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presentation deals on how archies ltd came into existence,about its owner and its products ,revenue,tagline and punchline of its common products

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  1. 1. 2  About Archies  Origin of Archies  History of Archies  About the Founder of Archies  Tagline  About the products  Products  Punchline  Owners  Turnover
  2. 2. 3  Archies Limited (earlier called Archies Greetings and Gifts Ltd.) is an Indian company based in New Delhi Archies Limited is in the business of manufacturing and selling greeting cards and other social expression products such as gifts and posters. Archies has a market share of about 50% of India's greeting cards market.  Archies has about 2000 outlets and franchisees, called Archies Galleries, spread across 120 cities and 6 countries. It has tie-ups and licensing arrangements for merchandising characters such as Dennis the Menace and Disney characters. It has arrangements with Paramount Cards Inc., Anne Geddes, and American Greetings, for greeting card design and name use.
  3. 3. 4 Archies was the brainchild of Delhi-based Anil Moolchandani (Anil), whose family business was selling saris . His first order, worth Rs. 12 (now US$ 0.25) came from a customer in Lucknow. The business mounted, and in 1981, the company held its first distributors' meet in New Delhi. In 1984, Archies acquired its first foreign license from Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck began appearing on Indian greeting cards.
  4. 4. 5  Archies Greetings & Gifts Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 22nd May, and took over the partnership firm. The Company was converted into a Public Limited Company. Subsequently a fresh certificate of incorporation was issued on 7th April, 1995.  The company entered into a technical collaboration with American Greetings Corp., USA for designs. The items were sold under the brand name of 'Paper Rose‘  In 1998 The Company appointed distributors in USA, UK and Canada. Besides the company has 14 franchisees outside India.  Also, a very innovative system of recorder ticketing was introduced for effective inventory control. Two such stores, one at Nagpur and the other at Delhi were opened in 1998  The Company recently introduced cards in Indian language such as Marathi cards for Sankranthi, Gurumukhi cards for Baisakhi and for Khalsa Tricentenary celebrations.  Archies Greetings is a leader in the greeting cards segment. Besides, it manufactures stationery and other gifts in 1999.  Recently, Archies has introduced its millennium 2000 and vernacular cards in Marathi, Sankranthi and Gurumukhi.  Archies Greetings & Gifts Ltd (AGGL), a Delhi-based company engaged in the greeting cards and gifts business, has recently test launched its range of perfumes and deodorants for men and women and also room fresheners as brand extensions in the gifts business.  The Company has launched a new range of greeting cards which are in Hindi. It has introduced a total of 45 designs in 2000.
  5. 5. 6  Archies was the brainchild of Delhi-based Anil Moolchandani (Anil), whose family business was selling saris. In the late 1970s, he decided to buy and sell good- quality posters through mail-order catalogs, advertised in one of the popular magazines in those days,  When the demand increased, he started getting posters of film stars, natural sceneries and other subjects of interest, printed by local printers.. Anil then decided to enter the greeting cards business.  He observed that in India, cards were typically sold out of dusty shoeboxes marked 'Birthday' and 'Anniversary' kept in the corners of stationery shops. In 1979, Anil and his brother Jagdish Moolchandani (Jagdish) got 'Archies Gifts & Greetings' registered as a partnership concern for starting the greeting cards business. The name Archies was chosen after Anil took a fancy to a neighbor's dog named Archie. During a visit to South East Asia, Anil was impressed with the exclusive greeting card shops offering good ambience and soft backdrop music. He said, "The card shops there were like a Raymond or Bata showroom here. If we had to retail, we had to have a proper shop." He decided to try out this concept in India as well, which led to the launch of the first Archies' outlet in Delhi in 1984, named 'Gift Gallery...'
  6. 6. 7 "The Most Special Way to Say You Care".
  7. 7. 8  The Company operates through three segments: greeting cards, stationery and gifts. The Company offers accessories, bags and wallets, chocolates, clocks, gifts, greeting cards, home decor, jewelry, kids’ stuff, perfumes, personalized gifts, premium gifts, soft toys, stationery and watches. The Company offers its products for various occasions . It offers corporate gifts, which include corporate essentials, stationery, greeting cards, gift hampers and home decor.
  8. 8. Greeting Cards Decorative Mugs Chocolates Soft Toys Watches Photo Frames
  9. 9. 10 Stationary Items Handbags Showpieces Jewellery Perfumes Paper Bags
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  12. 12. 13 Category of Shareholder No. of Share- holder s Total NO. of Share s Total No. of Shares held in Dematerialized Form Total Shareholding as a % of total No. of Shares As a % of (A+B)As a % of (A+B+C) Shares pledged or otherwise encumbered Number of shares As a % of Total No. of Shares (A) Shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group (1) Indian Individuals / Hindu Undivided Family 8 20,454,600 20,454,600 60.55 60.55 Sub Total 8 20,454,600 20,454,600 60.55 60.55 (2) Foreign Total shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group (A) 8 20,454,600 20,454,600 60.55 60.55
  13. 13. (B) Public Shareholding (1) Institutions Financial Institutions / Banks 3 81,085 81,085 0.24 0.24 Insurance Companies 1 75,000 75,000 0.22 0.22 Foreign Institutional Investors 3 2,000 500 0.01 0.01 Sub Total 7 158,085 156,585 0.47 0.47 Individuals - - - - - - Individual shareholders holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh 14,829 9,577,318 9,258,266 28.35 28.35 Individual shareholders holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh 7 661,511 661,511 1.96 1.96 Any Others (Specify) 240 694,617 694,117 2.06 2.06 Clearing Members 121 306,340 306,340 0.91 0.91 Trusts 1 2,000 2,000 0.01 0.01 Others 5 225,710 225,710 0.67 0.67 Non Resident Indians 113 160,567 160,067 0.48 0.48 Sub Total 15,422 13,167,31 5 12,834,258 38.98 38.98
  14. 14. 15  During the year under review your Company recorded a turnover of Rs.19630.89 Lacs as compared to Rs. 20127.74 Lacs in the previous financialyear, down by 2.47%. The Net Profit for the same period stands at X524.24 Lacs as against Net profit of Rs. 700.75 Lacs in the previousyear.  In the challenging market scenario there has been slight dip in theSales and the Profitability of the Company. The turnover of the companyconstitutes of:  - The Turnover of the Gift segment is Rs. 12343.93 Lacs as compared to Rs.12486.48 Lacs previous year, down by 1.14%.  - The Turnover of the Greeting card segment is Rs. 4553.80 Lacs ascompared to Rs. 4854.56 Lacs previous year, down by 6.20%,  - The stationery sale is Rs. 2599.86 Lacs as compared to X 2613.29 Lacsin the previous year, down by 0.51 %.  The Company owned / managed stores have significantly contributedtowards turnover and the profits.
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