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Social innovation carleton


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A brief presentation of what I have been doing in China.
Lecture at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) for the students attending the Design Master.

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Social innovation carleton

  1. 1. hello.
  2. 2. ServiceDesign
  3. 3. It aims to ensure that service in- terfaces are useful, usable, and de- sirable from the client’s point of view and effective, efficient, and distinc-Service tive from the supplier’s point of view. Service designers visualize, formu-Design late, and choreograph solutions to problems that do not necessar- ily exist today; they observe and in- terpret requirements and behavioral patterns and transform them into possible future services (Birgit Mager)
  4. 4. Service for SocialDesign innovation
  5. 5. s ion in o vat nd inn ds a new as r en re e it thei ns a els) e scrib l in a tio mod eeds y d socia innov nd al n nd pl h sim bot ocial ices a soci es) a We are “ t . S , serv eet nativ s or ans cts ly m lter ship tha ir me odu ous n a tion the s (pr ltane ly tha ela - ea simu tive al r id t a luli c oci y, C t ha re effe w s s” urr a n, MService for Social o (m ate n at e bor cr la e ion l ovat Inn 10) ioDesign innovation c ol ok o cia , 20 f S lgan o u o M e n B and Op rice ( G er-
  6. 6. Service for Social and SustainabilityDesign innovation
  7. 7. Service for Social and SustainabilityDesign innovation social economic environ mental
  8. 8. An Acupunctural Design Approach, allowsthe designer to work on small different microprojects in synergy, producing a systemic effect(F. Jegou)
  9. 9. 1_seek the potential2_identify and strenghten 3_refine and synergize 4_bridge and connect 5_brand
  10. 10. ethnographyRural Context
  11. 11. ethnographyUrban Context
  12. 12. ethnographyUrban Context
  13. 13. ethnographyPersonas HOME #4. WANG FANG wife 24 1 23 2 3 COOPERATIVE 22 FIE 21 4 COMM. CENTER #1. LU FU GUI Fields Commercial 20 Center 5 villagers 19 6 PERSONA 1 18 Cooperative coworkers 7 friends Headquarter Home FIELD coworkers 17 8 16 9 villagers 15 10 14 11 13 12 coworkers #5. LIN GANG LEVEL OF INTERACTION WIFE FRIENDS #2. ZHANG FENG COWORKER A #3. LIU FANG COWORKER B VILLAGERS LOW MEDIUM HIGH
  14. 14. Project directions
  15. 15. project directionsBamboo weaving
  16. 16. project directionsSustainable agriculture
  17. 17. project directionsCommunication Technology*research project with Nokia
  18. 18. design a mobile device for theinaccessible target how we interpreted it how digital communication devices can help bridge the social gap between rural and urban China.
  19. 19. Personal use 6 Daily Life Facility Social Networking ToolLocal Long distancecommunication communication 2 1 7 Design Direction 4 Work Tool 3 Business Bridging Service 5 Work
  20. 20. beans greens garlic qingmao cai fruit beans rapeseed spinach leek greens pepper2. Residential house with patio
  21. 21. sp of ac pr e f od or uc th ts e einformation space service an xc d ha va ng lu e es
  22. 22. parse /dec ode /writerfid rfid xml sim I hezuoshi pc -pc parsing website / app c onfirm what people do what machines do interfaces
  23. 23. *open source technology and possible to beself-constructed
  24. 24. now thereshould be a video.
  25. 25. thank you.Serena pollastri