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Presentation on change of logo of archis


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Change of Logo of Archis

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Presentation on change of logo of archis

  1. 1. CHANGE IN THE ARCHIES LOGO-why and how did it affect the organisation? TOPIC
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF INCEPTION  Idea about a business, dealing with gift merchandise, incepted from a saree shop in Delhi owned by Anil Moolchandani.(in 1979)  Customers of the shop showed interest in the posters displayed at the shop.  First order worth of Rs.12.00 came from a customer in Lucknow.
  3. 3.  With increasing sales they launched greetings card which were initially miniaturized version of posters.  This series was named P-series.  The success of P-series created distribution channel.  In 1981, Archies held their first distributor’s meet in New Delhi.
  4. 4. ARCHIES LIFE CYCLE 1984 •Acquired license from WALT DISNEY & three other companies for design 1987 •Inauguration of first Archies gallery at Kamal Nagar ,New Delhi. •This was an instant success. It is running successfully till now. 1993 •Celebrated the opening of 100th shop in India. 1995 •Introduced franchisee service in the business 2000 •Idea about online business through virtual shop came into reality. •This attempt is not appeared to be that much successful •Revenue earned through virtual shop is nearly 1%-1.5%
  5. 5. INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM LIVE SOURCE  Name of the person- S.Venkataraman  Designation –Senior marketing executive  Office address -220, AJC BOSE ROAD [Corporate & distribution office]
  6. 6. ACCORDING TO MR.S.VENKATARAMAN THE NEED FOR CHANGINGTHE LOGO ARRIVED BECAUSE THINKING BEHIND ARRIVING AT NEW LOGO  The former logo was there in the market for 30 long years.  It became less appealing to the younger generation.  Younger generation must not think that it was the same brand their parents grew up with.  The logo is in Red colour & a big heart is incorporated to focus the vibrant nature of the brand.
  7. 7. IN THE PRESS CONFERENCE OF THE COMPANY…..they said “The new look of Archies will reflect in the stores which will have a brighter fresher look. The stores will sport the new logo and exude warmth, with the liberal use of new house colours in décor & internal .The attempt is to communicate to the customers that the Archies store is the fresh ,new rejuvinated kid in town.”
  8. 8. RECOMMENDATION AGGRESSIVE MARTEKING  Proper marketing was not done.  People were not at all aware about the change of the logo , only few people were aware about the fact.  No advertisement were released in print media or electronic media.  Only formal press meeting was done.
  9. 9. RECOMMENDATION(cont..) AWARENESS INSIDETHE ORGANIZATION  Employees have not any clear idea about the change in logo.  Retailers are also not much convenient about the exact reasons for the change.  They are not even instructed to accumulate the customer’s feedback about the change.  Senior marketing executive officer was the only person having knowledge about the change that too very little.
  10. 10. LIMITATION LIMITATIONS TOTHE STUDENTS LIMITATIONS TOTHE ORGANIZATION  Difficult to get data from live source.  Difficult to analyze the organizational structure.  Awareness about the reasons behind the change are not clear to many employees.  Awareness amongst the customer about the change is very low.
  11. 11. AFFECT ON THE ORGANISATION DUE TO THE CHANGE According to s.venkataraman there has been no change in the designation of employees nor there has been any change in its functioning. it was just a change to attract the youth.and as the change is very new it has not yet shown much affect even on the sales.
  12. 12. ANALYSIS ACCORDING to our survey we find that the structure of archies might have the following characterestics... DEPARTMENTALISATION-by functions WORK SPECIALIZATION-high FORMALISATION-high No transparency in between the levels so must be CENTRALISED  SPAN OF CONTROL-broad so we think the organisation could have a BOUNDARYLESS STRUCTURE.
  13. 13. •After talking with the senior marketing executive S.VENTAKARAMAN we found that this change was just an decision of the higher authorities and the lower level managers and others had a very little knowledge regarding it. •It was a second order change as it was a change in the total outlook of the organisation. •According to our survey results this change in logo was just to gain the attraction of the youth and to make them feel that this ARCHIES is for the present generation and not the same as of their parents. •We think this because very few people of the organisation has a very few information for its change
  14. 14. Campus Ahmedabad Campus: Karnavati KnowledgeVillage, A/907,Uvarsad, S.G.Highway, Gandhinagar Kolkata Campus: Infinity BenchmarkTower 10th Floor, Plot - G1, Block - EP& GP, Sec -V, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Reg. Office: 407, Zodiac Square, 4th Floor Opp. Gurudwara, S.G. Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.