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Social Media has become increasingly important in the Real Estate Business. This was a presentation for the MidShore Realtors Expo on March 20, 2014. We covered the best use practices of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter by SpiderWeb Connections. Susan Schauer John

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----you can gain an edge over larger co when it comes to being nimble and authentic
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Founded in 2004.The "like" button was originally to be called "Awesome"1 of ever 5 page views in US is Facebook
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----All impressions are not good impressions.Quality, relevance and good timing are far more imp than most marketers realize
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Goal of Facebook: GET SHARES----- Meeting Notes (2/22/14 08:37) -----Facebook Ads are going the way of the dinosaur. Why? Mobile.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Goal of Facebook: GET SHARES----- Meeting Notes (2/22/14 08:37) -----Fall of 2012 purposefully limit how many peo organically see a brand's posts. To limit spam. Fall of 2013 now posts reach only 3-5% of your fans. To reach more - has to be extremely engaging.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Goal of Facebook: GET SHARES----- Meeting Notes (2/22/14 08:37) -----Sponsored Stories: 2 types:Page Post = your content reaches more than regular 3-5%Sponsored Stories = highlight fact a fan engaged with your content and put on their friend's pages.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Key to be great is remember even tho u r all about your brand - your cusomter is not. Like dating : it's about learning what the other person is interested in.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 13:53) -----Twitter is the cocktail part of the Internet - a place where listening well has tremendous benefits.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 13:53) -----If Facebook's main currency is friendship, then Twitter's in news and information.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:11) -----Use twitter search any time to find peo who are talking about topcs related to your business - even if only tangentially, & respond w/perspective and humor
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:11) -----Twitter is a marketers dream come true because it allows you to initialiate a relationship with your customer. It's the only platform where you can jump into a conversations unannounced and no on thinks you're a stalker.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Launched in 2010. Over 50 million users.Grew 400% in 2012.Females outnumber 5 to 1
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/21/14 14:31) -----Pinterest is all about glam.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/22/14 09:05) -----Feeding the Dream!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/22/14 08:46) -----Call to Action - increases engagement by 80%
  • Real Estate - A Social Business

    1. 1. SpiderWeb Connections
    2. 2. SpiderWeb Connections
    3. 3. Why Real Estate Agents need Social Media SpiderWeb Connections • Build Your Reputation • Network • It’s where your buyers are!
    4. 4. SpiderWeb Connections
    5. 5. SpiderWeb Connections
    6. 6. SpiderWeb Connections
    7. 7. SpiderWeb Connections Buyers use Social Media
    8. 8. SpiderWeb Connections
    9. 9. SpiderWeb Connections Home Buyers Information Sources:
    10. 10. SpiderWeb Connections Courtesy: Crackerjack How Home Buyers Use Social Media:
    11. 11. SpiderWeb Connections
    12. 12. SpiderWeb Connections
    13. 13. Facebook SpiderWeb Connections
    14. 14. SpiderWeb Connections
    15. 15. SpiderWeb Connections • Pages will turn up in Google searches. • Pages seen not logged into facebook. • Pages offers Facebook Ads. • Pages offers user Analytics. • Likes are unlimited.
    16. 16. SpiderWeb Connections • Pages has a widget you can add to your blog or website. • You can add “Administrators”. • People who “like” your page will not have access to your Personal account. • You can have many Pages.
    17. 17. SpiderWeb Connections
    18. 18. SpiderWeb Connections
    19. 19. SpiderWeb Connections
    20. 20. SpiderWeb Connections
    21. 21. SpiderWeb Connections
    22. 22. Facebook TIPS for Realtors: SpiderWeb Connections • Tag Clients in Your Photos • Show lots of pictures • Make it all about your Customers • Consider paying for Sponsored Stories. (way to reach new)
    23. 23. Twitter SpiderWeb Connections
    24. 24. SpiderWeb Connections
    25. 25. 1. A hashtag is any word beginning with the # sign. 2. People use hashtags to organize conversations around a specific topic. 3. Clicking on a hashtag takes you to search results for that term. Courtesy: hashtag SpiderWeb Connections
    26. 26. You can respond to a Tweet by hitting the reply button. When you reply, your response is public, and will show up in your home timeline and the timeline of the person to whom you are responding. The reply will also be visible in the home timelines of people who follow both you and the person to whom you sent the reply. Meaning, someone not in the conversation has to follow both of the people replying to be able to read both sides of the conversation Courtesy: reply SpiderWeb Connections
    27. 27. You can pass along someone’s Tweet by retweeting it. Just hit the retweet button to send the original message to all of your followers. Courtesy: retweet SpiderWeb Connections
    28. 28. Sometimes you want to bring a Tweet to someone’s attention, but you still want all of your followers to see the message. Instead of a reply, use a mention. Include the @username of whomever you want to mention in your Tweet, and it will appear in the Mentions section (in the Connect tab). All @username mentions are clickable and link back to the mentioned individual’s profile. Courtesy: mention SpiderWeb Connections
    29. 29. Your profile: • Design your profile to reflect your branding (customize background). • Design a username that says something about real estate. • Your name, website, bio and profile picture should all work together. SpiderWeb Connections
    30. 30. • Keep your photo consistent – do not change or update it. • Do not select “protect my tweets” • Set your location to your market area • Your bio is 160 characters – use wisely. (Ex: “Saving the Economy One House Sale at a Time”) – this is a place to display your elevator pitch. • Add your website url • Add yourself to – official twitter directory SpiderWeb Connections
    31. 31. Use Twitter Search and Advanced Twitter Search and Trend Tracking SpiderWeb Connections
    32. 32. Twitter TIPS for Realtors: SpiderWeb Connections • Listen First • Answer Questions • Make it a Habit • Tweet Something Sharable - Include a Photo - Question and Answer: Pose a question and answer with a link. - Share Videos -Add a Quote - Talk about an upcoming event • Create a free “Pay with a Tweet” Button
    33. 33. Pinterest SpiderWeb Connections
    34. 34. Pinterest SpiderWeb Connections Pinterest is a social media platform that acts like a virtual pinboard.
    35. 35. SpiderWeb Connections
    36. 36. SpiderWeb Connections
    37. 37. SpiderWeb Connections
    38. 38. SpiderWeb Connections
    39. 39. Getting Started on Pinterest SpiderWeb Connections • Visit to set up your business account.
    40. 40. SpiderWeb Connections Click “+” Button to Create a board. You can create secret boards at first before making them public.
    41. 41. Pinterest TIPS for Realtors: SpiderWeb Connections • Visit successful Pin Boards for some “PINSPERATION”
    42. 42. SpiderWeb Connections
    43. 43. SpiderWeb Connections Checklists
    44. 44. SpiderWeb Connections Infographics
    45. 45. SpiderWeb Connections Tutorials
    46. 46. SpiderWeb Connections Teaser Text
    47. 47. SpiderWeb Connections Videos- Pin from your site or YouTube
    48. 48. SpiderWeb Connections What Makes a Great Pin Caption? • Use a Call to Action • Use keywords • Add a price • Include a link.
    49. 49. SpiderWeb Connections
    50. 50. SpiderWeb Connections
    51. 51. SpiderWeb Connections
    52. 52. SpiderWeb Connections
    53. 53. References: • • Gary Vaynerchuk. Jab. Jab. Jab. Right Hook. 2013. • Gary Vynerchuk. The Thank You Economy. 2012 • Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have written a terrific book called: The Now Revolution. It captures completely the new face of marketing for businesses. • There are a number of great social media newsletters available for free that I read regularly and highly recommend. Each has contributed to my education and writings. They include: – – – – – SpiderWeb Connections
    54. 54. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Pinterest Follow us on Twitter @TweetTheSpider
    55. 55. 443-595-SPIN