Social Media Bootcamp NJ 2013


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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses. Crash course on how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Linkedin. Learn tips, tricks and proven strategies to supercharge your social media marketing efforts.

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Social Media Bootcamp NJ 2013

  1. 1. Company LOGO Social Media Marketing Bootcamp
  2. 2. Company name Social Media Marketing Strategy Do’s and Don’ts • Content is king • Drive traffic to your blog, landing page, website or mobile app • Cross pollenate and drive traffic to your other social media properties • Do not broadcast & consistently self promote • Use your keyword research and develop a master list of the main keywords to sprinkle in your posts and profiles • Do not send out worthless posts about what you had for lunch today unless you’re a nutritionist • Share good content from others with your followers/fans and not just your stuff Blazin Multimedia
  3. 3. Company name YouTube Marketing Blazin Multimedia
  4. 4. Company name Rank in Search Results Blazin Multimedia
  5. 5. Company name Google Keyword Tool Blazin Multimedia
  6. 6. Company name How To Optimize Your Videos • Keyword Rich Title • Keyword Rich Tags • Keyword Rich Description • Geo-Tag Your Videos • Embed Your Videos • Increase your Video Views Blazin Multimedia
  7. 7. Company name Keyword Rich Title Blazin Multimedia
  8. 8. Company name Keyword Rich Description Blazin Multimedia
  9. 9. Company name Copy Competitor Tags Blazin Multimedia NOTE: Use hyphens and all run together
  10. 10. Company name Geo-Tag Your Videos Blazin Multimedia Video Location
  11. 11. Company name Additional Ranking Factors • Engagement (how long your videos are watched). • Embed Your Videos (More the better) • Increase your Video Views • Likes, Favorites, Playlist, Comments • Strength & Age of Channel Blazin Multimedia
  12. 12. Company LOGO How to Harness The Power of Your Traffic
  13. 13. Company name Add Your Website URL Blazin Multimedia
  14. 14. Company name Use Annotations Blazin Multimedia Superimpose URL, Ask to Like, Subscribe, Comment and Add to Favs
  15. 15. Company name Run PPC Ads on Your Videos Blazin Multimedia
  16. 16. Company LOGO How to Steal Traffic
  17. 17. Company name Create a Video Response Blazin Multimedia
  18. 18. Company name Get Listed as Related Video Blazin Multimedia
  19. 19. Company name Related Videos (How-To) 1.) Search for your video using the keyword you want to rank for 2.) Watch the full video 3.) Like it and Add to Favorites 4.) Do another search for the keyword you want to rank but this time click on the video that you want to appear as a related video . 5.) Like it and Add to Favorites 6.) Repeat with multiple accounts as many times as needed Blazin Multimedia
  20. 20. Company LOGO Twitter Marketing
  21. 21. Company name Twitter Basics 60 Second Summary • Twitter is nothing more than mass email • All tweets go into your followers Twitter stream • All tweets must be less than 140 characters • Use URL shortners (, • Select a username strategically and use keywords if possible • Search and find your prospects and follow them so they will follow you back. • Share pics & video using Twitpic Blazin Multimedia
  22. 22. Company name Twitter Profile Blazin Multimedia Use keywords in your description
  23. 23. Company name Custom Background Blazin Multimedia
  24. 24. Company name Mentions & Use of @ Blazin Multimedia
  25. 25. Company name Hash Tags # Blazin Multimedia Targeted hash tags - whenever you put hash tags it becomes a clickable link to any tweet with that keyword, its purpose is to help categorize tweets
  26. 26. Company name Retweets RT @username Blazin Multimedia NOTE: Retweets have major SEO benefit
  27. 27. Company name Promoted Tweets Blazin Multimedia
  28. 28. Company name Twitter Search Operators Blazin Multimedia Search Type Operators Exact Search “happy hour” OR Search love OR hate Negative Search Beer -Root Near “happy hour” near NYC Near & Within Near:NYC within:15mi Questions with Keywords Web Design ?
  29. 29. Company name Twitter Advanced Tips Advanced Tips • Send repeat tweets 2-3 times a day spaced out 8 hours • Send tweets in bunches with most important one last • Resend and recycle your best tweets • Ask a question, compliment people, tweet quotes • Post a picture or vid start your tweet with PIC: and VID: or [video] • Use keywords and hashtags in your tweets • You can only follow 10% of the total number of people who follow you • Unfollow those who don’t follow back after 48 hours • Use the @ mark and comment on their blog, articles, tweets to increase follow backs Blazin Multimedia
  30. 30. Company name Twitter Objectives Objectives • Send them to a special landing page • • Collect email addresses • Give away free reports, ebooks, coupons etc.. • Use tracking URL’s like and Blazin Multimedia
  31. 31. Company name Twitter Objectives Objectives • Download Your App • • Mobile Users Dominate FB & Twitter • Increased Engagement • Direct Messaging/Branding, Top of Mind Marketing • Push Notifications Blazin Multimedia
  32. 32. Company name Twitter Resources Blazin Multimedia Website or Tool What it Does Hash tag popularity tool. Enter a hashtag and get related tags too Directory of Influential Tweeters Largest Twitter Directory Use this site to find out hashtag definitions Automate the sending of tweets
  33. 33. Company name Where to Get Content? Blazin Multimedia Website or Tool What it Does Show you the hottest topics in your niche from bookmarking sites Lots of great info here Google Reader Get info in your niche Google Alerts Email alerts based on keywords Shows you top ranked retweets Most popular stuff from multiple sites like etc.. Done for you system
  34. 34. Company LOGO Facebook Marketing
  35. 35. Company name Facebook Summary Do’s and Don’ts • If your posting as regularly as you should on Twitter you would never want to link it to your Facebook page • Signup for a business page not a personal profile • Do not broadcast and promote, be boring and predictable • Ask users to like and share your posts • Mix up your posts with text, pics and video • Pictures get the most engagement • Create a custom header graphic that is on par with your brand Blazin Multimedia
  36. 36. Company name Create Custom Header Blazin Multimedia * Keep your branding consistent across platforms
  37. 37. Company name How to Get More Likes Get more Likes • Optimize your page for search • Use a vanity url • Use FB like buttons on your site & blog • Embed FB comments box on your site • Upload videos to FB then embed on other websites. These automatically include a like button in the player • Use @CompanyName tags on your personal profiles • Run a contest • Use the @ symbol in status updates to turn it into a link when hovered over • Using emoticons increase shares and likes by 33 percent. Blazin Multimedia
  38. 38. Company name How to Improve Engagement • Post short updates – Updates with fewer than 80 characters get 23 percent higher engagement rates. • Post images – Photos get a 39 percent higher rate of engagement than all types of content on the whole. Using emoticons increase shares and likes by 33 percent. • Use emoticons – Using emoticons increase shares and likes by 33 percent. • Try caption contests – Asking fans to write captions to interesting photos increases comments by 550 percent. • Respond quickly – 25 percent of Facebook and Twitter users expect a response to inquires and complaints within 60 minutes. Blazin Multimedia
  39. 39. Company name Simple Contest Ideas • Guess where the Pic was Taken - Post a picture and have people guess where it was taken • Hidden Picture Games – created a game to find hidden images, 1st person to find the 1st one won gift certificate. All clues were posted on Facebook page • How Many Almonds - Guess how many almonds are in the cup • Inspirational Quote Contest – have users post their most inspirational quotes and the one with most likes wins Blazin Multimedia
  40. 40. Company name Other Tips Other tips • Setup multiple admin accounts • Facebook groups – can message everyone, find those of interest and get involved. • Pay a group moderator to send a mass marketing message for you. • Use Facebook events to promote. You can also integrate EventBrite for ticket sales management • How Frequently Should you Post? (Use Insights) Blazin Multimedia
  41. 41. Company name Use Insights to Optimize Blazin Multimedia
  42. 42. Company name See What People Are Clicking On Blazin Multimedia
  43. 43. Company name See How Good Your Posts Are Blazin Multimedia
  44. 44. Company name Facebook Edgerank Posts only showing on about 20% of your fans newsfeeds • Engagement level determines Edgerank score • How many people comment on posts • How many people like posts • How many share posts • Frequency of your posts Blazin Multimedia
  45. 45. Company LOGO Facebook Ads
  46. 46. Company name Facebook Ads Targeting Blazin Multimedia Target general keywords, titles, movies, books, magazines organizations Location Age & Gender Reach
  47. 47. Company name Suggested Interests Blazin Multimedia Location Reach * Start typing in interests and proceed it with another letter for more ideas
  48. 48. Company name Drill Down & Target Precisely Blazin Multimedia Broad categories, but our goal is to segment *This allows us to identify the best performing demographics and write very specific and focused ads.
  49. 49. Company name Use Responder Demographics Reports Blazin Multimedia
  50. 50. Company name Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks • Always run multiple ads and see which produces better CTR (click-thru-rate) and ROI • Change your ad pictures frequently. Ad fatigue is a huge problem on Facebook • Create separate targeted ads for each segmented adgroup. • You want to get an granular as possible. Broad targeting always loses Blazin Multimedia
  51. 51. Company LOGO LinkedIn Marketing
  52. 52. Company name LinkedIn Overview Do’s & Don’ts • Register as either a business or person • Get as many recommendations as possible • Get as many connections as possible • Ask your connections for introductions • Analyze the most active groups in your niche and join those. Don’t waste time with inactive groups. • Answer as many questions in groups and contribute high quality responses • Recycle and repurpose your responses on all your other social media profiles • Do not try to put keywords in your name Blazin Multimedia
  53. 53. Company name LinkedIn Keyword Optimization Blazin Multimedia Optimize Your Profile for Search 1.) Keywords in Title 2.) Keywords in Current Positions 3.) Keywords in Past Positions
  54. 54. Company name LinkedIn Keyword Optimization#2 Blazin Multimedia Optimize Your Profile for Search 1.) Keywords in Summary
  55. 55. Company name Embed Wordpress Blog Blazin Multimedia Infuse More SEO and Keyword Juice 1.) Keywords in Blog Article Titles
  56. 56. Company name Embed Wordpress Blog Blazin Multimedia More Keywords in Slideshare Title & In Slides
  57. 57. Company name Keywords in Your Amazon Reading List Blazin Multimedia
  58. 58. Company name More Places for Keywords Blazin Multimedia More Keywords in Interests, Websites, Twitter, Groups and Experiences
  59. 59. Company LOGO Pinterest Marketing
  60. 60. Company name What is Pinterest? Blazin Multimedia Social Image Sharing Site where you can create and share pinboards
  61. 61. Company name Pinterest Drives More Traffic Blazin Multimedia Drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn combined
  62. 62. Company name Pinterest Average Time Spent on Site Blazin Multimedia Has the highest time on site with 97 minutes!!!
  63. 63. Company name Create Pinboards for Your Videos Blazin Multimedia All YouTube videos can be pinned
  64. 64. Company name Upload Infographics Blazin Multimedia Upload your infographics
  65. 65. Company name Visuals from your Blog Articles Blazin Multimedia Pin your blog article images
  66. 66. Company name Pin your Slideshare Presentations Blazin Multimedia Pin the covers of your presentations
  67. 67. Company name Pin Your Ebook Covers Blazin Multimedia Pin all your Ebook Covers
  68. 68. Company name Run a Contest (“Pin it to Win It”) Blazin Multimedia • Must pin the ad and a list of things • Pins have to include relevant hashtags (#modcloth and #wedding) • Must follow @ModCloth on Twitter • Entrants share their boards by posting a comment (with a link back to their board) on the ModCloth contest announcement pin
  69. 69. Company name How to Use Pinterest Group Boards Blazin Multimedia • 1.) Dramatically boost followers • 2.) Increase Repins • 3.) Put Your Pinning on Autopilot • 4.) Increase Engagement • 5.) Periodically Police Content
  70. 70. Company name How to Get More Pinterest Followers Blazin Multimedia • Post Pics that Popular • Follow Others Who Your Targeting • Use #Hash Tags • Do Keyword Research on Titles & Tags • Come up with Creative Board Names • Create Tutorial Boards • More Boards, More Pics, More Traffic • Contribute to Relevant Group Boards
  71. 71. Company LOGO Mobile App Marketing
  72. 72. Company name Mobile App Marketing Blazin Multimedia • App Store is 3rd Largest Search Engine • App Names Are the New Domain Names • Video, Audio, Podcast, Blog Integration • Educate Your Clients & Bring Value • Thought Leader & Perception Boost • Social Media Dominated by Mobile Users • Perfect Call To Action • Intertwine App into Social Media Contest • Sell Services & Products Direct mCommerce • Push Notifications
  73. 73. Company LOGO CONTACT INFO: Blazin Multimedia 732-926-9417