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AdSense Ban & Earning Boost-Up & Your Responsibilities


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How to protect yourself from Adsense Ban, How to Increase Earning and what to keep in Mind while running AdSense.

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AdSense Ban & Earning Boost-Up & Your Responsibilities

  1. 1. -Boosting Up AdSense Earning--AdSense Ban Issues-&Your ResponsibilitiesNasir Uddin ShamimCo-Founder & COODevsTeam Ltd
  2. 2. Lets Start!!! Right Now!!!
  3. 3. Target High Paying KeywordLess Clicks = Higher CPC = Better Earning• Google AdWords Keyword Tool.• SpyFu.Com• KeyWordSpy.Com
  4. 4. Ad MinimalizationLess Ads = Higher Competition = Higher CPC =Better Earning
  5. 5. Color Relevancy• Use same Colors for Site Content and AdsenseAds Text; same as the Link and AdSense link.
  6. 6. AdSense For Search• For Bonus Income & Keeping the Visitors insite always and earning more.
  7. 7. Use Both Images and Text Format• Yield Better CPC for Higher Competition forSame Spot.
  8. 8. Place Adsense at Top of PagesAds on the Top of Page owns better CPC.
  9. 9. Try to Focus on Single topicsBecause Advertisers Like Focused site.
  10. 10. Blocking less Competitive AdsLow Paying and MFA sites should be blocked forBetter CPC.
  11. 11. Use AdSense Friendly robots.txtTo allow adsense bot put this at the end in yourrobots.txt:User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*Disallow:
  12. 12. Banned From AdSense?
  13. 13. How To Stay At Safe Side?
  14. 14. Ads Click Monitoring
  15. 15. Instant Reporting to Google
  16. 16. IP TrackingUse StatCounter to Track IP.To Do So:1. Login To Your StatCounter Account.2. Click On The Site You Want To Check.3. Click On the “Recent Visitor Activity” from theleft side and Check IP.
  17. 17. Checking Adsense Mail Regularly
  18. 18. Google AdSense TOS• You can’t Put AdSense Ads on Blank, Err or ThankYou Pages Even Can’t use similar type Ads from otherCompanies.• Multiple Accnt’s Ads can’t be placed on single page.• A clearly written Privacy Policy should exist on site.• Porn, Poker, Hacking, Cracks or Explicit Content is notallowed.• Rehashed, Rewritten, Duplicate Content, SpunContent is not allowed.• You can’t click on your own ads even entice someoneto click.
  19. 19. Do not use Auto-Surf Programs• Never Use-1. AdFly.2. AdFocus.3. LinkBuckets.4. Traffic Exchanges.
  20. 20. Dont Create Multiple Google AdSenseAccounts
  21. 21. Never Use Click Bots• Automated Traffic causes you StraightBan from Adsense Program.• Never Use Autoclick Bot or similarapplications.
  22. 22. Avoid using Black-Hat SEO techniques• Never Stuffs Keyword.• Don’t Make Any Doorway Pages.• Don’t Bring Any Automated Traffics.• Never Put Adsense on any Spun or RehashedContent Based Website/blog.
  23. 23. Never tell People How Much You EarnPer Click.
  24. 24. Click Influence Is Prohibited
  25. 25. What To Keep In MindAlways!!!
  26. 26. Use Big Ads Unit :: Always
  27. 27. Dont use too Many Ads Block• It Looks Odd.• It Hurts CPC.• It Increase Bounce Rate
  28. 28. Make Content Rich Websites• Don’t Copy & Paste.• Write Compelling & Unique Content.• Write Fresh and Trendy Content.• Content Should Be Grammatical & Spelling ErrFree.• Be Focused while writing content and make itscannable always.
  29. 29. Never modify the Google AdsenseHTML code
  30. 30. Stay in Underground!!!
  31. 31. Best LUCK!