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Packaging ppt


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packgaing its introduction, types, functions, IIP,problems n factors
labelings and marking

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Packaging ppt

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Packaging is a process of covering, wrapping of goods into a package. Packaging involves desinging & producing the wrapper for a product. Packagingis next to grading and branding Packaging is essential for Offering goods in safe, and secured position to consumer
  4. 4. TYPES OF PACKAGINGCONSUMER PACKAGING INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING -Designed for consumer - industrial packaging is convenience & appeal, focuses on the handling marketing consideration convenience & protection & display during transportation - The main emphaises - the main emphaises Is on marketing is on logistics
  5. 5. FUNCTIONS OFPACKAGING PRIMARY FUNCTION Presentation convenience Protection Economy Preservatio n
  6. 6. Primary functions…….. PRESENTATION: presentation of product should be attractive & eye catching
  7. 7.  PROTECTION - protection increases life cycle of a product PRESERVATION- It preserves original colours, Quality, favour etc ECONOMY- Packaging of a prodcut should be economy CONVENIENCE - packaging should be light to handle
  8. 8. SECONDARY FUNCTION Containme nt Identifica Handling tion Suitabilit Labeling y
  9. 9. Secondary function Containment: - premeasured , preweight and then placed in box Identification : - packaging helps to indentify the products easily Labeling : -it helps to promote the sale of goods
  10. 10. Handling: - when package is light in weight it facilitate easy handling of cargoSuitability: - packaging should be match with the product
  11. 11. Factors for package design ininternational marketPhysicalcharacteristicsLanguage, colour and sizeEconomyContainerConvenience
  12. 12. Indian institute of packagingThe Indian institute of packaging was setup in Mumbai on 14th may 1966Indian institute of packaging is a registered body under the societies registration ActLaboratories are in Delhi , Chennai & Kolkata
  13. 13. Role of IIP in export packaging Grapes Mangoes Mangoes
  14. 14. Vegetables Handicrafts Handicrafts
  15. 15. LABELING ANDMARKING The label is printed matters that appears on the package Marking means putting some identification mark on the package during transportation and wharehousing
  16. 16. Types of labels Brand label Grade label Informative label
  17. 17. Some other international labeling symbols in use are as follows s clamp keep away from water Do not clamp Do not use hand hook Keep away This way upfrom sunlight
  18. 18. Problems in productpackaging Over Breakage weight Moisture and Pilferage temperatur e