Eco Friendly Food Packaging


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Eco friendly food packaging is a necessary step towards a green future.

Packaging is necessary part of our globalized economy. Unfortunately, the high consumption of products alongside bad manufacturing processes can have negative consequences on the environment. Luckily, new technologies are allowing packaging to become greener and more eco-friendly each year giving us an environmental responsible & sustainable option.

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Eco Friendly Food Packaging

  1. 1. Eco Friendly Food Packaging Eco Friendly Food Packaging© Freshgingerale | Dreamstime Stock Photos& Stock Free Images
  2. 2. Eco Friendly Food Packaging a necessary step towards a green future.© Freshgingerale | Dreamstime Stock Photos& Stock Free Images
  3. 3. Packaging is a necessary part of our globalized economy.  Providing a barrier between your purchases and the outside world, packaging ensures hygienic conditions and reduces waste from contamination.  Especially in the case of food, packaging is what protects us from harmful disease and the spread of bacteria.© Budda | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
  4. 4. Unfortunately,the high consumptionof products alongsidebad manufacturingpractices can havenegative consequenceson the environment.
  5. 5.  Since the industrial revolution, CO2 levels in the atmosphere  Since the industrial revolution, CO2 levels in the atmosphere havehave been growing, are now 40% 40% higher. been growing, and and now are higher. Unless we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, huge and Unless wedamage the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere,irreversible reduce will be done to the earth.huge and irreversibledamage will be doneto the earth.
  6. 6. But the battle is not over yet: every yearwe are inventing new technologiesto tackle and reduce CO2. Much like losing weight, reducing CO2 is a gradual, step-by-step process, which must be implemented on simultaneously many different fronts.
  7. 7. On the global scale, change will come from converting our energysources, shifting our practices, and many other things.On a local level, we can begin implementing the 3 R’s ofEco Friendly Packaging: RENEW REUSE RECYCLE
  8. 8. Your choice of packaging affects the world, so choosing a manufacturer with environmentally responsible practices is important. Green packaging means products that were designed with environmental sustainability in mind: Reduce – Reduce waste both for the final consumerand during the manufacturing process. Recycle - Recycled materials are used inproduction, but also so that the final product can beeasily recycled. Renew – Responsible manufacturers prioritize the useof materials from renewable resources, such as corn andpotato starches and sugar cane bagasse.
  9. 9. Utilizing Renewable Reusable & Recyclable Resources This is the essence of green packaging: environmental responsibility & sustainable practices.
  10. 10. GO-GREENEco Friendly Food PackagingGO-GREEN offers sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for a wide range of food applications.GO-GREEN food packaging solutions include: Microwaveable Rigid Trays for seafood and freshproduce applications, Printed and Non-printed Trays for High Barrier Packaging (MAP) andextended shelf life for ready meals, meat, poultry and fish, Dual Ovenable Bio-compostable traysfrom Sugar Cane and CPET trays for meals on wheels, fresh produce, APET made from post consumerrecycled materials, Freshwave Steam Lidding film and other Lidding Films.