Monetization With Google Adsense


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Google Adsense Money making formulas, Optimizations, Privacy Policy, Do's and Don'ts by DevsTeam Institute

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Monetization With Google Adsense

  1. 1. Monetization By Google AdSense Nasir Uddin Shamim Co-Founder DevsTeam
  2. 2. What is Google AdSense?
  3. 3. Listen :: Before Applying To AdSense Does Your Site……….. Contains Unique Content? Adds Value To Visitors? Enough Content? Olds Enough? Grabs Advertisers?
  4. 4. How To Apply For Google AdSense?• Go to this Link:• Enter All the Details.• Name MUST have to be matched with your Bank Account.• Address should have to be Correct.• Use your best Website while applying.
  5. 5. Page Impression-CPC-CTR-eCPM• Page Impression: Every Time a User Views a Page Displaying Google Ads.• CPC: Cost Per Click.• CTR: Click Through Rate• eCPM: Earnings/Impression*1000
  6. 6. Google AdSense TOS• You can’t Put AdSense Ads on Blank, Err or Thank You Pages.• Multiple Accnt’s Ads can’t be placed on single page.• A clearly written Privacy Policy should exist on site.• Porn, Poker, Hacking, Cracks or Explicit Content is not allowed.• More than 6 Ads are not allowed in one page.• Rehashed, Rewritten, Duplicate Content, Spun Content is not allowed.• You can’t click on your own ads even entice someone to click.
  7. 7. Increase AdSense Earnings The Secrets
  8. 8. Choose The Right Ad Big is Better!UnitsBest performing Adsare :>336*280 LargeRectangle,>300*250 MediumRectangle and>160*600 WideSkyscraper!>Enable Text & RichMedia Ads ForBetter CPC
  9. 9. Blend everything! Looking like an Ad is afault by default!
  10. 10. Stop Feeling Shy! PutPositioning Is The RealFact! Ads Above the Fold. Please!>AdSense Ads work wellin the body of Contents!Not in Sidebar orHeader!>Large Rectangle justbelow the Title in right orLeft aligned works thebest!>Ads just after the firstparagraph works welltoo!
  11. 11. Placement Targeting - LittleMake Your AdsTargetable Description Is Genius!>While Creating ANew Ads Pallet;make this targetableto Advertisers.>Ads a little butenticing descriptionfor each new pallets!
  12. 12. More Relevant Ads MeansImprove Ads Relevancy! Huge Potentials To Get A>Practice White Hat SEO Click & So The Value!& Helps Adsense Bots toDeliver Better Ads!>Use Important Keywordsin Heading like H1, H2and so on!>Reasonable number ofKeywords in the body ofContent.>Publish High Quality andLonger articles. BetterAds would be showed up!>Follow GoogleWebmasters Guideline!
  13. 13. Test Should Be • Use channels!Continued!>Create CustomChannels.>Re-position yourAds Unit.>Use different typeof Ads Unit.>Check which colorsof Ads work best toyou.
  14. 14. Never Try Those! 8 Things You Shouldn’t1.Never Click on your own Do While RunningAds!2.Don’t publish any Copy AdSensePasted /spinned/ rehashedarticle on your site.3.Don’t use copyrightedmaterials like images.4.Begging For Clicks.5.Altering the Codes.6.Using Automated RobotsTo Click.7.Telling People How MuchYou Earn.8.Writing Contents aboutDrugs, Alcohols andWeapons.
  15. 15. AdSense Money Withdrawn Process in Bangladesh• Postal Service• DHL List of Banks:• EXIM Bank• Dutch Bangla Bank• Islami Bank Ltd.• National Bank Ltd.• Janata & Sonali Bank Ltd.
  16. 16. Any Questions?
  17. 17. Thank You!