Rpo recruiters - consultancies - new - revenue - model : Grow With US !!!


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RECRUITERS / PLACEMENT CONSULTANTS / RPO : Recruit4Job is the only platform where the world’s best recruiters meet thousands of potential customers across all the industries around the Globe.


Leads and Job proposals for the vacancies are sent by the Customers to recruiters or from Recruiters to Customers .After negotiation and agreement to the terms and conditions ,the assignments are delivered directly to the potential customers via Recruit4Job Agency Portal. The invoices are raised and fee collected. You may proceed to Create an Account once you receive invitation. Create a profile with your areas of expertise, pricing and payment terms. Publish it on the marketplace to start receiving leads and assignments.


With Technology Trained and Certified candidates,R4J strives hard to provide Top Consultancies / RPO / Recruiters to fulfill and accomplish your hiring requirements in every way possible. Recruit4Job – The exclusive and the only place where the world’s best recruiters meet thousands of potential customers(Companies / Corporates / HR Managers etc) across all the industries and ends the search discovering candidates who are Professional, Skilled and Highly Experienced .

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Rpo recruiters - consultancies - new - revenue - model : Grow With US !!!

  1. 1. Recruit4Job Social Recruiting ASSOCIATES Grow With us ! RPO /Recruiters/Placement Consultancies New REVENUE Model
  2. 2. “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”– Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of GE and author
  3. 3. “New Revenue MODEL” • Job LEADS • CV Database • Pain Points • Manage Employers / HR • Manage & Add Applicants • Why ATS & Why Recruit4Job
  4. 4. JOB LEADS
  5. 5. How you get JOB Leads?
  6. 6. One Click & you Got New Business
  7. 7. Manage Offers Dashboard
  8. 8. Resume Database
  9. 9. How you Mange your own & Applied Applicants Database? “Other Resources”
  10. 10. One Click CV Search Your Search Result comes from All your CV Database, Applied & Our Database (20 million).
  11. 11. PAIN POINTS
  12. 12. How you are Working? Overcome with your PAIN Points
  13. 13. Know Your PAIN POINTS • Source Jobs • Publish Jobs • Source Applicants • Manage Applicants • Manage Hiring Companies • Manage Mails & Reverts • Shortlist candidates • Arrange Interview • Follow-Up • Wait For Result • Hired /Reject
  14. 14. “No worry We’ve SOLUTION “ PAIN Points Our Solutions
  15. 15. Manage EMPLOYERS / HR
  16. 16. How you manage all Employers / HRs? “@ 1 place” 1 Click Task Manage All Hiring Companies ! Manage All Employers !! Manage All HRS !!! Manage All Leads !!!!
  17. 17. “@ 1 place” “When u create job, u select any hiring company (Employer can view applicants only for selected job & they can give feedback or comments), So no need to Check all candidates, work only employer recommends.”
  18. 18. Manage Contracts Manage PAYMENTS
  19. 19. Applicant Tracking System (IN Build CRM) Dashboard
  20. 20. Manage Applicants
  21. 21. How you manage all Applicants? “@ 1 place”
  22. 22. Apply via R4J or Social Connections make happier any applicant Revealing JD as Job Proposal. With all Mandatory fields shown Beautifully. Every Job Ends as Blog with Disqus, One click Socially share VIRAL Share Job Socially via Tell-a-friend or DISQUS. Show Ur Logo, Company URL, Other Openings. “Finding the ideal candidate for a job opening begins with a well-written job advertisement.” “Crystal Clear Job AD”
  23. 23. “Easy Apply Process Increase % of Applied Applicants & Saved Time.”
  24. 24. “Manage all Source Applicants @ Single Platform” View Applicants Job Wise Publish/ Un-Published (Against Keyword) Each Applicant Viewer
  25. 25. Add Applicants by Uploading (doc/Txt/PDF/) or Via Manually
  26. 26. WHY ATS
  27. 27. WHY I required & How can you get Advanced ATS (in Build CRM)?
  28. 28. • The status of hiring for each Applicant and each job now can be accessed immediately online. • provide powerful tools to evaluate countless applications, in an approachable package. • Saves time, reduces errors, clutter or organizational madness and ensures proper tracking. • Submit approvals & feedback @ 1 click. • Manage All your Hiring Companies. • Manage All Source Candidates @ 1 Place. • Connection with Each Applicants & Companies. • In Build Social Networking (Jobs & Applicants). • Reporting with Analytics (All Jobs & Applicants). • All Data Access Anywhere Online with Efficiencies • Internal Candidate & Job Manage Portal. • Employee Referral & Social Sharing. • Fast Performance & 24*7 Helping Customer Support
  29. 29. Nowhere you can find such platform provides you to manage Employers, Jobs, Applicants, ATS (CRM), Payments, Invoice @ 1 Place
  30. 30. JOB Leads Access Database ATS Manage RECRUITERS Manage PAYMENTS & Lots More “New Revenue Model” Source Interview Hired PAID
  31. 31. “Excellence in Quality Hiring” “Probably the best Recruiting Platform in the world” TASAVOOR KHAN Founder & CEO July 2013