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Using Social Media to Build Your Brand


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Social media marketing can be daunting. We explain easy ways for you to get started engaging new and existing customers and using social media to build your brand.

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Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

  1. 1. Social Media 101Brittany Potter#goNPO
  2. 2. Good Morning!
  3. 3. Agenda: Please ask QUESTIONS as we go!#goNPO @FathomOnlineIntroduction– How Social benefits your organization:Search +SocialBest Practices by Channel – The Big 5– Facebook– Twitter– LinkedIn– Google+– PinterestTakeaway Tactics
  4. 4. Search & Social: SEO Ranking Factors• Social signals are likely to become rankingfactors, if they aren’t already• Social helps scale quality link building, whichsupports SEO rankings• Social is integral in content-based onlinemarketing• Authorship tied to social is an authority signal• Comments on blog posts trigger the freshnessupdate and helps posts rank higherSource:
  5. 5. How Social Media Works with the Buying Cycle• Attention (Attract)Acquire the attention ofprospects• Interest (Engage)Generate interest inyour products & services• Desire (Engage)Drive demand foryour products & services• Action (Capture)Trigger action from prospectsTalkAttentionInterestDesireAction(buy)UseOpinionZone ofInfluence
  6. 6. Social Posts• Keep in mind themes andupcoming events/holidays• Consider your goals whenchoosing what to post– Traffic to their site?– Conversions?– Content promotion?– Engagement (fanbasebuilding)?Content TypeLinks to Client SiteLinks to OtherNo Links/ EngagementEngagement-Focused20 %Your Site20%Links to OtherValuable Content60%
  7. 7. What should I link to?Links to Your Site (20%)• Valuable pages that answer questions• New pages• Charts/Graphs• Guide/Whitepaper• Blog posts• Cross-link to other social profiles• YouTube videos• Press releases• Awards• Differentiators• TestimonialsLinks to Off-Site Content (60%) Industry News Thought Leader blog posts Facts of the Day Checklists Guides/Whitepapers Mentions of client product/service Reviews, Awards, Partnerships Business Partner newsEngagement-Focused (20%) Ask questions Polls Share quotes Funny pictures/Relevant memes Contests Don’t be afraid to go off-topic if it’s something youraudience cares about!
  8. 8. Finding Social Content• Set up Google Alerts to come straight to youremail for branded results as well as industrynews for your organization• Consider Visual Content– Use images that reflect your mission–– Create your own memes– Edit existing photos (add filters or text etc..)• Picmonkey• Befunky• Search Reddit or Pinterest for trending content• Check local or national news sites• Follow industry influencers on Twitter• Monitor questions on Yahoo Answers or Quora
  9. 9. Facebook Best Practices• You’ll need to be an admin• Post a high-res image with most posts– Include the link in the image description – thisis also where you write your post– Use a link shortener like– Pay attention to how the image looks on yourtimeline – reposition if needed• When posting a link you can edit the Titleand Description – just click that area to editbefore you post– You can include keywords here– Design your text to tease so people will clickthrough
  10. 10. Twitter Best Practices• You’ll need the login for this account• The majority of time on Twitter should bespent engaging, not posting links• Find and follow influencers– Add them to private lists to help you bettermonitor– Use tools to help like Followerwonk orTwitonomy• Share and Retweet as much as possible• Use trending #hashtags when appropriate• Be prepared to live-tweet whenappropriate• Use a link shortener like bitly or shorten linkvia HootSuite (
  11. 11. LinkedIn Best Practices• You must be added as anadmin on the company page• In most cases you will just beposting to the Company newsfeed• You can, now, post imagesalong with your posts to thischannel• Expert development viaLinkedIn Groups
  12. 12. Google+ Best Practices• You’ll need the login and passwordor you’ll need to be a manager• You can create image-based postsjust like on Facebook or you canjust post links• Comment, +1 and share otherindustry influencers’ posts (it will bemore noticeable on this channel)• You may be able to find journalistsor bloggers in your industry tointeract with• Many times you can duplicate yourFacebook posting strategy here
  13. 13. Pinterest Best Practices• Create some boards that target personas• Optimize board descriptions and pins wheneverpossible, but make it look natural• Look for influencers to follow or popular boards tofollow• Repin other popular pins– Use Repinly to look for what’s trending– Or search for key terms• Comment on other pins• Schedule your posts with Pingraphy– Mornings and evenings are good times to post– Saturday morning and Sunday night are also good• Double check the links/sources of images you arerepinning to make sure they are quality• Verify it!
  14. 14. NPO in Action - UNICEFLikes and Follows Don’t Mean AThing Without Action:Spreading awareness by pokingfun at social media campaigns.
  15. 15. Content Tactics1. Host a webinar or a series ofinformational videos2. Design an infographic: go the extramile and collect your own data3. Write a white paper4. Inspire user-generated content & letothers create the content for you!
  16. 16. Content Tactics5. Start blogging• Establish yourself and your company as experts• Create a place on your site for more engaging content• Build the authority of your website• Capitalize on long-tail search terms
  17. 17. Social Tactics5. Use images whenever possible to grab your audienceand build engagement4. Use social media to build relationships with industryinfluencers3. Host a contest – this is a great tactic for Facebook andPinterest2. Offer coupons or special offers to your social audiences– they’ll appreciate it and often times they’ll share youroffer, which means more visibility for your company
  18. 18. Social Tactics1. Capitalize on current events and trends• Holidays & Events– Memorial Day– Super Bowl– Etc…• Trending or breaking news• Memes• Plan content themes– Example: May – Stroke Awareness• Create an Editorial Calendar• Be creative!