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Turning your Workforce into Brand Force


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Building lasting, effective brands takes time and there is no one-size-fits-all process but how about taking the help from all the resources you already have at your disposal. Your workforce could be your Brand Force if you know how to turn them in to your Brand Ambassadors.
In a global environment, diversity breeds learning. The flexibility is approach gives room for creativity and innovation. Personal branding highlights the unique attributes of an individual in the delivery of company objectives. Managers are redundant. A flat system of hierarchy is preferred with each individual motivated to manage their own brand with their actions and achievements.

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Turning your Workforce into Brand Force

  1. 1. BRAND FORCE Turning Workforce into
  2. 2. BRANDing Employers talk about
  3. 3. signalsSignal #1 : Relevant Signal #2 : Communication Signal #3 : Teamwork Signal #4 : Interested Signal #5 : Interesting looking for
  4. 4. InterviewsQuestion #1 : Tell us about yourself? Question #2 : What do you value? Question #3 : What are you passionate about? Question #4 : What motivates you? Question #5 : What makes you remarkable? in your
  5. 5. “Influence is central competence that all soft skills have in common”
  6. 6. Personal Brands Aggregate to CORPORATE BRANDS
  7. 7. EMPLOYEESare the new face(s) of corporate culture
  8. 8. How to turn our workforce into a brand force? Understand Branding: How your workforce can aggregate to brand force Recognize Employees: Identify the right ambassadors from within Activate & Measure: Listening and measuring brand impact 1. 2. 3.
  9. 9. 1. Employee Branding
  10. 10. Employer  Employee Personality encourages Engagement Engagement leads to Contribution Contribution adds Business Value
  11. 11. “One of many” yields in no unique contribution and a lack of creative output. Corporate cultures that fall in this category value standardization, control and a well defined structure. Nobody is excited about the commodity. Undifferentiated Output, having no competitive advantage. Works well with intra- company products and infrastructural activities. Managers are valued heavily in this system to keep the cycle running. Conformity  Commodity Conformity: Arch nemesis of innovation
  12. 12. Conformity  Commodity Conformity: Arch nemesis of innovation
  13. 13. The flexibility in approach gives room for creativity. It highlights the unique attributes of an individual in the delivery of company objectives. A flat system of hierarchy is preferred. Each individual manages their own brand with their actions. Individual contributions matter. Each individual works harder for their own credibility. Outcome improves as innovation is not just placed in the initial idea but in the whole process of contribution. Individualism  Innovation Globalization: Diversity breeds learning
  14. 14. Case Study
  15. 15. Did You Know? In 1983 Harley-Davidson faced extinction. Twenty-five years later, the company boasted a top-50 global brand value of $7.8 billion. Central to the company turnaround, and to its subsequent success, was Harley’s commitment to building a brand community: After the 1985 leveraged buy-back that saved the company, management completely reformulated their competitive strategy and business model around a brand community philosophy. Harley re-tooled every aspect of organization – from culture to its operating procedures and governance structure - to derive its community strategy. Full Story
  16. 16. Did You Know? Harley staffed all community outreach events with employees rather than hired hands. For employees this regular close contact with people they served added such meaning to their work that the weekend out-reach assignment routinely attracted more volunteers than were needed. Many employees became riders and many riders joined the company. Executives were required to spend time in field with customers and their operating philosophy was re-enforced during new employee orientation. Decisions at all levels were grounded in the community perspective, and the company acknowledged the community as the rightful owner of the brand. Full Story
  17. 17. RESULT Harley-Davidson sustains a large brand community which keeps active through clubs, events, and a museum. Licensing of the Harley-Davidson brand and logo accounted for $40 million (0.8%) of the company's net revenue in 2010. Full Story
  18. 18. 2. Recognizing Employees
  19. 19. Identify& Encourage
  20. 20. STEPS
  21. 21. IdentifyPersonality Traits & Behavioral Attitudes
  22. 22. ANALYSIS d i S C Step #1 : Broadly Identify Personality Traits Link to: Assessment | Analysis
  23. 23. Step #2 : Check for Brand Archetypes Link to: Arbunize| YouLab
  24. 24. Step #3 : Check for Brand Footprint Link to: Arbunize| FullContactAPI key: Generate an API
  25. 25. Develop Culture & Create an Environment Encourage
  26. 26. Step #4 : Develop a culture / Craft an Identity
  27. 27. Step #5 : Develop a (Brand) Plan
  28. 28. BrandingToolkit Reference CV Portfolio Step #6 : Encourage to build inventory
  29. 29. Step #7 : Choose the Right Tools & Channels Online Profiles PR channels
  30. 30. 3. Activate & Measure
  31. 31. Step #8 : Listen to social media and Benchmark Link to: Google Alerts Google Trends SocialMention RepuIndex
  32. 32. Step #9 : Setup to Monitor Link to: Radian6 Google Analytics
  33. 33. Step #10 : Measure & Repeat
  34. 34. RECAPStage 1: Understand Branding: How your workforce can aggregate to brand force • Changing corporate landscape by impact of Social Media • Why employers need it • Why employees need it Stage 2: How to identify the right ambassadors from within • Personality assessments • DISC analysis; Spot Exercise • Understanding Brand Archetypes; Spot Exercise • Incentivize internally Stage 3: Measurements – Measuring brand impact • Individuals (Tools like , Google alerts, Brand yourself, Arbunize) • Corporates (Tools like, Radian6, Google Analytics, etc)
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