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Candidate Relationship Management & Modern Talent Acquisition


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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) for recruitment is critical in engaging the passive job seeking audience. This webinar will discuss the fundamental purpose of CRM for recruitment, but we'll also discuss the importance of having the proper talent acquisition technology stack in place at any hiring organization. Platforms such as Applicant Tracking (ATS), Candidate Relationship (CRM), and Recruitment Marketing (RMP) will all be discussed and demonstrated.

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Candidate Relationship Management & Modern Talent Acquisition

  1. 1. “Reach Candidates, Engage, Hire” Candidate Relationship Management: Keys to Attracting & Engaging the Passive Job Seeker Presented by
  2. 2. Did You Know? Reach • Engage • Hire  On average, only 8% of the candidates that land on your career site will complete a full application  50% of job searches begin on Google  Your job requisition landing page strategy is key to increasing applicant conversion rates
  3. 3. REASONS WHY CANDIDATES LEAVE BEFORE APPLYIN Reach • Engage • Hire Career site is hard To navigate and find key info. Application process is too long! Job postings and apply process is not formatted for mobile. Application asks for too much personal info right off the bat. I don’t have A resume! Mobile Career Site Mobile Apply Don’t visit career sites. Prefer to search for jobs by location & keyword. SEO Job Landing Pages There was not an open position that matched my experience Just browsing Talent Community Talent Community Talent Community Talent Community Talent Community
  4. 4. Reach • Engage • Hire ATS Pros: • Helps Assure Compliance • Helps Prevent Lawsuits • Dealing With The Volume Of Applicants • Ensures Proper Tracking Of Each Person’s Application • Hiring Data Cons: • Long Implementation Periods • Aspects Are Not Customizable • Lack Of Branding Opportunities On Requisitions • Limited Call To Actions • Job Reqs Are Typically Text Laden CRM Compliance and Communication Which System Works Best? Pros: • Ability To Build A Pipeline • Customizable • Marketing Capabilities • Candidate Behavior Tracking • Multiple Branding Opportunities • Short Implementation Time Cons: • Not All Integrate With Your ATS • Be Cautious About Implementation Timelines • Hidden Costs For Customization • Organic vs. Artificial Talent Communities • Recruiter Buy-In
  5. 5. Reach • Engage • Hire THE CHALLENGE: The majority of candidate traffic is first interacting with your job requisition landing pages on search engines, aggregators and job boards before ever touching your career site. THE IMPACT: Only a small fraction of candidates are actually applying to positions which leads to • extended advertising costs and time to fill, • reliance on agencies to supply temporary workers, • a lower number of applicants to choose from and • no insight into who is interacting with your brand or the path they are taking to your openings. 90% CANDIDATE DROP OFF ON AVERAGE IN THIS TYPE OF CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE Current Candidate Experience
  6. 6. Control Your Destinations Custom landing pages for every requisition / multiple engagement opportunities Reach • Engage • Hire | Job Requisition Landing Pages • All job type and location combinations optimized • Optimized URL for every job • Optimized content and keywords • Streamlined code for quick indexing • Google Maps API integration • Inbound and outbound links • Dynamic XL sitemap Search Engine Optimization • Improves Career Site Search Ability/Job Visibility. • Provides Increased Branding On You Reach Strategy • Provides Media Performance And Conversion Analytics. • Multiple Call To Actions: ● Mobile Apply ● Join Talent Community ● Social Share • Responsive/adaptive Design For All Mobile Devices And Tablets.
  7. 7. Reach • Engage • Hire Consistency Where you reach & Engage candidates Referrals Main Career Site Mobile Devices Career Site Requisitions Job Requisition Landing Pages Job Board Job Requisition Landing Pages Job Requisition Landing Pages reach
  8. 8. Reach • Engage • Hire CRM Thoughts • Reduce candidate drop off on Landing Pages / Site • Increase quality engagements with passive talent • For Both External AND Internal Hiring • Build Communities For All Key Segments - examples College, Veterans etc • Allows You To Be Proactive vs. Reactive • Automation matches your jobs to candidates - Connects matching candidates to recruiters - Pushes matching jobs to candidates • Full Functioning CRM Functionality Is Key • Automated Job Alerts Based on ATS Integration • Targeted Email Campaigns • Personalized Recruiter Job Matching Emails • Recruiter Alerts • Targeted Skill-based Email Blasts • Timed Email Campaigns and Surveys • Email Editing Tool • Mobile Optimized Email Campaigns CRM Features
  9. 9. Reach • Engage • Hire Talent Acquisition Technology Sta Which Stack Is Best For You? Leads Applicants Employees
  10. 10. Reach • Engage • Hire *Savings Accomplished with Harvest Job Board & Cultivate Job Matching Emails ANALYTICS We believe analytics guide decision making of messaging, media and strategy. And serve to confirm what a great job you’re doing!! In this case study, our client was able to prove a significant reduction in CPA. Generating CRM Leads At 63% Below Average Cost Per Application
  11. 11. Reach • Engage • Hire In Review! • Compliance VS Communication • Your Job Requisition Landing Pages Are Destinations To Engage Candidates • Job Landing Pages Must Provide Candidate Content And Multiple Engagement Opportunities • Eliminate The “Buy or Fly” Execution On Career Sites & Job Landing Page  A Talent Community “Quick Join” Easily Engages  Build A Pipeline For The Future! • Talent Acquisition Technology Stack • Analytics Are Key! “Increase Number Of Quality Engagements And Shorten Time-To-Hire”
  12. 12. Reduce Customer Drop Off Increase Quality Engagements Build A Robust Active/Passive Talent Pipeline Improve ROI Within Media Spend Improve Retention & Maximize Referrals| Promote Internal Job Opportunities Metrics & Analytics | Monitor Candidate Behavior Across Media Channels AppVault Recruitment Marketing Solutions Thank You!