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Pinterest: 9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

So, you’ve spent a lot of effort researching and writing an amazing blog post. You’ve published it on your website. Why aren’t you getting lots of readers?

Do you promote it well on Pinterest?

When you write a blog post, you need to drive traffic to it for a good return on investment (ROI). Pinterest is increasingly becoming a site where people go to read the articles of their choice. But, how do you do it?

Here are 9 actionable methods to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

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Pinterest: 9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. 1. Pinterest: 9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  2. 2. Table of Contents: Create a Blog Board1 3 Images, Images, Images Create Lifestyle Related Boards2 Engage Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find 4 5
  3. 3. Table of Contents: Make a Contest Board6 8 Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog Feature your Blog Writers7 NEW: Use Article Pins9
  4. 4. Create a Blog Board1
  5. 5. Create a Blog Board 1 2 Make your Pinterest blog Board title the same as your blog page title: Increase SEO Create a blog Board on Pinterest: Make it easy for your Followers to link to your blog Keep your best blog Boards “above the fold”: Make them easy to see 3 If you have a lot of blog posts, break them down into easy to search categories, like prominent social media blogger, Kim Garst
  6. 6. Create Lifestyle Related Boards2
  7. 7. Create Lifestyle Related Boards 1 Pin lifestyle related Boards with themed, but mixed content like: ● products ● household tips ● lifestyle tips ● links back to your blog 2 Show how your blog article fits within the personal or emotional context of your Board theme Pin blog articles with: ● a brief summary or theme related quote ● a great emotionally invoking image 3
  8. 8. Create Lifestyle Related Boards Whole Foods has 55 Boards related to recipes, health, beauty and family tips. Boards have Pins that link directly back to their blog site.
  9. 9. Images, Images, Images3
  10. 10. Images, Images, Images 1 Pinterest is all about visuals 2 Your Pins need the visual appeal to stand out, and invoke the motivation to click through to your blog post Prominent social media leader, Mari Smith includes enticing images in her Pins.
  11. 11. Images, Images, Images 3 Long visuals get the most repins: post infographics, too Mari Smith has a Pinboard dedicated to social media infographics Where she shares awesome infographics!
  12. 12. Engage4
  13. 13. Engage 1 Engage your Followers: ● Pin good, original and relevant content often and consistently ● Ask questions that are answered in your blog ● Return the favour and follow your Followers ● Repin, like and comment on your Followers’ Pins, when you really think they’re great Etsy engages with “Guest Pinner” Boards, to showcase the Pins, and products, of their Followers.
  14. 14. Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find 5
  15. 15. Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find 1 Practise good SEO techniques: Pins are indexed on Pinterest search and outside search engines like Google Tips for higher search results: ● use your blog title as your blog Board title ● use relevant keywords to describe your post ● include hashtags if your keywords don’t fit in your description ● use keywords in your image ‘alt’ tags 2 Neil Patel uses his KISSmetrics blog name as the title for his blog Pinboard
  16. 16. Make a Contest Board6
  17. 17. Make a Contest Board 1 Run contests directly on your blog: Contests are very engaging, and drive a lot of traffic Make a contest Pinboard to Pin your blog hosted contests2 Senior deal news has a Pinterest Board dedicated to Pins about their contests and sweepstakes. The Pins link back to their contest blog.
  18. 18. Feature your Blog Writers7
  19. 19. Feature your Blog Writers 1 Let your Followers get to know the faces behind the articles Make a fun, personable Pinboard to showcase your blog writers2 In Writer Pins: ● include a personable face of the author ● write a short bio, with a quirky, lifestyle (such as cooking) related hobby ● include a short quote from the blog post, and attribute it to the author 3
  20. 20. Feature your Blog Writers The Next Web is a leader in social media news and innovation. They’re also very active on Pinterest. They’ve started a TNW Columnists Board... ...where they showcase their prominent authors, such as their co- founder, Boris Zanten:
  21. 21. Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog 8
  22. 22. Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog 1 Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts Get a “Pin it” button for all of your blog posts2 “Pin it” buttons can create a massive increase in referral traffic3 Social Media Marketer Heidi Cohen has “Pin it” buttons for her images, embedded on her blog posts: The post shows in readers’ Pinterest Pins - and their Follower’s home page.
  23. 23. NEW: Use Article Pins9
  24. 24. NEW: Use Article Pins 1 Article Pins (introduced late September 2013) are similar to Pinterest’s other newish Rich Pins, such as Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins. The Article Pins share data automatically from your website such as: ● headline ● author ● story summary ● link 2 Early adopters have seen incredible boost to Pinterest driven blog traffic 3 Tech Crunch has the new Article Pins. Notice the added summary at the bottom of the Pin.
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