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Game-changing campus strategy that works across TA | Talent Connect 2016


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Tey Scott, LinkedIn
Doris Tong, LinkedIn

Are you leaving the opportunity to identify and connect with top talent to chance? In this session, we'll walk you through how LinkedIn waved goodbye to traditional campus recruiting, implemented new processes to "even the playing field" and ultimately changed the entire direction of the team and its hiring outcomes by doing so. While we will focus on University level hiring, the strategy we are outlining works for any repeating skill set. Join us to learn more and we also look forward to learning from opening up the Q&A section in an interactive manner to hear what works for you!

Key highlights:
Never go to campus again/wave bye-bye to traditional campus recruiting: The mechanics on how to leverage our platform to do this.
Even the playing field: What processes and tools we use to help create equal opportunity.
Change direction and change hiring outcomes: We will be introducing our new strategy and talk about the diverse hiring outcomes derived from moving away from traditional campus recruiting.

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Game-changing campus strategy that works across TA | Talent Connect 2016

  1. 1. Never Go To Campus Again Game-changing Campus Strategy that Works Across TA Tey Scott Director, Global Talent Acquisition Programs Doris Tong Head of Global Campus Recruitment
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda •  The Tey & Doris Show – 20 Minutes •  Breakouts – 15 Minutes •  Wrap Up, Readouts, SWAG – 10 Minutes
  3. 3. 2011 We had 5 million students and early in career professionals on the LinkedIn network. Today We have over 52 million and growing.
  4. 4. Ever been to a Career Fair?
  5. 5. Where do you find top talent?
  6. 6. Maybe here? Or here?
  7. 7. Problem. Your booth is here
  8. 8. Top talent may never come your way
  9. 9. Or top talent may not even be in the room
  10. 10. And you leave it all to CHANCE.
  11. 11. ​ But imagine if you could… ​ Skip the career fair altogether... ​ And pin point your ideal candidates... ​ Before any other company... ​ And build a personal connection with them.
  12. 12. So instead of this:
  13. 13. You have this:
  14. 14. ​ Imagine identifying all early in career talent by never going to another campus again ​ Campus BHAG started in 2014
  15. 15. How did we start?
  16. 16. Multi-pronged Approach
  17. 17. 3 Year Evolution TAM Research, Iteration, Systems, Processes, etc. –– 100% Traditional Campus While We Started TAM Research Year 1 25% Sourcing & TAM –– 70% Traditional On-Campus –– 5% Unique On-Campus Engagements Year 2 100% Regionalized and Channels Strategy With Unique On-Campus Engagements Year 3 100% 100% 70% 25% 5%
  18. 18. ​ Doris Tong ​ Head of Global Campus Recruitment What is TAM 4 Campus?
  19. 19. Using The TAM Approach For Campus AFFINITY Which Prospects Are Most Likely to Engage? QUALITY Who Has Expertise in Skills We Need? High Low High 1: Many 1:1 Approach 1: Many 1: Many
  20. 20. What is unique on-campus engagement?
  21. 21. –––––––––– •  Used TAM to Target The Right Talent •  Sourced and Invited Talent From Our Network •  Scheduled a Week of “Events” On Campus •  Held 3 Tech Talks and 2 Diversity Events •  Engaged With 500 Unique Students •  Hired 25 Students (On Par With Traditional Campus Recruiting Returns) –––––––––– •  Did Not Attend Career Fair •  Did Not Put on a Traditional Dog and Pony Info Session •  School Was Pleased With Effort and Engagement (So Did Not Alienate School) Career Week
  22. 22. Strategies For Efficient Talent Engagement Talent Direct Allows us to reach highly targeted passive candidates directly with InMail. Sponsored Updates Let you publish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed of any member of the site, not just your Company Page Followers. Career Pages A powerful way to showcase a company’s talent brand and opportunities. Recruitment Ads Allow you to source more effectively by brining the company top of mind from your target audience.
  23. 23. What is the channel strategy?
  24. 24. Campus Recruiting Channels Intern Conversions Referrals Diversity Open Houses Hackathons Schools Conversions Referrals Inclusive Partners Hackathons Open Houses Schools OPEN HOUSE
  25. 25. Recruiting | Priority Projects & Initiatives Leveraging LinkedIn Platform + Diversity Focus Intern Conversions •  Intern Events •  Recruiter Office Hours •  Themed Speaker Series with Reid •  Hiring Manager Influence Referrals •  Tech: Increase Referred Hires •  BLP GS: Increase Referred Hires •  MBA: Start Leveraging ERP for MBA Hires Diversity •  Increase BLP S&A Diverse Hires •  GHC Hires •  MLT Hires •  Jopwell Hires Regional Strategies •  20% of Open House & Accelerate U Attendees Proceed to TPS1 Hackathons •  Hackathon Follow Up Plan Schools •  Reduce Total School Visits by 75%
  26. 26. ​ Tey Scott ​ Director, Global Talent Acquisition Programs Regionalized Strategy
  27. 27. Our BHAG Enables Diversity •  1 Campus Trip: •  $$$ (5 Engineers, 1 Recruiter, Catering, etc.) •  Limited Targeted Applicant Pool •  New Model: •  We Can Save $$$ and Be More Efficient By Reducing Campus Visits •  AND We Can Widen Our Opportunities to Wide Swaths of Diverse Talent, Schools, Skills, Org. WHERE WE WANT TO GO… RPS TPS ONSITE HIRE RPS TPS ONSITE HIRE DIVERSITY ROBUST & DIVERSE TOP-OF-FUNNEL Campus Outcomes TYPICAL CAMPUS SOURCING •  Job Postings •  Referrals •  Campus Resumes
  28. 28. Moving Forward: Our New Strategy
  29. 29. Introducing...
  30. 30. What is Accelerate U? Accelerate U is LinkedIn’s strategy to unlock talent across the globe. LinkedIn targets areas populated with students/schools and hosts an event focused on building skills needed to land a job. Our strategy is simple, expand the recruiting efforts and broaden our reach by bringing multiple Universities together in one location and provide students an experience to learn, connect and engage with LinkedIn.
  31. 31. “Change is a Process, Not an Event” Our Results 2014 •  70% of Hires Come From Targeted Schools •  30% Are Pre-Sourced From Non-Target Schools •  Talent Pipeline Actively Used to Source Candidates •  Hiring Target Driven 2015 •  Identify 1-2 Pilot Programs •  Do Not Replace Campus Recruiting à Augment. •  Access ROI Concurrently to Evaluate Success •  Make Recommendations to Adjust/Fine Tune •  Hires From 500 Institutions •  73% Reduction in Campus Visits •  70% of Hires Come From Outreach vs. Campus Trips Present •  Channels and a TAM Created for Every Business Function/Role •  All On-Campus Activity is For Branding or Hyper- Personalized Events •  New Regionalized Strategy in Place •  Diversity Outcomes are incredible. 23% URM Hiring Results from Diversity Channel in Non- Tech/Sales.
  32. 32. Applying These Concepts to Repeating Skill Sets
  33. 33. The Process to Apply This to Repeating Skill Sets End Up With New/Different/Better Outcomes Start With a Set of Repeating Requisitions Develop Your “TAM” by Segmenting Your Target into Categories Limit Posting So You Can Reduce Noise Develop Your Channel Strategy Go After Your Targets in Your TAM by Engaging Them Through The Platform, Advertising, Other Engagements Leverage: Events, Partners, Referrals, Diversity, etc. to Build Out Your TAM
  34. 34. Breakout Session 15 Minutes