Sustainable packaging for local food


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This is the presentation that introduced our workshop: "Sustainable Design Packaging: Food packaging solutions for local products", organized during the Eco Design Fair 2012 in Shanghai.
This workshop has been organized with Francesca Valsecchi, Valeria Adani, Francesca Terzi e Lei Jiong.

1) Learn the basics of sustainable packaging assessment
2) Explore different case studies of good/bad packaging design
3) Create and share quick prototypes of sustainable food packagings

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Sustainable packaging for local food

  1. 1. Eco Design FairSustainable BusinessWorkshops14 April 2012, 13:00 pm Sustainable Packaging Design Food packaging solutions for local products
  2. 2. Who we are Studio TAO Serena Pollastri Francesca ValsecchiPolitecnico Tongji PoliTong Program Valeria Adani Francesca Terzi Lei Jiong
  3. 3. summary What we will learn * introduction about sustainable food packaging, case studies and critical overview of different solutions on the market * guidelines for designing a sustainable packaging * basics of sustainable packaging assessment What we will do * create and share quick prototypes of sustainable food packagings
  4. 4. why package? * Protection * Containment and agglomeration * Information and communication * Portion control * convenience (ship and store)
  5. 5. Packaging types * Primary: material that first envelops the product and holds it. This usually is the smallest unit of distribution or use and is the package which is in direct contact with the contents * Secondary: outside the primary packaging, to group primary packaging together * Tertiary: used for bulk handling, warehouse storage and transport shipping *Limiting the use of tertiary or secondary packaging is a first way to improve the sustainability of our product!
  6. 6. Someguidelines
  7. 7. Try to use local materialsmaterials from renewable sourcesBamboo Dell has implemented a plan to simplify and revolutionize computerPackaging packaging, selecting local materials close to the site of production. Forby DELL example, the bamboo packaging used for the Chinese market, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, comes from a forest located in Ji- angxi Province.
  8. 8. Reduce the use of material inmaterials your packagingClever Puma has found a way to reduce waste generated by shoe boxes. TheLittle Bag new pack is made of 65% less cardboard. Its design is much simpler,by Puma so it requires less labor and reduces the use of resources for produc- tion by more than 60% annually. It is also lighter and smaller, so it cuts down on transportation costs and pollution.
  9. 9. Research innovativematerials sustainable materialsFlextrus This awards winning packaging solution is based on FibreForm, asPaperlite special paper that has unique elasticity and combines added barrierby Fibreform and sealing properties, and it can be reused. This innovative packag- ing solution has environmental benefits as well as offering significant product differentiation due to the its unique appearance and feel.
  10. 10. don’t over-packageTry to avoid individual packaging and after all... does a banana really need packaging?
  11. 11. go naked!Can youeliminate thepackagingfrom yourproduct?think of creative ways toinclude your logo, infor-mation, contacts
  12. 12. Get just what you need.Custom sizes Nezinscot farm packages products with brown paper, with their logo and basic info. The same paper can be used for different products, farmers just identify the one in the packaging choosing among the ones on the list.
  13. 13. make it reusable
  14. 14. or returnable so the company can reuse it or for refill *you also save some money
  15. 15. Integrate communication inCommunication the packaging
  16. 16. Use the packaging toCommunication reinforce your brand image Green in Hand‘s rice packaging is made of recycled and recyclable craft paper, rattan and tissue pa- per. The inks are vegetable-based and the glue is water-based.
  17. 17. Consider the whole product-think big... systemPouchlink vending machine reduces the space traditionallyoccupied by plastic bottle. Concentrated juice is mixed towater just when the product is selected.
  18. 18. LET’S design asustainable packaging
  19. 19. Make it sustainable!We found some example of unsustainable packagingin Shanghai... how would you improve them?Convenience store Salad Imported fruit Over-Packaged eggs
  20. 20. Have fun! thanks grazie 谢谢