Disney (U.S.A), Portal Publication, Gibson Greetings & American Greetings Inc.(the world largest publicly held Greeting Card Company) of the US. As the market environment continued to evolve and internet became an important aspect of human being, ARCHIES kept pace by introducing e-cards and offering online gifting opportunities through its e-commerce portal, as The portal continues to offer its user traditional ways of gifting and greeting. ARCHIES success story is not limited to Indian shores. The organization that spreads happiness in six countries is well on its way to becoming an International Brand Name. ARCHIES Ltd is currently the largest company in greeting cards and gifts. At present it has five units in Delhi, fifteen branches out of Delhi with around hundered company owned showrooms, in all over India, also company has strong market setup with more than 42 franchisees out of India in the network under the Brand name Archies Gallery’s, Archies Paper Rose Shoppe’s and Archies Greet and Gifts, also company have many distributors and retailers in India and other five countries.
  2. 2. 1.2 Company Heritage  ARCHIES- 25 years of spreading happiness.  Established in 1979 as a partnership firm by Mr. Anil Moolchandani and Mr. Jagdish Moolchandani.  Converted in to a private limited company in 1990.  Converted into a public limited company in 1995.  Come out with its maiden public issue in 1996 at a premium of Rs 60 per share. 1.3 Major Product Categories  Greetings cards  Posters  Stationery  Gifts  Jewellery  Perfumes
  3. 3. 1.4 Corporate Mission Vision Statement We will be the most preferred associate of our principal and channel partners in providing world class products and services to our customers. Mission Statement We will ensure sustained growth along with our Channel partners through Strong Branding, Effective processes and World class product and Support Services. Core Values  we shall uphold the Dignity of the individuals;  we shall make realistic commitments and honors them;  we shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and Growth;  we shall treat our Customers, Suppliers and Each other in a Fair and Honest manner-as we want to be treated.
  4. 4. 1.5 Archies-A Social Conscience  Archies entered into a tie up with helpage India in 1989- a social organization devoted to the cause of the elderly  The cards, calendars, and diaries are marketed under the helpage name. Royalty from the sale of these products go to Helpage India.  In 2001, Archies entered in to a tie- up with CRY-a social organization to lend a hand to deprived children.
  7. 7. 5. FRANCHIES SANJEEV ARORA 6. V2K ARVIND SHUKLA 7. RETAIL PRAVEEN SETHI 8. MIS K.V.R. MURTHY 9. GIFTS MANISH GANGWANI 10. MODERN TRADE MONALISA BANERJEE 11. ACCOUNTS DILIP SETH 12. PRODUCTION ROBIN 13. STATIONARY GAUTAM BADLANI 14. FASHION ACCESSORIES PUJA SHARMA 15. ADVERTISING YOUHAN ARIA 1.8 Archies Operational Zones ZONES ADDRESS AHMEDABAD M/s Archies Limited Earth Complex, IInd Floor Office No. 204-206, Opp. Kanak Kala 100 Ft. Road, Satellite Ahmedabad-380051 BANGALORE Mr. Jaswant Mirani M/s Archies Limited No.15/1, 8th Cross, Cubbonpet Bangalore-560002
  8. 8. CHENNAI Mr. R. Shankar M/s Archies Limited 31, 1st Floor, Malayaperumal Street Parry’s (opp. Flower Bazaar Bus Stand) Chennai-600034 COCHIN Mr. Antony M/s Archies Limited Bay Pride mall, Shop No.-16 Cochin ( Ernakulam) CHANDIGARH M/s Archies Limited SCO-111, Sec-8C, Chandigarh. CORPORATE/HEAD/REGIONAL OFFICE M/s Archies Limited C-113, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-110028 HARYANA (Ambala) Mr. Dua Archies gallery Shop. No.-01, 1st Floor, Galaxy Mall, Plot No.-1, Sec-7 Ambala Haryana. HYDERABAD M/s Archies Limited 5-4-9, 2nd Floor, Padma Towers, J.N. Road, Abids, Hyderabad-500463 INDORE Mr. Deepak Raj Singhal M/s Archies Limited No. 109/4, Morai Mohalla, Near
  9. 9. Hotel Rama Inn, R.N.T Marg, Indore KOLKATA Mr. S. Venkataraman M/s Archies Limited Flat No.-8,220, A.J.C. Bose, Ground Floor, Kolkata-700017 LUDHIANA Mr. Parduman Verma M/s Archies Limited S.C.F.-7, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana-141001 MUMBAI M/s Archies Limited Bombay Cotton Mills Estate, 2nd Floor, Hakoba compound, Dattaram Lad Marg, Kalachowkie Road, Chinchpokli, Mumbai-400033 NOIDA (NEC) Mr. Rohin Kaul Archies Gallery Spice World Mall, Shop No.106 & 107, 1-2, Sec-25-A, Noida Entertainment Centre (NEC), Noida-201301 PUNE M/s Archies Limited 461/4, Tilak Road, 1st Floor, Sadashiv Peth, Opp. New English School Lane, Pune-411030
  10. 10. JAIPUR Archies Gallery Shop No. FF-3,4&5, Metropolitan Mall,Commercial Plot No.-1,2,3&4, Opp. Sahakar Bhawan Bhawani Singh Marg, Jaipur, (RAJ)
  11. 11. 2.1 Objectives  To collect and maintain relevant information regarding Recruitment & Selection in the organization.  Familiarization with the recruitment policies of Archies Ltd.  To highlight the selection process.  To have knowledge and understanding of job specification and job description of different positions in different departments.  To study the strengths and weaknesses of present recruitment and selection of the organization. 2.2 Managerial usefulness of the study  The study provides a complete knowledge of various fundamental concept related to recruitment & selection processes.
  12. 12.  The study helps in finding the weaknesses, if any in the organization and the steps taken to avoid them.  The suggestions from the employees will help management to make changes in the desired field. 2.3 Scope & Limitations of the study Scope:-  Scope of the study is to collect information regarding planning, recruitment & selection process of Archies Ltd.  To analyze the level of satisfaction of the employees in respect of the process followed in the organization. Limitations:-  The main source of data is primary data.  20 samples does not reflect the opinion of employees as whole.
  13. 13.  Time limit was another limitation and there may be possibility of committing a general error.  Due to change in time, policies may change. 2.4 Methodology Instrument used to measure the system in Archies Ltd. was of primary and secondary kinds .The primary source of data was through questionnaire schedule. The secondary source included brochures, annual reports, magazines, employee’s handbook, magazines and journals. SELECTION OF SAMPLES:- Sample size is 20. STATISTICAL TOOLS:- It is very difficult to have detailed knowledge of employees working in Archies Ltd. So the surveyor has taken 20 samples due to limited resources and time factor. The management ranks are working in different categories of different department. Thus it becomes equally justified to plan in such a way that it covers all departments.
  14. 14. TOOLS:-  Pie chart  Bar diagram  Text and statements DATA COLLECTION:- The questionnaire was served to senior manager, managers and employees. The likert scale was used for calculating scores, which is shown in every question immediately after the table. The points given for each scale are as follows  Strongly agree(5)  Moderately Agree(4)  Strongly Disagree(3)  Moderately disagree(2)  Can’t say(1) Score is calculated as per the following:- Points assigned to each 5-point scale* No. of responses / Sample size
  15. 15. The remark is given at the end of each question which is based on following calculation, if the score is: 4 and above = Excellent 3 to 4 = Average Below 2 = poor Interpretation is also made in each question on the basis of the table and graph shown in analysis chapter.
  16. 16. 3.1 Recruitment Definition: According to FLIPPO “Recruitment is the process of searching the candidate for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.” This is the positive aspect as it attracts suitable applicants to apply for available jobs. Sources of Recruitment:
  17. 17. Before an organization actively begins security applicants, it should consider the most likely source of the type of employee it needs. These sources may be termed as: INTERNAL SOURCES Internal sources include personal already on the pay roll of an organization i.e. its present working force. Whenever any vacancy occurs, sanctioning from within the organization is upgraded, transferred, promoted and sometimes demoted. This source also includes personal who where once on the pay roll of the company but who plan to return or whom the company would like to retire, such as those on leave or absence, those who exit volunteering or those on production lay. This source is used by many organizations, but a surprisingly large number ignore this source. It is not only reasonable but wise to use this source, if the vacancies to be filled out within the capacity of the present employer. These are as follows:  Transfer: It involves shifting of an employer from one job to another, one department to another or from one shift to another. Transfer is a good source of filling vacancies with employees from overstaffed departments or shifts.  Promotion: It leads to shifting an employee to a higher position carrying higher responsibilities, facilities, status & pay.
  18. 18. Merits of Internal Sources:  Employees are motivated to improve their performance.  Morale of the employees is increased.  Industrial peace prevails in the enterprise because of promotional avenues.  Transfer or job rotation is a tool of training the employees to prepare them for higher jobs. Demerits of Internal Sources:  When vacancies are filled through internal promotions, the scope for fresh talents is reduced.  The employees may become lethargic, if they are sure of time bound promotions.  The spirit of competition among the employees may be hampered.  Frequent transfers of employees may reduce the overall productivity of the organization. EXTERNAL SOURCES These sources lie outside the organization. They usually include:
  19. 19. i. New entrants to the labour force, i.e. young mostly un-experienced potential employees – the college students. ii. The unemployed – with a wide range of skills and abilities. These are as follows:  Campus Recruitment: Jobs in commerce & industry have become and complex to the point where college degrees or diploma are widely required. It is also known as educational institutions.  Consultants: Management consultancy firms help the organization to help recruit technical, professional and managerial personnel. They are specialize in middle level executive placements.  Employment Agency: Employment Agencies run by the government are regarded as a good source of recruitment for unskilled, semi-skilled & skilled operative jobs. They provide a nation-wide service in attempting to match personnel demand & supply.  Casual Callers: It avoids the cost of recruiting work force from other sources. They maintain pending folders for various jobs.  Media Advertisements: Advertisements in newspapers or trade and professional journals are generally used when qualified and experienced personnel are not available from other sources.  Labour Contractors:
  20. 20. They are important source of recruitment in some industries in India, workers are recruited through labour contractors who are themselves employees of the organization. Merits of External Sources:  Qualified Personnel  Wider Choice  Fresh Talent  Competitive Spirit Demerits of External Sources:  Dissatisfaction among existing staff.  Lengthy process.  Costly process.  Uncertain response. Specimen of Job Opening Form: ARCHIES LTD. JOB OPENING FORM 1. POST VACANT FOR :________________________________ 2. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:____________________________ 3. QUALIFICATION REQUIRED:_________________________ 4. SPECIALIZATION OF WORK AREA:_____________ 4. EXPECTED DATE FOR JOINING:______________________ 5. DEPARTMENT:_____________________________________
  21. 21. 6. LOCATION:__________________________________ 7. REPLACEMENT OR NEW:__________________________ 8. IF REPLACMENT: NAME OF PREVIOUS EMPLOYEE: ______________________ LAST GROSS SALARY: ________________________ TOTAL ARCHIES EXPERIENCE: ________________ 9. IF NEW, SALARY BRACKET TO BE OFFERED___________ 10. NAME OF THE H.O.D.:______________________________ 11. SIGNATURE OF H.O.D.:___________________________ 12. APPROVED BY THE EXEC.DIRECTOR_________________ Specimen of Training Assessment Form: TRAINING ASSESSMENT NAME OF SHOP HEAD:___________________________________ NAME OF GALLERY: ____________________________________ TYPE OF GALLERY: A) ARCHIES GALLERY B) STUPID CUPID
  22. 22. LACKING FIELD OF SALES MAN: ________________________________________________________ SKILLS TO TRAIN SALES MAN: ________________________________________________________ HOW OFTEN TRAINING SHOULD BE CONDUCTED 3.2 Selection Definition: According to YODER “The process of choosing applicable candidates from applicants whose skills match the requirements of the job.” The selection process is a critical process because it requires a heavy investment of money to get right type of people. Induction & training costs are also very high. That’s why selection is a negative process.
  23. 23. Benefits of selecting right kind of people for various jobs are:-  Proper selection & placements of personnel.  Competent employee will show higher efficiency and enable the organization to achieve its objectives effectively.  The rate of industrial accidents will be considerably low.  The morale of the employees who are satisfied with their jobs is often high. Offer Letter:- After the selection procedure when the candidate is selected, the organization gives him/her an offer letter for that particular post. Specimen of offer letter in ARCHIES Ltd. DATE: - / / 2010 To, MR. XYZ ABC Town, Mahabalipuram Gurgaon SUB: - OFFER LETTER
  24. 24. With reference to the interview with you, we wish to inform you that you have been selected for Archies Ltd. _______________at ____________. Your Compensation will be given at the time of the Appointment. Your expected date of joining is ___________ for issuing appointment letter. Please submit the documents as list given to you for issuing appointment letter. Please send the same before joining. Also enclosing an extra copy of an offer letter, please acknowledge the same and send as token of an acceptance. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to you enjoying a long & successful carrier in the Organization. Thanks For Archies Limited AMARJIT SINGH (HEAD-H.R & ADMIN.) 3.3 Formalities after selection JOINING FORMALITIES So you have got your appointment/transfer letter, you are wearing your best tie, and you report to your manager full of excitement and enthusiasm. Your manager briefs you on your assignment and you are all charged up. But before you joined, don’t forget the following So fill up:  The joining slip, joining report, and the company Bio-Data form;  The provident fund/family pension nomination/provident fund SSN form;
  25. 25.  The provident fund transfer form (if applicable);  Employees State Insurance form (if applicable); And submit;  Copies of educational certificates, testimonials, a passport sized photographs, and clearance/relieving/appointment letter from your previous employer (if applicable); And open;  A bank account at the prescribed bank (as given by HRD) All the above documents should be filled up/submitted to HRD within 48 hours of the Joining.  EMPLOYEE CODE NUMBER On receiving your joining papers, HRD allots you an Employee Code (EC). The EC Number Should be used in all future correspondence with Accounts and HRD. OFFICE TIMINGS Very simple come on time, and leave whenever you complete the assigned job.  Work Timings will be from 09:30 A.M. to 06:00 P.M.  Sundays are weekly holidays.  The Timings for lunch will be from 01:30 P.M. to 02:00 P.M. with two short breaks of tea. DRESS CODE Dressing by the company’s standards means well dressed and dressing not
  26. 26. below the standards . ATTENDANCE If you have read only the first sentence of clause 3, you can ignore this, Otherwise, go on.  -You are required to make your attendance on arrival and departure in a register or swipe the attendance card in the machine maintained for the same.  To get attendance for a full day, you have to account for the morning as well as evening attendance.  Late comings on account of on duty has to be regularized by submitting to HRD an OD slip approved by the immediate manager.  Any non-marking of attendance which is not supplemented by an OD slip or leave application will be treated as full day absence.  A grace period has also provided to attend the office i.e.15 minutes three times in a month and 1 hour three times in a month(maximum 2 hours at one time), Rest would be allowed separately. LEAVES There are three types of leaves-Earned Leave (EL), Casual Leave(CL), and Maternity Leave.  Earned leave:  15 days per year i.e.1 for every 20 working days.  Available in every April to all those have worked in previous year (next calendar year after day of joining for new employee).  Accumulation of maximum of 30 days, more than 30 days Leaves will be enchased.
  27. 27.  Casual leave:  12 days per year (after one month, In case of new joining).  Available 1 day per month and maxim of 3 days if not avail only for exam, serious illness.  Accumulation none, lapses after 31st of March.  Not encashable. HOW TO APPLY FOR LEAVE While all contingencies cannot be planned, plan the ones for which you are taking leave so that the company can make sufficient preparations to cope with your absence. For availing leave you must:  Get the leave sanctioned at least 1 day in advance in case of CL and 15 days in advance in case of EL from your Head of Department.  In case prior sanction cannot be obtained, it must be done on the day of reporting back on duty.  Any leave taken in excess of the above provisions will be treated as leave without pay.  Sanctioning of leave is a matter of mutual convenience. Leave has to be taken in a manner that it does not interfere with or negatively affect office work. HOLIDAYS All Sundays are full holidays. A list of other holidays available with all the departments (other than Head office, Branches may have different festivals they can interchange the holiday with prior intimation to HRD in writing).
  28. 28.  DISBURSEMENT OF SALARY  Salary for the previous month is remitted to the bank in the first week of the subsequent month.  You will get your first salary by cheque or cash. Thereafter your salary will be credited to your bank account.  Any discrepancy in salary should be intimated to HRD before the tenth of a particular month, so that corrections, if any can be incorporated in the subsequent month.  In case you are transferred to a new location, the reporting intimation slip containing your bank account number and employee code must reach HRD by the 5th of the month subsequent to the month of joining at the location.  The Income Tax liability, deduction shown on the pay-slip which you receive every month is based on the declaration of saving made by you. You must ensure that the IT savings/Investments made by you reach Accounts, so that IT deductions, if any, are correctly made. If there are any changes/errors the employee must notify HRD.  Any type of advance/imprested taken by you and if not settled on time, deductions will automatically be made from the salary.  PROVIDENT FUND (PF)  The company’s provident Fund Scheme, which is being administered by Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Delhi, is applicable to all employees as per rules who are in the rolls of the company.  Your contribution is at the rate of 12% of your basic salary and ARCHIES contributes an equal amount to your PF account. If you wish, you can increase your own contribution. In such cases, contribution of ARCHIES will be maximum of 12% of your basic salary. The entire contribution is payable to you in the following events:  If you retire after attaining 58 years.  In the event of your death (the amount will then be paid to the nominee as per the PF nomination form.
  29. 29.  If you retire due to permanent and total disability.  On your resigning from ARCHIES and joining an organization where PF is not applicable.  You are also a member of Family Pension Scheme and can avail it’s benefits on retirement. In the event of your death, Your nominee would avail the benefit. In such a case, the prescribed forms will have to be submitted to the office of Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Delhi.  You can change your nominee (e.g. after marriage) by filling up a new nomination form.  BONUS/EX-GRATIA  If your monthly basic salary is Rs.3500/- or less, you are eligible for bonus. The bonus will be @8.33% of the basic salary, or what the company, whichever is higher, declares.  If your monthly basic salary exceeding Rs.2500/- but below Rs.3500/-, bonus will be calculated on Rs.2500/-only.  If your monthly basic salary exceeds Rs.3500/- you may be paid Ex- gratia amount as declared by the company.  EMPLOYEE’S STATE INSURANCE  The Employee State Insurance is a social security scheme extended by the Government of India. The organization is under statuary obligation to extend the scheme to employees as per criteria laid down in ESI Act.  If your monthly salary is up to 1, 00,000/- per month, you will be covered under the ESI Act. In that case, your contribution is 1.75% of salary per month, which is deducted from your salary.  The employer’s contribution is 4.75% of salary per month.  You must complete all formalities related to coverage under ESI scheme and obtain your ESI identity cards from HRD, In case any problems, contact HRD.
  30. 30.  You can avail medical facilities for self, spouse, children and depended parents as per the declaration submitted to ESI at the allotted dispensary, and in the case of hospitalization, at the allotted hospital.  In case of illness requiring leave for two days or more, the ESIC will pay compensation to you for any loss of pay. You will have to submit medical certificate from a ESI dispensary and fitness certificate also from the ESI dispensary on resuming duty.  In case of accident while on duty or in field duty the intimation for the same must submitted by way of letter/telephone message by insured person to HRD.  PERFORMANCE EVALUATION AND CAREER ADVANCEMENT  Your performance will be continuously reviewed vis-à-vis previously set goals and targets, and a formal process of appraisal would take place on an annual basis.  Appraisal cycle becomes due 1st of April of every year.  These are on periodic reviews and provide feedback by the supervisor/Head of Department.  FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT  If you are leaving the company, you must give your letter of resignation to your reporting manager.  Once the resignation is accepted, you have to fill in the “No Dues Certificate” and get it signed by your Head of Department. You should also attach your pending claims (if any).  The resignation letter, duly signed in acceptance by the concerned Head of Department, along with the “No Dues Certificate” must be sent to HRD.
  31. 31.  The relieving letter will be issued to you only after the accepted resignation letter and completed NDC is received by HRD.  Full and final settlement of dues will be made within one month of issuing the relieving letter subject to NDC.  For withdrawal of PF, application has to be filled separately.  Along with the full and final settlement, the following things are to be taken care of:  Balance salary payable/recoverable.  Leave encashment.  Gratuity, if payable.  Bonus for the last financial year, if not already paid.  Recoveries for employee’s advance/imprested/loan outstanding and other company’s belongings.  IF SOMETHING IS BOTHRING YOU….. If something is bothering you, you should not hesitate to discuss it. The Reporting Manager is the people whom the employee can approach on a confidential basis. Since the reporting manager is the person who understands you best, it is recommended that he/she should be approached first. Also you can forward a copy of complete query to HRD.  CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE  Every employee observe courtesy and politeness and maintain the decorum and decency of the establishment where he is required to work.  Every employee shall attend his place of work in a proper dress and will abide by the instructions of the Management of the establishment from time to time.  General appearance: Our guests and we expect you to be a well groomed person, who projects warmth and graciousness at all times. Therefore, you will always need to look your best.
  32. 32.  Ladies Attire: Clean and in good repair. clothes neatly pressed. Footwear well Maintained.  Gents Uniform: Clean and in good repair. Neatly pressed. Shoes well polished.  Male employees should have short hair, neatly cut and should be clean shave (with exception of Sikh employees).  Every employee shall keep his work-place in a clean and hygienic condition at all time during working.  No employee shall take alcohol, cigarette, and tobacco inside the premises of the establishment and also while on duty anywhere else.  No employee shall take notes, photograph, drawings or sketches of any building, except in the discharge or his duties.  Every employee is expected to be law-abiding citizen and shall behave in a manner which will not contravene any law of the land, public decency or moral which is likely to bring bad name to the company.  CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS  No employee shall divulge or use, except in furtherance of the company’s business any business/trade or technical information which may come to his knowledge in the course of his employment in the company.  Employee except in so far as it may be necessary in the course of their duties, shall not, without the prior written consent of the management retain in their private possession any paper/documents/specifications/records etc. relating to the company business.  No employee shall acquire any patent right in relation to any products/goods to be manufactured by it or which the company makes or may make in the course of his employment.  GRATUITY  All permanent employees are covered under this scheme.
  33. 33.  Gratuity is payable as per provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.  It is payable on completion of 5 years from the date of joining, on; *Resignation/Cessation of service;  EMPLOYEE DEPOSIT LINKED INSURANCE  All permanent employees are covered under this scheme.  Every employee is covered up to Rs.74, 000/- in the event of death. 3.4 Documentation After the formalities are over, the employee has to fill the various forms regarding the job.
  34. 34. The documentation form includes the application booklet, e.s.i form, office use paper, H.R. recruitment form, checklist, feedback or telephonic enquiry, etc. Any candidate who has applied for the various posts has to fill the forms before joining (after training period) in the H.R. department. For outstation, the documentation would be done in the branch itself where the candidate is joining. After that the documents of the new joinee will be send to the head/registered/corporate office. The specimen for documentation in ARCHIES Ltd. will be as follows: ARCHIES LTD APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYEMENT Dated: - ---- /----/--- Head H.R. Archies Ltd,
  35. 35. A-17 Naraina Ind. Area, Photograph Phase-II New Delhi-28. Subject: - Application for the of___________________________ Dear Sir, In response to the advertisement dated______/_____/______ in _____________or through reliable sources of Co. Mr. /Ms_____________________________ working in____________(Division) or through job consultant M/s____________________,that a vacancy for the post of __________________________ exist. I offer my candidature for the said post. My particulars are as follows: Name (in block letter)__________________________________________________ Father’s/ Husband Name_______________________________________________ Mother Maiden Name__________________________________________________ Place of Birth_____________Age as on Date: ______Yr______Month Current Address & Telephone no Permanent Address & Telephone No. Ration Card No._________________ Voter Card No.__________________________ Passport No. ___________________ Driving License No.______________________ Driving Licence valid up to_______________I.D. Mark________________________ Religion _________Nationality____________Date Of Birth_____________________ ARCHIES LTD Sex_______________Blood Group__________Height________Weight___________ Marital Status______________________Marriage Date________________________
  36. 36. Pan No.________________________ Emergency Contact Name of the person_____________________________Relation_________________ Address & Tel No._____________________________________________________ Previous Employment Detail With Archies Ltd, if any: Have you served in this organization, if so? When Recruited Salary Department Date Of Leaving Reason Of Leaving References Please give Names, Address & Phone No. of two responsible persons not related to you to whom we may refer 1)___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 2)___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Relative if any, working in this Organization? Name Father’s Name Designation Department Expected Salary______________________________________________________ Time required for joining, If selected_____________________________________ ARCHIES LTD Family Detail As Per Annexure “A” Attached
  37. 37. Nominee Detail As Per Annexure “B” Attached Qualification Detail As Per Annexure “C” Attached (Educational/Professional/Technical) Employment Detail As Per Annexure “D” Attached I _________________________________, hereby declare solemnly that the above mentioned particulars and detail in annexure given by me are true and correct, and I accept them, If any of the above mentioned information is proved false then the Company may at any time dispense me with the service without giving any notice thereof. Date: / / Signature of Applicant ARCHIES LTD
  38. 38. Annexure “A” of The Application For Employment Form Family Detail Name of the Employee________________________________________________ I.D. Number of the Employee _________________________________________ (As per mentioned in Attendance Card/Salary Slip) Name & Address Date Of Birth Relation Residing with the Applicant (Yes/No) Occupation (Detail) __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Signature of Applicant ARCHIES LTD Annexure “B” of the Application For Employment Form Nominee Detail
  39. 39. Name of the Employee__________________________________________________ I.D. Number of the Employee ___________________________________________ (As per mentioned in Attendance Card/Salary Slip) Name & Address Date Of Birth Relation % Of Nomination Father’s /Husband Name 1)__________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ 2)___________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ 3)____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 4)___________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 5)____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Signature Of Applicant ARCHIES LTD Annexure “C” of The Application For Employment Form Education Qualification
  40. 40. Name Of the Employee_________________________________________________ I.D Number of the Employee ____________________________________________ (As per mentioned in Attendance Card/Salary Slip) Name of School/College Degree Year Of Passing Aggregate% Certificate Yes/No Professional/Technical Qualification Course Name & Address of The Institute Duration Year of Passing Certificate Yes/No 1)__________________________________ ____________________________________ 2)___________________________________ _____________________________________ 3)___________________________________ _____________________________________ Signature Of Applicant ARCHIES LTD Annexure “D” of The Employment Application Form Employment Detail
  41. 41. Name of the Employee________________________________________________ I.D. Number Of the Employee__________________________________________ (As per mentioned in Attendance Card/Salary Slip) From To Organization Name Address and Tel no. Position Held Total year Of Working Salary Drawn ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ Total work Experience_______________________Year(s)/Month(s)______________ Reason of Leaving______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Reporting System in Last Organization_____________________________________ ________________________________________Contact No ___________________ Mention any achievement in Last Organization______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Last Salary Drawn Gross (C.T.C.)__________________Net (Take in Home)_____________________ Signature of Applicant ARCHIES LTD
  42. 42. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Name of Candidate______________________________________ Interviewed by_____________________On dated______________________ Replacement of Mr./Ms._____________________________________________ Comments________________ Selected For (Deptt)_____ HeadQuarter_______________ Position__ Salary Recommended Gross (C.T.C.)___________ Net (Take Home) ___________ Joining Date________________________________ Job Responsibility fixed 1) _________________________________________________________________ 2)__________________________________________________________________ 3)__________________________________________________________________ 4)___________________________________________________________________ 5)___________________________________________________________________ 6)___________________________________________________________________ Reporting to Mr./Ms_ Designation____ Department Head H.R.Head Date: ARCHIES LTD
  43. 43. NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE __________________________________________ I.D.No_______________________________________________________________ H.R. Steps For Recruitment 1) Interviewed By (H.R.Deptt)_________________________________________ Signature___________________________________Date__________________ 2) Documents filled and verified by______________________________________ Signature__________________________Date___________________________ List of Documents to be Received Status (Yes/No) Remark Latest C.V (Bio-Data) Any age proof (Self-Attested) Educational Certificate (Self-Attested) Current Proof of Residence Last Employer’s certificates (Salary Proof / Relieving/Acceptance List of Document filled by H.R.Deptt Status (Yes/No) Remark Appointment Letter, ESI, P.F Forms, Bank Form 3) Personal File verified by______________________________________________ Signature_________________________________________Date___________ __ 4) Telephonic verification done by_______________________________________ Signature________________________________ Date____________________ ARCHIES LTD DOCUMENT STATUS PENDING/RECEIVED Name of the Employee
  44. 44. Card No Sl No Name of Documents Status 1 Photo I.D.Proof a)Driving License b)Ration card c) Pan card d) Voter I.D. Card e) f) 2 Education Certificate a) 10th Std b)12th Std c) Graduation d) e) 5 Last Employment Proof a)Appointment Letter b) Salary Slip c) Experience Certificate d) Releving Certificate f) g) 4 PHOTOGRAPH a) 5 passport size photograph b) post card size photograph( If ESI Covered) File Prepared by: Sign: Feedback Form (1) Previous Employment – Reference Check
  45. 45. Telephonic Enquiry of _________________________________________________ Name of the Previous Employer___________________________________________ __________________________________________Tel No:_____________________ Contact Person_________________________________________________________ Designation___________________________________________________________ Verification Feedback: (+) ve or (-) ve _____________________________________ Information Collected: (1) Behavioral Feedback:_____________________________________________ (2) Last Job Profile: _________________________________________________ (3) Reason of Leaving_______________________________________________ (4) Last Salary Withdrawn____________________________________________ (2) Personal Reference : Check Ref:1 Name Of Contact Person__________________________Relation________________ Contact No_________________________ Employed at________________________ Behavioral Feedback____________________________________________________ Ref:2 Name Of Contact Person__________________________Relation________________ Contact No_________________________ Employed at_______________________ Behavioral Feedback___________________________________________________ Name of Verifier: Verifier Sign: Date: 3.5 Issuing of Joining Letters
  46. 46. After fulfilling all the required documents in the H.R. Department, the department issues joining letters such as appointment letter, address verification, employment verification (if previously employed). Specimen of appointment letter REF- Arch/Hr/Jul/3603 DATED: - / /2010
  47. 47. MR. XYZ ABC Town, Mahabalipuram Gurgaon LETTER OF APPOINTMENT SUB: OFFER OF APPOINTMENT FOR THE POST OF __________ Dear Mr.XYZ Please refer to your application for employment dated _________and the discussions held while in your interview subsequently on _________. We hereby offer to you employment in our organization on the following terms and conditions: 1. Appointment: You are hereby appointed w.e.f _________ 2. Designation: You are being designated as _______________ 3. Salary & Perks: You shall be entitled to salary, perks and benefits as per Annexure-1 attached with this letter of appointment. 4. You will be on probation for six months from the date of joining, which can be extended at the sole discretion and satisfaction of the Management/ Company, based on your performance in all respects. During the probation period, your services can be terminated at any time without notice. Unless confirmed in writing you will continue to be on probation and the Management/company will be within its rights to dispense with your services without any notice or stating any reason during such period. 5. On successful completion of the probation period you will be confirmed in regular service in writing. The Management/ Company, however, reserve its right to pay one-month salary in lieu of the notice period for termination of services after your confirmation. The Management/Company may terminate your services if in its opinion your continuation in the service is detrimental to the interest of the management/ company by reasons of your misconduct, negligence or unsatisfactory work, continued ill health or inability to perform duties or breach of any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or of such rules as may be framed by the Management/Company from time to time.
  48. 48. 6. This offer of employment shall be valid subject to your being found medically fit and continuing to remain medically fit during the employment with the Management/Company. But, in the event of your continuous illness for a period of six months or more, your services are liable to be terminated by giving you one month's notice or salary in lieu thereof. 7. This appointment is based on the information supplied by you to us in your personal data from which otherwise, will be null and void if material (in the company's opinion) disclosed therein is found to be incorrect at any time. 8. Your appointment is based upon the assurance that your previous employer(s) have undisputedly and amicably released you from their employment. 9. Your place of posting will, at present is at ________. But you are liable to be transferred according to exigencies of work and solely at the discretion of the management from one post to another, from one department or shop to another, from one factory to another whether existing at present in the NCT Of Delhi or out of NCT Of Delhi or to be set up or taken over or acquired at a later date in the NCT Of Delhi or at any place n India. In case you are transferred out of Delhi, you will be given 3 days time for reporting besides traveling expenses. It will be your responsibility to make arrangement for your residential accommodation/ other arrangements, if any. Also the management can shift the place or places of working anywhere in India and in that event, you will report for work at the shifted place. However the wages, grade if any, continuity of service and other conditions of services will remain same and will not be adversely affected by such transfer 10.You will be governed by the certified standing orders, rules, regulations and office orders in force and framed by the company from time to time in relation to your service conditions, which will form part of your terms of employment. 11.That during the tenure of your service, you will keep your emoluments secret from other employees of this organization. Besides that you will always maintain strict secrecy regarding any technical or other business information gained or acquired by you or imparted to you in the course of your employment with the management/ company. In case you are found to be in breach of this clause, your services are liable to be terminated.
  49. 49. 12.You shall at all time maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and conduct yourself in a manner conducive to the best interests, credit and prestige of the Management/Company. 13.You shall not, at any time, work against the interests, credit and prestige of the Management/Company or commit any act, which is unbecoming of an employee. Any act against the basic and universally accepted understanding or any violation of any of these norms of behavior on your part will be viewed as misconduct and Management/Company will be competent to take disciplinary action against you. 14.If any time during your employment, you are found guilty of any act of misconduct, you may be suspended from service pending enquiry. During suspension period, you will be entitled to 50% of your salary towards suspension allowance subject to your marking of attendance on the working days at any time during working hours. While claiming suspension allowance, you will give neither an undertaking in writing that you were neither employed nor self employed during such period. 15.Your address as indicated in your application for appointment shall be deemed to be correct for sending any communication to you. In case there is any change in your residential address, you will intimate the same in writing to the Manager (HRD) within three days from the date of such change and get such change of address recorded. Every communication addressed to you at the given address shall be deemed to have been served upon you. 16.You will be retired from the services of the Management/Company on attaining the superannuating age of 58 years, or earlier, for physical disability or infirmity or in case you contact a disease which is infectious or contagious or detrimental to others' health or for continued ill health, duly certified by the Medical Officer of the Management/Company. 17.Your service may be terminated earlier as per terms of appointment or work not available for you where you are employed or the department /section does not remain in existence. 18.At the time of joining service, you will be required to submit documentary evidence of your age, academic/professional qualifications/experience which is mandatory for your confirmation/continuation in service.
  50. 50. 19.This letter is being sent to you in duplicate. Please return the duplicate copy of the same to us appending your full signatures on all pages, as token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions, for our record. 20.This appointment shall be effective from the date of your joining duties. You are required to report for duty latest by/on / /2010 failing which this offer would be treated as cancelled. For Archies Limited AMARJIT SINGH (Head – H.R.&Admin.)
  51. 51. S W O T ANALYSIS Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
  52. 52. 4.1 Introduction Of SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a basic, straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It accomplishes this by assessing an organizations strengths (what an organization can do) and weaknesses (what an organization cannot do) in addition to opportunities (potential favorable conditions for an organization) and threats (potential unfavorable conditions for an organization). SWOT analysis is an important step in planning and its value is often underestimated despite the simplicity in creation. The role of SWOT analysis is to take the information from the environmental analysis and separate it into internal issues (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats). Once this is completed, SWOT analysis determines if the information indicates something that will assist the firm in accomplishing its objectives (a strength or opportunity), or if it indicates an obstacle that must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results (weakness or threat) (Marketing Strategy, 1998).
  53. 53. 4.2 Uses of SWOT Analysis The usefulness of SWOT analysis is not limited to profit-seeking organizations. SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation when a desired end-state (objective) has been defined. Examples include: non-profit organizations, governmental units, and individuals. SWOT analysis may also be used in pre-crisis planning and preventive crisis management. SWOT analysis may also be used in creating a recommendation during a viability study/survey. A SWOT analysis process generates information that is helpful in matching an organization or group’s goals, programs, and capacities to the social environment in which it operates. The ‘SWOT’ itself is only a data capture exercise  Strengths: positive tangible and intangible attributes, internal to an organisation and within the organisation’s control.  Weaknesses: internal factors within an organisation’s control that detract from the organisation’s ability to attain the desired goal. Which areas might the organisation improve?  Opportunities: external attractive factors that represent the reason for an organisation to exist and develop. What opportunities exist in the environment, which will propel the organisation? Identify them by their ‘time frames’.  Threats: external factors beyond the organisation’s control which could place the organisation mission or operation at risk. The organisation may benefit by having contingency plans to address them if they should occur. Classify them by their severity and probability of occurrence. It is important to note the strengths and weaknesses are intrinsic value-creating skills or assets, or the lack of, relative to competitive forces. Opportunities and threats are external factors which are not created by the organisation, but emerge as a result of the competitive dynamics caused by future gaps in the market.
  54. 54. 4.3 Merits & Demerits of SWOT Analysis Merits  Simple four box framework & flexible.  Facilitates the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.  Encourages the development of strategic thinking.  Enables a management team to focus on strengths & build opportunities.  Can enable an organisation to anticipate future business threats and take action to avoid or minimize their impact.  Can enable an organisation to spot business opportunities and exploit them fully. Demerits  It is easy to use scant data.  To be effective, this needs to be undertaken on a regular basis.  The best reviews require different people being involved each having a different perspective.  Access to quality internal data sources, this can be time consuming and politically difficult  The pace of change makes it increasingly difficult to anticipate developments that may affect an organisation in the future.  The risk of capturing too much data is that it may make it difficult to see the wood for the trees and lead to ‘paralysis by analyses.  The data used in the analysis may be based on assumptions that subsequently prove to be unfounded (good and bad).
  55. 55. 4.4 SWOT Analysis of ARCHIES Ltd. Let’s analyze SWOT in order to know as to where the company stands STRENGTH  Innovative & Unique product range  Better product life & durability  Right products, quality & reliability WEAKNESS  Lack of competition  Prices of products.  No repetition of products OPPORTUNITIES
  56. 56.  Good profit margins  Proper advertisements THREATS  Retailer pressure  Retention of key staff  Possible critical negative publicity
  57. 57. Ques: Is there any well defined recruitment policy? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 STRONGLY AGREE Moderately Agree STRONGLY DISAGREE Moderately Disagree CAN'T SAY OPTIONS NO.OFEMPLOYEESIN% SCORE: 4.4 SAMPLE SIZE: 20 SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Strongly agree (5) 9 45% 2 Moderately agree (4) 10 50% 3 Strongly disagree (3) 1 5% 4 Moderately disagree (2) 0 - 5 Can’t say (1) 0 -
  58. 58. INTERPRETATION  45% of the employees are strongly agreed that there is well defined recruitment policy.  50% of the employees are moderately agreed that there is well defined recruitment policy.  5% of the employees are strongly disagreed that there is well defined recruitment policy. Ques: Is principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 STRONGLY AGREE Moderately Agree STRONGLY DISAGREE Moderately Disagree CAN'T SAY OPTIONS NO.OFEMPLOYEESIN% SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Strongly agree (5) 4 20% 2 Moderately agree (4) 12 60% 3 Strongly disagree (3) 1 5% 4 Moderately disagree (2) 2 10% 5 Can’t say (1) 1 5% SCORE: 3.8 SAMPLE SIZE: 20
  59. 59. INTERPRETATION  20% of the employees are strongly agreed that principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed.  60% of the employees are moderately agreed that principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed.  5% of the employees are strongly disagreed that principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed.  10% of the employees are moderately disagreed that principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed.  5% of the employees can’t say that principal of right man for the right job is strictly followed. Ques: Which internal or external source of recruitment is followed by the company? EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE CAMPUS INTERVIEW ADVERTISEMENT PROMOTION TRAINING SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Employment exchange 0 - 2 Campus interview 6 30% 3 Advertisement 10 50% 4 Promotion 2 10%
  60. 60. 5 Training 2 10% SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION  30% of the employees said that recruitment is made through campus interview  50% of the employees said that recruitment is made through advertisement.  10% of the employees said that recruitment is made through promotion.  10% of the employees said that recruitment is made through training.
  61. 61. Ques: Recruitment is made according to ……. IMMEDIATE NEED YEARLY WISE BOTH ANY OTHER SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Immediate need 11 55% 2 Yearly wise 2 10% 3 Both 5 25% 4 Any other 2 10% SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION  55% of the employees said that recruitment is made according to immediate need.  10% of the employees said that recruitment is made according to Yearly wise need.  25% of the employees said that recruitment is made according to both the needs.  10% of the employees said that recruitment is made according to any other need.
  62. 62. Ques: Is any traveling allowance given for outstation candidates who are called for interview? YES NO SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Yes 10 50% 2 No 10 50% SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION 1. 60% of the employees said that traveling allowance is given for outstation candidates who are called for interview. 2. 40% of the employees said that traveling allowance is not given for outstation candidates who are called for interview.
  63. 63. Ques: Is the employee aware of the positive and negative effects of the job? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 STRONGLY AGREE Moderately Agree STRONGLY DISAGREE Moderately Disagree CAN'T SAY OPTIONS NO.OFEMPLOYEESIN% SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Strongly agree (5) 7 35% 2 Moderately agree (4) 11 55% 3 Strongly disagree (3) 2 10% 4 Moderately disagree (2) 0 - 5 Can’t say (1) 0 - SCORE: 4.25 SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION  35% of the employees are strongly agreed that the employee aware of the positive and negative effects of the job.  55% of the employees are moderately agreed that the employee aware of the positive and negative effects of the job.  10% of the employees are strongly disagreed that the employee aware of the positive and negative effects of the job.
  64. 64. Ques: Do you think succession planning is done in advance? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 STRONGLY AGREE Moderately Agree STRONGLY DISAGREE Moderately Disagree CAN'T SAY OPTIONS NO.OFEMPLOYEESIN% SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Strongly agree (5) 2 10% 2 Moderately agree (4) 12 60% 3 Strongly disagree (3) 2 10% 4 Moderately disagree (2) 1 5% 5 Can’t say (1) 3 15% SCORE: 3.45 SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION 1. 10% of the employees are strongly agreed that succession planning is done in advance. 2. 60% of the employees are moderately agreed that succession planning is done in advance. 3. 10% of the employees are strongly disagreed that succession planning is done in advance. 4. 5% of the employees are moderately disagreed that succession planning is done in advance. 5. 15% of the employees can’t say that succession planning is done in advance.
  65. 65. Ques: Is induction programmed is conducted immediately after the recruitment? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 STRONGLY AGREE Moderately Agree STRONGLY DISAGREE Moderately Disagree CAN'T SAY OPTIONS NO.OFEMPLOYEESIN% SL.NO OPTIONS IN NUMBER IN PERCENTAGE 1 Strongly agree (5) 12 60% 2 Moderately agree (4) 7 35% 3 Strongly disagree (3) 1 5% 4 Moderately disagree (2) 0 - 5 Can’t say (1) 0 - SCORE: 4.55 SAMPLE SIZE: 20 INTERPRETATION 1. 60% of the employees are strongly agreed that Induction programmed is conducted immediately after the recruitment. 2. 35% of the employees are moderately agreed that Induction programmed is conducted immediately after the recruitment. 3. 5% of the employees are strongly disagreed that Induction programmed is conducted immediately after the recruitment.
  66. 66. 6.1 Findings  Organization follow manpower planning in a very systematic way but being systematic they have to follow various steps & it is found to be very time consuming.  Organization has been successful in removing the surplus manpower.  Job specification and job description are well defined to all employees and they know what is expected of them. Everything is properly documented and gives in black and white.  There is no fix percentage of employees that are to be recruited for each source every year.
  67. 67. 6.2 Suggestions  Evaluate current skill-set using a suitable skills audit tool.  Identify any skills gap between what people have and what is needed.  Work with the human resources team and use tools like the People Skills Scoreboard to assess your needs and targets.  Evaluate the process using a suitable audit tool.  Recruitment activities could be combined for the purpose of cutting on advertisement costs and cost involved in holding of interviews plus outside help could taken for organizing interviews.  Summer trainees should be allowed to avail various welfare facilities like travel free in company buses, subsidized food etc. so as to attract them to apply for job in ARCHIES Ltd.  Organization should continue using redeployment, retrenchment and instruments like VRS in order to reduce effectively its staff in areas of surplus.
  68. 68. 6.3Feedback form by Employee Specimen of feedback form ARCHIES LTD FEEDBACK & ISSUE FORM  Information about Employee 1. Name of the Employee……………………I.D./Card No………….. 2. Date of Joining…………………….Department………………….. 3. Name of Br Manager………………Name of H.O.D……………… 4. Department or Branch Address ……………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………  Issues with Employee 1. Do you have faced any problem with your employment/employee/employer so far ………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………. 2. Have you shared this problem with your Senior/H.R Deptt .......................................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................... ...............................................................................
  69. 69. 3. If Yes, Have you got the solution of the problem & what was that solution? ……………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………… Who solved your problem? …………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………….. Does that solution really work out to solve your problem?  Yes………………….  No………………….. 4. If No, What was the reason of not sharing that problem with the Senior / H.R Deptt? 1. Fear of not getting appropriate solution: Yes/No……………….. 2. No one is there is to listen your problem: Yes/No………………. 3. This will create bad image in front of Senior: Yes /No…………. 4. This will hamper your growth: Yes /No………………………… 5. If any other than kindly mention it: Yes /No……………………. 5. Do you find any changes in Archies Ltd from date of joining till date. If Yes than (Explain briefly in your words)  It was positive changes…………………………………… …………………………………………………………….  It was negative changes…………………………………... ……………………………………………………………  Feedback of an Employee
  70. 70. 1. Your suggestion to make Archies Ltd wonderful place to work ……………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….. 2. What is the motivation part of your employment?  Appreciation from Senior  Recognition among colleague  Growth in Employment  Non Cash Gifts  Cash Gifts 3. What is your future plan with Archies Ltd? ………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………….. Hereby I assure you that all the information given above is authentic & is not given in influence of anybody else Thanks Date:
  71. 71. JOB SATISFACTION NAME: AGE: MARITAL STATUS: DESIGNATION: QUALIFICATION: 1. Do you get recognition at your work place?  Yes  No  Can’t say  Partially 2. Do you have any knowledge about promotion policies of your organization? If yes, are you satisfied?  Indifferent  Not-Satisfied  Satisfied 3. Are you satisfied with the work environment of your organization ?  Yes  No 4. Do you think you are rewarded for your hard work?  Yes  No 5. Do you think your salary is according to your qualifications & experience & Seniority?
  72. 72.  Yes  No  Can’t say 6. Do you think that JOB ROTATION & JOB SHIFTING makes you happy?  Yes  No  Can’t say 7. Do you feel free to give suggestions and is mgt giving you a chance to participate in decision making ?  Yes  No  Can’t say 8. How are your relations with your colleagues and subordinates?  Respectful & Friendly  Cordial,  Non-Cordial 9. How you would relate your relations with your superiors?  Supportive  Cordial  Non- Cordial  Interfering 10.Do you feel like changing job gives you more satisfaction?  Never thought  Most of time  Rarely  Occasionally
  73. 73. 11.Do you think your presence is important for completion of work in your organization ?  Yes  No 12. Are you satisfied with your job?  Fully satisfied  Not satisfied  Partially satisfied 13.Have you been any time rewarded for your best & outstanding performance?  Yes  No 14.What gives you JOB SATISFACTION?  Monetary Benefits  Recognition  Promotion  Appreciation Letter
  74. 74. 8.1 Reference & Bibliography  Annexure from the organization  Data base provided by the organization  Manuals, reports from the organization    