Internet Marketing Techniques That Require No SEO Knowledge


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One can easily run all the campaigns of Internet Marketing without having any knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Just follow this slide and you are set to go. Fore more details of the slide; please visit this link:

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Internet Marketing Techniques That Require No SEO Knowledge

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Explained! Nasir Uddin Shamim COO DevsTeam Limited
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. YouTube Marketing + Good Cover Photo & Profile Picture + Add Annotations + Input Social Media Page & URL + Find Review Videos + Exciting Video Title & Description + Find Related Videos & Comment. + Use Tags
  4. 4. Twitter Marketing +Change Twitter Profile Background + Mention industry leaders. + Photo, Bio & URL is very important + Use Hootsuite to schedule Tweets. + Use HashTags + Search By HashTags and send Message.
  5. 5. LinkedIn Marketing + KWs on Title and Description. + Join in Groups & Contribute. + Open your own Group & Share. + Use Search Options & Find Leads. + Get Endorsement By Others.
  6. 6. Instagram Marketing + Short but bold bio and URL of your site. + Instagram allowing short videos. + Connect your Instagram Account with Facebook. + Search photos and start commenting. + Use Hashtags while updating new photo. + Publish updates consistently. + Start commenting others photos. + Mentions your followers, customers and idols.
  7. 7. Reddit Marketing + Create your own Sub Reddits + Find subreddits, join there and start interacting. + Redditors love unique stuffs that are funny, cute, extraordinary and exclusive. Find those and comment!
  8. 8. Documents & Slides Marketing + Name your file with a Keyword. + Make PDF & Send to Docstock, Scribd + While uploading; enter a 200+ word of Description. + Make Slide and send to Slideshare, Issue + Mention your keywords several times within the documents . + In Google Drive; make your sharing option public.
  9. 9. Pinterest Marketing + Create Keyword focused pin boards. + Use to make your following automated + Use to schedule your Pins. + Use “CB-Pinterest-Image-Pinner” WordPress Plugin to attach pin button on each image. + Use to find popular pins related to your industry and comment there!
  10. 10. Content Marketing + Interview the leaders of the industry. + Accumulate Statistical data of the industry and share it online. + Start Top 10 Content Curation. It works. + Use to convert your blog into Audio Podcast. + Create Buzzfeed Style Headline.
  11. 11. Google Plus Marketing + Add Jetpack WordPress Plugin and Enable G+ auto share. + Enable Google Plus Authorship for your Blog. + Use HashTags while sharing any links. + Find related contents by using HashTags and start commenting. + Google Plus allows high quality image + GIF image.
  12. 12. Facebook Marketing + Install Jetpack WP Plugin on your site and enable auto update. + Join at least 20 popular groups of your industry. + After gaining trust on different page and groups and start sharing content or docs with a credit towards your website. + Write Useful Contents; these get ranked in Google these days. + Show your expertise and earn traffic.
  13. 13. Email Marketing + Get a PRL Book, decorate it and offer as a free Gift to gain instant email subscribers. + Use Autoresponder to maintain your email campaign. + Send informative and useful resources first 2 days, gain trust and at the 3rd day; send your promotional email. + Use Email Form on your page. Last Slide!
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