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GIFT - Presentation

  1. 1. Gujarat International Finance Tec –City (GIFT ) – A City for the Next Generation India Gujarat International Finance Tec – City March ‘09 1
  2. 2. Background • India need to tap its Financial Services Potential : - Need to have globally benchmarked Financial Services Hub • Existing Cities do not match up to the expectations in respect of working and living lifestyle • What is needed: - To design such a centre leading to global competitiveness - To capitalize on the existing strengths of the region GIFT provides this solution 2
  3. 3. Presentation Structure GIFT: The Value Proposition Project Overview Business Plan 3
  4. 4. GIFT: The Value Proposition 4
  5. 5. GIFT : Value Propositions Gujarat: Ideal Destination Strong Aesthetics Promoters/ PPP Global Benchmarking GIFT Defined Positioning Integrated Developme Strategic nt Location Partners in Progress 5
  6. 6. Gujarat is an ideal destination for developing a ‘Best-in-Class’ Financial Service Center Key Competitive Factor Gujarat People Gujarat has adequate employable pool and offers high potential for inward migration Business Environment Gujarat has demonstrated successfully its forte of providing conducive business environment Market Access Gujarat provides a strong platform for launch of new financial products/services Infrastructure A key focus area of Government, Infrastructure continues to contribute to economic development General Competitiveness Overall, the state stands tall 6
  7. 7. Strong Partners : Public Private Partnership An Opportunity A Pro-active State Govt IL&FS • Booming demand in Financial • State Govt. of Gujarat (GoG) • A premiere institution with a & IT Services spearheading a slew of proven track record in initiatives to usher economic infrastructure and financial • India’s financial capital, prosperity through public- services Mumbai, saddled with crumbling infrastructure and sky-rocketing cost of business operations + private efforts and investment in the State + • Pioneer in launching infrastructure projects on a PPP model in India • Set itself the highest target • Lack of any methodically CAGR of 11.4 % under India’s • Widespread experience in planned and developed world- 11th 5-year plan planning and development of class International Finance large-scale commercially Centre (IFC) viable Infrastructure projects Gujarat Urban Development Company Limited (GUDC ) & Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. (IL&FS) entered into 50:50 Joint Venture on May 15, 2007 to conceive, plan and develop Gujarat International Finance Tec-City On Public Private Partnership Format 7
  8. 8. Defined Positioning The Concept GIFT aspires to catalyze India’s Largest Financial Services potential by To target 6-8% of Creation of 1 Mn 90 Mn sq ft of real offering world class infrastructure to attract top talent in the country Financial Services direct & indirect estate office and Potential in India jobs residential space Source :Mckinsey Report, Hewitt Research GIFT’s Target Business Segments Financial services operations 1. National Financial services operations’ hub • Would require about 800 Core 2. Regional/functional Head quarters for financial Financial services services players Mn sq ft of office space all Financial Services corporate centre 3. National head quarters for players over india Select product 4. Private Banking hub for NRIs/ Regional HNWs • GIFT aspires to capture a markets 5. International microfinance hub modest 6% to 8% share of Capital Markets 6. International commodity trade hub these categories and Trading 7. Participation in global capital markets • Ancillary and support 8. Global Hub for IT services for Financial services IT services services would add similar sector 9. Global Hub for BPO services for Financial job opportunities ITeS/BPO services services sector Source: McKinsey Analysis 8
  9. 9. Strategic Locational Advantage Distance Primary Travel (kms) Mode Ahmedabad 12 Road@- Direct Connectivity; Gandhinagar 8 Transit Systems Air* ( 1 hr flying Mumbai 545 time), Train (8 hrs) @ GIFT site currently abuts a four lane National Highway connecting Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar (LRTS and expressway to be developed) * The Ahmedabad Intnl. Airport - the nearest Airport to GIFT - is very well connected to Mumbai with over 12 flights a day (one way) 9
  10. 10. Partners in Progress Design & Architecture Consortium of East China Architectural Design Institute (ECADI) & Fairwood India Pvt. Ltd. Market Demand Assessment ICT Advisory Services Talent Demand Assessment Environmental Aspects Environment Real Estate Assessment Legal Consultant Process Management Infrastructure 10
  11. 11. Integrated Development Residential Housing Projects: Technology • Well planned residential housing • Broadband FTTP projects • WiFi/Wimax • Walk-to-work layouts • Shared IT Services • Global Connectivity Basic Infrastructure • Uninterrupted and highlyHigh Rise business district reliable power supply• Benchmark office high-rise (99.999%) district to be created with • Next Class: Water, Waste landmark buildings Management, District• Total ~143 mn sq. ft. built-up Cooling area (~91 mn sq. ft. above ground) Retail cum entertainment hubs • High quality entertainment malls to Social Infrastructure: be set up • Educational Institutes to be Overall Connectivity/ • Over 60% of the space is planned to established Transport be green • International Schools for • External Connectivity primary education includes • Privatized hospitals with MRTS/BRTS/Roads infrastructure to be established • Public-Private Modal Split 90:10 • Personalized Rapid Transit (PRT) System 11
  12. 12. GIFT is positioned very favorably in comparison to other key Indian cities… Indian cities GIFT Key initiatives envisaged Comparative position Parameters on a scale of 10 Attractive sustainable local economy 2.1 5 Gift being promoted as a hub for capital markets Investor-friendly nodal agency proposed to facilitate Stable political environment 1.8 6 single window clearance on government regulation Highly developed infrastructure 3.9 6 State of the art infrastructure proposed within GIFT External connectivity proposal exclusively made for Strategic geographical location 2.7 5 GIFT International standards proposed for residential, Good quality of life 3.2 6 educational and recreational facilities Source: McKinsey Analysis 12
  13. 13. … and also has been designed to be at par or above with Globally Benchmarked IFCs Paris (La Defense) Tokyo (Shinjuku) London (Dockyards) Pudong (Lujiazui) GIFT Paris Tokyo London Pudong GIFT (La Defense) (Shinjuku) (Dockyards) (Lujiazui) Land use Scale (sq km) 1.6 1.6 1.05 1.7 2.02 Construction Scale (in mn sq m) 2.5 1.6 1.1 4.5 8.4 Greenbelt (in thousand sq m) 40 120 50 363 615 Height (m) 200 250 250 490 410 Source: ECADI/Fairwood Consultants In terms of scale and sheer physical scope, GIFT is being designed to be at or above par with presently acknowledged Globally Benchmarked International Financial Centers (IFCs) 13
  14. 14. GIFT: Skyline The skyline of GIFT is formed by a series of landmark structures. 3 buildings are above 350 mt, 27 above 150 m and 31above 100 m height. 14
  15. 15. GIFT: Bird Eye View Skyline along the prime waterfront is expected to follow the profile depicted with limited fluctuation 15
  16. 16. Project Overview 16
  17. 17. Master Plan Area : GIFT will spur development in the region Integrated Townships C GIFT GIDC CONVENTION CENTRE RIVER FRONT DEVELOPMENT 17
  18. 18. TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT (TOD)• 2 Multimodal Transit Nodes• 10:90 Modal Split between Private : Public Transport• Aiming for Zero fatal accidental city 18
  19. 19. Well-Defined Building Packages Building Packages carved out based on • No. of Building Packages: 30 • Total Built-up Area: ~143 mn. sq. ft. (~91 mn. sq. ft. above ground) • Largest Building Package: 10.2 mn. sq. ft. BUA • Smallest Building Package: 0.9 mn. sq. ft. BUA • Height of tallest tower: 405 mt. • Urban façade and character • Walk-to-work environment • Accessibility to Core and Basic infrastructure 19
  20. 20. The GIFT Real Estate Component comprises Office, Service and Residential facilities Area GIFT Land use (in %) BUA 19% 37% (Million In % Component Residential+ Commercial Sq.Ft.)* 11% Green space + Water bodies Residential 22 23% PSP Transpotation Commercial 54 60% 33% Hotel 2 2% Built-up Area 1% Retail 4 5% 2% 9% 23% Residential 5% Commercial Retail Public Building 9 9% Hotel Public Buildings Recreation 1 1% Recreational Total 92 100 % 60% 20
  21. 21. Landmark Buildings 5 4 3 4 5 1 Diamond Tower 6 2 River front 2 3 Convention Centre 1 4 Gateway Towers 5 Transit Node 6 Crystal Tower 21
  22. 22. Diamond TowerPlot Area (Sq. Mt) 28,628Total Area (Sq. ft) 4,286,056 - Above Ground (Sq. ft) 2,721,372 - Below Ground (Sq. ft) 1,564,684Max Height in Meters 410Max No. of Floors 84 Office withBuilding Use support facilities Package – D / Diamond Tower 22
  23. 23. Gateway TowersPlot Area (Sq. Mt) 39,864Total Area (Sq. ft) 7,682,282 - Above Ground (Sq. ft) 5,356,978 - Below Ground (Sq. ft) 1,827,624Max Height in Meters 350Max No. of Floors 83 Office withBuilding Use support facilities Package – C / Gateway Towers 23
  24. 24. Transit NodePlot Area (Sq. Mt) 28,628Total Area (Sq. ft) 5,709,016- Above Ground (Sq. ft) 3,127,505 - Below Ground (Sq. ft) 1,073,602Max Height in Meters 231Max No. of Floors 55 Hotel, Office &Building Use Commercial Package – G / Transit Node 24
  25. 25. Crystal TowersPlot Area (Sq. Mt) 45,390Total Area (Sq. ft) 9,059,068 - Above Ground (Sq. ft) 6,475,558 - Below Ground (Sq. ft) 1,982,258Max Height in Meters 276Max No. of Floors 65 Office withBuilding Use support facilities Package – H / Crystal Towers 25
  26. 26. Convention CentrePackage – W/Convention Centre/ Museum Plot Area Total Area Above Ground Below Ground Max Height Max No. of Building Use (Sq. Mt) (Sq. ft) (Sq. ft) (Sq. ft) in Meters Floors 214,550 6,938,554 3,606,348 2,997,165 65 16 Convention Center* * Musuem, Auditorium, Cultural Center, Exhibition spaces with Support Facilities 26
  27. 27. River FrontPackage – V1 / Dream River Plot Area Total Area Above Below Max Height Max No. of Building Use (Sq. Mt) (Sq. ft) Ground (Sq. Ground (Sq. in Meters Floors ft) ft) 31, 540 2,513,760 216,333 2,277,329 17 4 Recreational Place with support facilities 27
  28. 28. GIFT Infrastructure Development Overview • All infrastructure designed to support businesses • Common infrastructure will be integrated • Technology to ensure reasonable tariffs and energy conservation • All utilities /services to be controlled and coordinated Infrastructure Facilities/Services - Site Development - Landscaping - Maintenance Systems - Roads and Transportation - Water Systems - ICT - Power Generation and Distribution - District Cooling System - Domestic Gas Distribution - Waste Management Systems 28
  29. 29. TRANSPORTATION – External Connectivity• Grid of six external gateways from NH-8 and State Highway/GoG• Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) being extended to GIFT : Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation• Metro Rail Transport System (MRTS) being extended to GIFT: GoG GANDHINAGAR MRTS Route MRTS to GIFT BRTS to GIFT GIFT Existing BRTS Living Bridge Signature Bridge Koba Naroda Sabarmati Airport AHMEDABAD MRTS and BRTS to GIFT 29
  30. 30. TRANSPORTATION – Accessing GIFT Living Bridge River Tunnel Signature Bridge In Addition : 4 External Parking Hubs; Logistic Centre 30
  31. 31. Transportation - Internal Transport• Travelators and Sky Walk• Traffic Monitoring and Control Travelators• Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT)• Recessed Roads – underground• Surface Roads for Pedestrians & Emergency Recessed Road vehicles PRT VIDEO 31
  32. 32. Water Source, Promenade and Water Front Development  Water Sources:  Narmada Main canal  Recycling and Reuse of Wastewater  Rainwater Harvesting  GIFT Master Reservoir  Concept of Zero Discharge City  Perennial Water Front ensured through construction of three barrages on river Sabarmati  Proposed Landscaped promenade at the river bank along GIFT 32
  33. 33. Solid Waste Management • Projected Waste Quantity of GIFT: 488 TPD • Minimize impact on environment, human intervention, space requirement, impact on health hazard Automatic Collection and Transportation System 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 1. The waste is thrown into a disposal chute 2. Computer controlled access 3. Waste sucked through pipes at a speed of 90 km/hr VIDEO 33
  34. 34. Power • Estimate Total Demand : ~1000 MW • Underground cabling for power distribution within the GIFT • Substation and Distribution Automation • Indoor substation 1. Gas Insulated Switchgears(GIS) substation for Sub-transmission and Distribution with Gift 2. Compact substatio (CSS) in Building Central Control Centre Reliability – 99.999% which means outage of 5.3 minutes/annum 34
  35. 35. District Cooling Centralized Air Conditioning System • Conventional AC System not Required • Efficiency through economies of scale • Reduces energy costs • Reduces maintenance costs • Improves air quality and temperature control • Reduces noise and vibration • Total Capacity : 325,000 TR 35
  36. 36. Integrated Underground Service Trenches • Segregation of services at 4-level • Supply of services in a sub-surface regular grid • Buildings to tap in the grid wherever required • All services housed in various divisions of sub- surface ditch • No service lines aboveground 36
  37. 37. GIFT ICT Vision and Value Proposition Create a world class financial city by offering an unrivalled GIFT Vision business environment to global and local financial services enterprises. Create leading-edge infrastructure, services and platforms and GIFT ICT Vision offer financial services enterprises a significant competitive advantage to operate regionally and globally 37
  38. 38. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) • GIFT Occupants would have access to following ICT Services Infrastructure Platforms Services High Speed Fibre * Financial Extranets Data Network CUG to Exchanges Voice Diverse Local and Voice Wi-Fi International Industry Specific Tier-4 Data Centres Connectivity Platforms Business Continuity Pervasive Wireless and City e-Portal Mobile Network Security Sensor Networks High Speed Internet Data Centres IPTV Internet Gateway Access Monitoring * About 8000 km fibre ( equivalent to Ahmedabad – Chicago Distance! ) 38
  39. 39. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 39GIFT will exceed the ICT capabilities of comparator cities Competitive Overtaking Smart Faster Mobile/ Trading Sub Sea Data Triple Play Service All Fibre "Place" Buildings Set-up Provision Wireless Platform Connectivity Centre1 GIFT2 DIFC3 DIC4 SONGDO5 New WTC – New York6 Canary Wharf - London7 Pudong - Shanghai8 La-Defense Paris9 Singapore10 London Stock Exchange11 New York Stock Exchange12 TokyoSource: Study by British Telecom Poor Reasonable Excellent Not Applicable 39
  40. 40. Business Plan 40
  41. 41. Implementation Framework• Public Private Partnership - Significant private sector participation into specific viable components•Core Infrastructure - To be contracted out by GIFTCL inducting the latest in construction technology• Utility SPV’s - GIFT District Cooling Systems Limited - GIFT Water Infrastructure Limited - GIFT Waste Management Services Limited - GIFT Transport Infrastructure Development Limited - GIFT Power Company Limited - GIFT ICT Services LimitedReal Estate - Unique opportunity to developers across to redefine their destination - Uniformity of design and aesthetics to be maintained - GUDC will be single-window Area Development Authority. 41
  42. 42. Investment and Structuring Total Estimated Investment: INR ~ 703 bn (USD 15.6 bn) Core Infrastructure User Pay Utilities Real Estate Rs.105 bn Rs. 250 bn Rs. 348 bn (USD 2.3 bn) (USD 5.6 bn) (USD 7.7 bn) • Site Development • Power Distribution • Office • Landscape • Waste Mgmt System • Commercial • Roads • District Cooling • Residential • Storm Water Drainage • Transport • Hotels • River Training • ICT • Water  By Developers  By SPVs on PPP  By GIFTCL  Full Commercial  Opportunity for  Opportunity for Rights Infrastructure Contractors  Single Window Developers Clearance 42
  43. 43. Financing the Investment Source of Fund Rs.Bn ( USD* Bn) GIFT Fund 124 (2.8) Infrastructure Developers 56 (1.2) Debt 175 (3.9) Real Estate Developers 348 (7.7) Total 703 (15.6) (*1 UDS = INR 45) 43
  44. 44. Present Status of the Project • Land allotted by Government of Gujarat for GIFT Project • Design for Building Packages and Infrastructure completed - Detailed Designing of Infrastructure is in progress • Approval received from Government for the GIFT Master Plan - DCR being finalized • SEZ Approval received from Government of India • MOU’s signed for > 100mn Sq.ft. with Real Estate Developers • Induction of private developers for Infra SPV’s in progress. • Environmental Clearance and Height Clearance under progress • Contracting Strategy in place - Site Fencing and peripheral earthen road under progress • Talent Development/Construction Worker Welfare Program initiated by GoG 44
  45. 45. Thank you 45