You're on google+, now what?


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This presentation includes an overview of Google+ as well as tips for optimizing both the SEO benefits and the engagement level.
The video of the Hangout on Air that it was produced for is included.

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You're on google+, now what?

  1. 1. Youre onNow What?
  2. 2. Set S.M.A.R.T. GoalsSpecific - What are your business goals?Keep it clear, concise. focused.Measurable - You cant manage what you can’t measure. KPIs.Attainable - Resources? Time? Market accessibility?Realistic - A marathon, not a sprint.Timely - Set launch time. Using KPIs assess progress.
  3. 3. withContent Social Searchconnect, collaborate & build community
  4. 4. SEO benefits - Authorship & ContentContent is increasingly important to SEO. Posts areindexed almost immediately. Authorship.Social Networking - Access to your marketMore Twitter than Facebook - Interest based - Follow(Circle) any influencers you want. Communities.Content marketing - Blog-like platformPlatform lends itself to blogging with editing &formatting features. Treat G+ as your blog, but...Because Ray told me toKnow why youre on G+
  5. 5. SEO, you want to be found?Complete Your Profile!Google treats Google+ profile and pages just likeregular web sites when it comes to search.
  6. 6. Start with your profile avatar which is same as your Google account.Fill in all fields on "About" page as you would on your own blog.
  7. 7. Search: "How to set up Lower Third"
  8. 8. SEO: Its all about... AUTHORITY1. It’s not how many you know, it’s who you know.2. Follower count doesnt count for much3. +1′s don’t add much plus to search power."When it comes to search authority (and the ability to pass that authority along to others),Google+ profiles can be just as powerful as any other web page. That means you should notonly be using Google+ for SEO, you should be using it to do SEO."- Mark Traphagen
  9. 9. Building Networks & CommunitiesBusiness is personal onGoogle+.
  10. 10. Every touchpoint on Google+ is anopportunity to find, nurture & build...RELATIONSHIPS
  11. 11. GOOGLE+ TIPS
  12. 12. Content:Google+ is your blog away from home - but it aint yours!1. Take advantage of basic formatting & editing— Bold: Any text between two asterisks (*) becomes bold when you post.— Italic: To make a piece of text italic, put it between two underscores (_).— Strikethrough: Text between two hyphens (-) gets the strike-through effect.2. Use images. When sharing an article, add photo first, then include link tooriginal article in body of post.3. Optimize your Google+ title tags – Treat your Google+ post like a blogby leading it off with a keyword rich title.
  13. 13. Content:
  14. 14. Circles: Your personal and business CRM system1. Dont be a Circle slut. Remember, its whos in your network, not how many.Start by deciding how you want to organize your circles before adding people.2. Use as a Sales & Engagement Funnel. Place the most engaging people in your topfour. These are the ones that "stick" at the top of your Home page. As people engage,move them up.3. Share your circles. But be discriminating. Like LinkedIn, be prepared to stand behindyour recommendations. This is one area that is gamed in G+. Spammers see it as a quickway to build followers.
  15. 15. Google+ Communities1. Decide Community Access level before creating:Private - searchable but approval requiredPrivate - totally invitation only.Public - Searchable and anyone can joinPublic - Needs moderator approval2. Build it around your passion - cause it takes a lotof work. Communities are people gardens. They needattention to grow.3. Fill in "About" section and specify rules orengagement i.e. no link dumping.bonus tip: List topics in detail. Benefits of G+Communities is ability to focus on specific discussionswithin one.
  16. 16. Google+ Hangouts1. Be heard.2. Be seen.3. Be "you".Read:The Basics for Enjoying Google+HangoutsCircle:Ronnie Bincer - The Hangout Helper
  17. 17. Thank you. You know where to find me.
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